Lakewood Center

500 Lakewood Center Mall, Lakewood
(562) 531-6707

Recent Reviews

Claudia Topete

Very small location. Could use better stores. I?d suggest a better mall.

Renee Paige

People that work in the mall don't know where essential places are i.e. the ladies room. Safety issue for me. An employee working in a mall should know the malls landmarks and not just the store that he or she works. This is a different day and time. Safety.

Nelson Orozco

Good stores. Not the most extensive but it gets the job done. The best parts are the Costco and Target all at the same location. Plenty of entertainment from bowling to movie theater (Pacific theaters).

Marlene Fountain

We were at Black Angus for lunch. It was a celebration for my dad's 99th birthday. We reserved a very nice room and had a lovely lunch for him.

RYDR 247

Always spend too much money here. But my girl loves the items here. Overall it's worth it when she wears the sexy things.

Carlos Cervantes

Lakewood Center has outdone itself. It's a shopping mecca but tons of traffic. If you go for big shopping then this is the place to go. Go elsewhere if you need a quick "anything."

Angela Banks

The location was good and it was clean and well maintained. Staffs were friendly and personable. Tasty foods served at their food court too.

Freshanna Bailey

I love the forever21 at this mall. It's nice and big. It's not as big as most malls, but they have good stores.

Claudia McClelland

There's this little spot in the mall next to May Co. called Dall Babies Cheesecakes. Best cheesecakes ever. You have to make a trip there just to try it. They have every flavor you can think of even sugar free. Better than Chessecake Factory.

Craig Saunders

Love this mall. Lots of parking. Always clean. Easy to get in and out of. Good stories.

Caitlyn Thiele

It's a busy place. People generally will be a little more rude here. But still lots of cool shops and restaurants to check out!

Danielle Rosales

The Lakewood center is very big and cool. It features a lot of cool and hipster stores that are all very different. I love shopping here and there are very good restaurants around there. My family always comes here. I also love that it has a Forever 21 and Costco near by ð??

Angel Mejia

This mall has many great places to visit and access is easy. Between the 405 and 91 fwy. It has plenty of places to eat as well. At one time it was the largest open air mall in the US. But now it still has a quiet feel since it is not right next to a fwy.

Janice Hansel

I love this place lot of stuff to buy and shops to try on. Every spot has a lot of amazing display. I love this place to have some to eat and try their best. This is the best place ever and wander around.

Angel Ortega

This place is easily the second best mall in the area. First being Cerritos, second being Lakewood Mall, and then Sherwood law being a distant third. Not a bad place to go heading towards a Long Beach Airport if you need to grab something quick to eat or gift before flying out.

Happie Sandoval

Alot of stores, great variety, tasty food court. They stay up to date, it's usually busy, especially during the holidays. Plenty of parking and areas to rest after walking so much around here.

Halsey Willton

I love traveling and I love shopping as well. Many shops and awesome spots. Great restaurants and movie theater has a comfortable seats. This is nice place.

Alex F.

7/3/19 19:12 hrs. File under: First Impressions. Picking up a gift card for granddaughter who loves this store. Busy place and check-out line was three-four deep. There were two cashiers, a male and a female. A co-worker passed by and said "You still here?". The woman replied, "Yeah, they wanted me to cut the line down." I was now at head of line. She finished with her customer, looked at me and said, "He'll take care of you.", turned and left. Customer service isn't completely dead, but in places, it definitely is on life support.

Ebony G.

Came in this morning 7/3/19 to do a couple returns. I purchased summer clothes for me and my daughter and decided I didn't need everything. I was there when they opened and the employee (a young man) has to open his register. He finished opening and started my return which was 1 dress on 1 receipt and 2 shorts on another. He stares at the item as if there's an issue. He then gets on the phone and says "my register is frozen". I've worked in retail before so I know when your calling LP on someone. The other phone then rings and he says ok to whomever he's talking to. Then proceeded with the return on his 100% working register screen. If I have a receipt with tags attached and the item is unworn then I should be able to return without loss prevention being called on me. I love this store and always shop for me and my daughter here but now I won't be back.

Akoni Iem

Great shop selection love the round 1 and the Costco here. Parking gets overwhelmed at times but great.

