JJ Fish Market

5251 Paramount Blvd, Lakewood
(562) 408-1232

Recent Reviews

Piper Lee

This was my first time at this fish market. It's very clean inside, but to me, the food portions are small and the flavor is just decent. I ordered #17 (with catfish, shrimp, and hush puppies), #15 (half oysters), and a small side of collard greens. The food was good, but Bate's Fish Market in Gardena is much better, this place was just closer for me. It wasn't bad, just not at good as I hoped.

Sammi M.

I love the catfish and the filet of sole extra crispy. so yummy! I tried the greens although tasty, too many stems. very good customer service too. my new fav for fried fish.

Lavella T.

I really wanted to like this place. I hadn't had fried fish in a long time and yelped this place while on this side of town. The customer service was great and they appear to be Christian's which made me happy to patronize, but the food... I ordered 3 wings and 3 pieces of fish. The fish had a funny taste, and wasnt well seasoned. The chicken was fried in old grease and needed salt. I was very disappointed, becks yelp reviews had never let me down but we all have different taste buds plus I'm used to fried fish from the hood.

Yvett H.

Idk what's up with some of the bad reviews... But this market was really good! Fish was fried nice, not at all dry or small! No broken pieces! The chicken wings were perfect and really big portions! Only complaint is that they added some salt and made it a lil too salty but not at all unbearable! Honestly really loved it, and my family too! My favorite was the hush puppies! Collard greens were just right too. I also got two dessert and I highly recommend the cheesecake (my fav) and the banana pudding

Tracey Cook

I come here everytime I come back home!!

Ricky K.

First of all my intentions was to stop @ R Kitchen come to find was closed. I'm one that is very particular about my fish. Since I haven't had fish in a while I decided to try it out the reviews were great customer service on point. But as stated very particular first of all i ordered the 4pc red snapper with 10 shrimps and mac salad the piece are very thin and was not whole but broken up in pieces so and was not moist and the shrimp was very tough. So maybe this just was a bad batch of leftovers. No worries ...life is an experience . I've had better.

maha a.

We went there 2 weeks ago on a Friday before they close. The place is a hole in the wall, no seating except a table and two chairs outside. The young lady at the counter was very nice. The lady in the back was sad and drained. The food was excellent. We ordered sand dabs, sole, red snapper and shrimps, all fried, with Cole slaw and greens. It was light and non greasy. The place is squeaky clean. If it was closer to my work or home, I would go there twice a week because I love seafood! It is definitely a seafood place. If you want chicken or meat go to the soul food place next to it.

Melissa R.

Went here on Tuesday 11/19, got the shrimp. Perfectly seasoned and delicious. Young lady who took my order was very nice and offered me cocktail sauce which normally doesn't come with your food unless you ask. She was so sweet. Hopefully she'll be there when I order again :)


It was a good place and they accept ebt

Sharon Huss

Love this establishment! Fresh seafood, friendly staff, great prices!

Lori Hopson

Love that this place is faith based and have delicious and fresh food

Janelle Hart

It's okay nothing like Rick's I bought snapper and filet sole if you want fish eat here its okay..

Trinity A.

Freshly fried fish; good assortment including oysters and red snapper. Beginning in November 2019 they will offer grilled fish. They also offer desserts in a jar brought in by an outside cook.. Taste like homemade.

Janelle H.

Nice size pieces of fish great service, calling in your order might help if they are super busy... My first time. Food was good

Shirley F.

Last night we ordered the number 26. and I was skeptical because I had not eaten here before. My cousin convinced me that it would be good place since she frequents here. Our meal was to go so when they got home we dove into the fish, shrimp, fries and hush puppies. They didn't skimp on the condiments either. Our food was excellent, not greasy and we just keep eating and eating. By the end of the night we were so full we didn't have room for dessert. I was so pleased with my meal I will be returning and bringing more customers. The food was tasty. We had extra. We had enough for everyone. Everyone was satisfied with their portion. Overall if I could give this store a 10 I would. Satisfaction, portion, plates, condiments, attention to detail and customer Thank you Thank you Thank you Last night we had fish, fries and desserts. The chocolate cake that I just added tasted weird. The banana pudding wasn't edible and lastly strawberry shortcakes I won't say. Perhaps the jars weren't rinsed thoroughly, meaning our desserts were not edible. I will not take away my 5 stars because we eat here basically once a week. I like my little spot. Hopefully, someone will read my post and reach out to me and respond Thank you But I have to say I wasted money on dessert this week

Benjamin V.

I visited this restaurant late last week and it was ok. The fish was not fried crispy as I requested and the shrimp were average at best. Service was ok and I did have to wait long. I was expecting great but the food was average at best.

Nikki N.

