Lakewood Center

500 Lakewood Center Mall, Lakewood
(562) 531-6707

Recent Reviews

Kahlil Vincson

Great place. Conveniently located. Well kept

Modesto Matos

I go here quite often bcz its clean & organized.

Nikki Nuño

A little more options than stone wood mall which is what I love closer to, Lakewood is worth the drive. Easier to navigate through as well.

marilyn day

It's a mall. Good directory. Enough storescto be interesting.

Jesus L.

This mall is trash I got assaulted the mall security didn't do anything all they did was told me to do was call the police department, I can't believe this mall is even open it's seriously beyond me . I don't recommend anyone to come to to this mall it's small, ghetto and trash I seriously hate it

Lesha Tharpe

Most of my key shopping points are located within less than a one mile radius. Costco, Home Depot, post office, and Hobby Lobby.l can complete up to five errands in less than two hours! How cool ? is that!!!

Michelle Dietl

As far as a good mall goes, this use to be my favorite. Before you go make sure that the store you intend to shop at is still in business. Surprisingly not a lot are going to be open.

Destiny Sanchez

We never had any problems there it’s a nice place to go with your friends lots of stores and it was really fun I recommend going there

kimberly chavez

I really miss going to that Lakewood. mall because. I miss my favorites stores and my favorites stores holster and hm and and also I really enjoy shopping their because its has also of room so people cloud walks and also I hope the Lakewood malll opens sooner

Bonnie Espinoza

Only place i went to was Costco at the Lakewood mall. Since Quarantine things have been different. But if you like to buy in bulk i suggest Costco is the way to go.

Melissa Wampler

I've loved this mall my whole life. It's beyond cool and has great stores!

Vicky Love

I liked this shopping mall better than others. I went to this shopping mall two days ago, and I greatly enjoyed my day. The staffs were pleasant, looked decent, and approachable. Also, all the items that they displayed were beautiful and affordable. This mall was large and comfortable to hang out and leisure. It was really nice here! Thanks!

Ron Salazar

First time at this location, and I must say, service was great. Both server, Lemony and manager were very attentive, and I was treated with great respect. Kudos to you and I'll definitely be back!

Manila L.

The store owner is extremely rude no customer service and plus all the stuff in there are over price. Don't ever give them a business with the rude owner.

Spy Mom 007

This is the mall of my youth and formative middle school years and for all that nostalgia I give the mall overall 4 stars. On this trip, I met my mom and kids at Hometown Buffet for dinner and that experience was far less than 4 stars and mediocre at best. But the good thing is I stopped in at Dollar Trse and picked up some artist canvases for an art project I've been wanting to do with my kids.

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