Venita Williams

If you like shopping for clothes, this is a good place to come to. It has lots of clothing stores. The movie theaters have comfortable seats, but the food is not that tasty. I recommend eating before you come to the movie theater.

janay wilson

Great mall. I mostly go here to visit Forever 21. It has the greatest selection of sale items. I love to shop off the sale rack bc those are where all the misfit clothing pieces are. So, I love to go when F21 has a sale on sale items! I always rack up!

Natalia Garcia

I have been coming to this mall since I was a kid. I love the selection of food and stores available. Round 1 is super awesome also. Lakewood mall is constantly updating their spaces they have and for the food court you go upstairs. Plenty of places to sit and eat. ð??ð??ð???ð???ð???ð???ð???ð???ð???

Phil Clark

I believe this shopping center is one of my favorite places when I need to shop. There's just about all the stores there to choose for my needs. Even across Lakewood Street from the center are other stores as well. Lakewood Center has it all, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Sprint, Macy's even Costco & Target. Then the places to eat - a person has their pick. I could go on & on you just have to go the and check it out, you'll find what you need. ð???

Cynthia Mireles G

There's a lot of great stores. I just wished the food court had better options. Besides that I recommend.

Philomen Clark

This is another favorite for me, what I like that though it's in a mall many of the stores are easy to visit. I like Costco being there for me to venture into for my needs, really nice!

Rudy Andrade

Well it has a lot of parking, but not enough handicap parking. There were just a few of them. Every thing else was nice, lot of places to eat good quality food.


I come here a lot with friends and family and it's always a good time. Make sure to bring lots of money. There are so many stores you just can't buy at one place. So many great restaurants and lots of parking. Great place to come and visit.

Brandon Brown

This used to be THE mall when I was growing up. Now it just seems like a glorified swap meet. Lots of off-brand and deeply discounted retailers and random shops. Usually go here for the surrounding businesses rather than the mall itself. I only go to the mall for Macy*s and Target, and literally nothing else.

Dionne Lyburtus

I can't think of any store that this place Doesn't have, it even has a grocery store! I love coming here, especially when they first open & there's no crowds.


It is fine, it's a mall. I feel as if it is getting revamped a bit these days with the additions of so many new stores. Parking is pretty ample, it of course gets more than packed around the holidays or black Friday.

Thomas Herburger

Hard to find places you're looking for. Not many "you are here" maps and online map not very useful. Easy to get lost and ended up not buying anything since I couldn't find the store I wanted to check out.

Pratik Modi

Great for spending leisure hours with friends, spouse or family. Quality shopping and diverse food options.

Daisyiona H.

Had a very pleasant experience today shopping here. I came to do some light shopping for a few distinct pieces. And even though an associate looked like they were heading to lunch he still took the time to assist me with finding items without getting frustrated. He told me that he didn't mind helping and that after all that was his job. Will be back. Loved the customer service especially my cashier!!!

Armando Lopez

Last of the big shopping malls. Great place to shop right next to many restaurants and a Costco. Plenty of parking with a movie house next to a great burger joint.

Shadow Mounce

Been shopping here since I was just a kid.... Great Place just to go window shopping or take the kids

Rhonda Carrillo

The shopping mall is well kept, plenty of stores to choose from. However when I visited this location I went to Black Angus restaurant. I had steak and lobster tail. The food was excellant. As it is every time I eat here. If you are looking for a good steak or prime rib this is a go to place. Parking is free. Other restaurants located here to, and movie theatres. Staff always friendly.

Liz Rincon

Love this mall! Restrooms clean and plenty of good deals and great stores to visit. Haven't found a better variety of stores in a different mall. Totally worth your drive.

Michael Bolton

Great very large shopping mall, plenty of parking and a lot of stores to choose from. Most of the stores I went into I had a great customer experience Best kept secret Round 1 has plenty of restrooms. This mall was kept very clean. My favorite store is Macy's.

Jan F.

Employees have confused looks on their face when asked simple questions. Having an issue with an online item and one employee says system is down, other employee says it's not. Also, could not specify the instructions of how I would receive my money back from a returned item. Maybe h&m themselves are not training employees to answer common questions.