I thought this was going to be my "go to" spot for fish. I just happened to see this place when picking up an order at the restaurant next door. The first two times, the food was great and cooked medium just the way we like it. The 3rd time...not so good. The fish was cooked a bit too much for our liking. When I returned today, the first thing I did was ask that my fish be cooked medium because the last time it was too hard. I was assured that it was cooked the way I liked it. Nope, this time around it was way too crunchy and dry. I called in and was told they would either recook my order or give me a refund. I was ridiculously tired and didn't want to drive across town, but once I saw food being tossed, it was time to return it. When the cashier let him know I had returned with the food items, to say he had an attitude is an understatement! He told her to bring him the items and let him inspect it. He had the container so close to his face, I hoped he was not going to return the food to me. He picked up the fish and flipped it back in the container and said something unintelligible. He said he would recook whatever I had returned. He was so rude to his employee over his own mistake. Another cook came out and I explained to her that this was the second time this had happened and I wasn't going to bring in food that we had eaten off and tossed, that's why there was less food in the container. She understood and returned to explain things to him and that this was not the first time. When she returned, she asked if I wanted a different type of fish because they were sold out of what I had ordered, I said no, because we only eat one type of fish. When he was told, once again...RUDE! It really took me by surprise. I would have gladly accepted a credit and returned a different day, but not with that attitude. I know sometimes people may be tired and have a bad day, but there was no need to be so rude and to not even listen. I just discovered this place July 6, 2019 and have dropped close to if not over $200.00 for food the 4 times I have been. I had decided this would be a montly if not by monthly place to treat ouselves when we are too tored to cook. Not now! They did provide me with a refund, but I will NOT be returning. Quality customer service is a must for me!

Dionne B.

Wonderful service, this review is for the fish, shrimp and the fries. The fried chicken is super blank but it's a fish market and the employees are super nice and the seafood is great. I wish they didnt tell me with every call that they do not accept ebt but I'm gonna tell myself they say it to all phone orders.....not just because I may sound a particular way. Lol

Loch N.

Overall it was ok. Nothing too special. Fish was too dry for my liking. The tarter sauce just didn't even look right. Probably 1st and only time I'll go.

Bre N.

This place used to be really good, but today was my last and final time at this place. I purchased a four piece catfish with onion rings for my side. The catfish that I received look like tiny chicken strips as if they took one half of a Fila and cut it into four strips. Then I asked for ketchup and I was told it would be an additional $0.25 because they do not give ketchup for onion rings only for French fries. This is crazy to me because I do eat ketchup with my onion rings so I did demand that I get ketchup for free which they did do but they only gave me one little cup. I guess you shouldn't eat catch up on your fish either but anyways I forgot to take a picture of this but I will not be eating from this establishment anymore I will take my money elsewhere where I can get my money's worth.

Kayla M.

This is hands down the best fried fish you will ever taste - and its so affordable! The staff are also very friendly.

Lawrence L Thomas

As always. JJ Fush does not disappoint. Food was great! Their customer service is good, and they prepare your food relatively quickly

Judge Thomas

Great service & food and JJ the owner is a Kool dude

Crystal N.

It's really hit or miss here. Lately it's been a complete miss. My last visit the grease was old, the fish wasn't properly drained & the fish did not taste fresh.

Bryan B.

Tried this restaurant for the first time and was totally impressed . Fish was fried not to hard and not to soft . Seasoning was very tasteful; potato salad was very good and the collard greens were seasoned and awesome. Will definitely go back asap

A E.

I'm going to tell you the reasons I wasn't very impressed with this place. First, here is what I ordered: red snapper, shrimp, and oysters with fries and coleslaw. 1. Everything was dry. Not juicy at all. Pieces were also very thin. 2. If you like tartar sauce, you probably won't like theirs. It was yellow in color, a bit loose and didn't really taste like tartar sauce. 3. Yelp page states they are open until 8pm on a Saturday. They called and said they closed at 7:45. Misinformation. Unfortunately I won't be ordering from here again. I can make better, juicier fried fish at home.

Derek H

Good fries fish spot. Beats going to Long Beach or LA. Good fried oysters too. I get the whiting and oysters. Instead of fries get the collard greens. Idk who make them but they taste like Grandmas greens.

Randy Anfinson II

Great fish. Cooked perfectly, with several fish options. Thankfully not made with pollack like a lot of fish and chips places in Long Beach. One of the better fish and chips restaurants in the area.

audrey ealy

This place always have great food and great customer service and their prices are very good.

George Sojourner

The Best Fish market on the North side of Long Beach!!! JJ is AWESOME!!!

Tricia B.

3 stars sorry... I wanted to love it, the fish was good, the medium shrimp I wish they butterflied, the tarter sauce did not compliment the fish or shrimp and neither did the hot sauce.. the ultimate killer was the steak fries crinkle cut is the way to go for fried fish.. if I go back I'd minus the fries, get only fish and request no sauce on the side it's terrible...

Julie J.

Fish is always cooked right. Very friendly customer service. Scriptures on the wall. Love this fish market.

Eric Gilmore

The fish was cooked right. I had a craving for some fried fish and this place hit the spot. I'll be going back to try the oysters next time. If you're nearby, and want some good fried fish, hit this location.

Emma Buchanan

Beginning to use more corn meal to fry with than flour. Fish is crunchy and juicy inside. Not salty.

Patricia Brown

Great fish market, I'll go there again.

Cindy L.

Pretty bomb the fish and shrimp were really goo got the red snapper, the peach cobbler is fire and it's gonna be my new fav place for fried seafood

Kenyae W.

I just wanted to add another 5 star review because they deserve it. I ate an 8 piece cat fish, w/ fries dinner which was $12. It was so good, the fish was seasoned perfect & it was very fresh. The fries are steak fries, I know a lot of people love that. Also I'm big on hot sauce when it comes to fish markets. & this hot sauce was bomb, it wasn't that runny sauce that drips while you dip. Definitely going back I want to try everything. Oh we ordered ahead on the phone, and the girl who picked up was very nice & helpful too!!

Timiczshia Reed

Everything fresh and ask for extra cripsy on your fish ! Bomb .

Mesha Reed

Everything fresh and ask for extra cripsy on your fish ! Bomb .

Wendy Celio

Omg small locations this win me over yummy fish you get to choose shrimp amazing taste 😊😍