Nayada Thai Cuisine

11401 E Carson St A, Lakewood
(562) 860-6108

Recent Reviews

Maurice Little

I tried this spot once with a friend and I am addicted since then. I enjoy the fantastic atmosphere and yummy dishes and drinks. Fantastic work.

Vicky Russell

My family?s favorite Thai restaurant. Tasty. They even adjust menu items to accommodate the vegans amongst us. <3

Ernie D.

Owner Sue has definitely has got it down when it comes to Thai food. The flavors are truly authentic, which makes me and my family keep coming back for more. Every dish we've tried is nothing short of excellent.

Patty Friedmann

Great food quality, reasonably priced and very tasty. Clean, modern environment.

Val Stokes

Great food great staff. Green curry was the best

MaryAnne A.

This is my favorite Thai restaurant. I introduced my boyfriend to Thai food and as he travels on the job he compared others so he agrees this restaurant is one of the best! It's great flavorful food, attractive and friendly atmosphere.

Frida F.

Plastic PLASTIC found in my food Told them about it and it turns out IT WAS A PIECE OF THE CHEFS GLOVE They didn't charge for my dish but still charged me for everything else. I have no words. What if I ate some!!! Ima get sick Check your food when it arrives

Renee C.

Very disappointed! We have come here for years, even before it was Nayada Thai. They have changed their Pineapple Fried Rice and NOT FOR THE BETTER. The dish lacks a lot of flavor, VERY BLAND. Not sure what they are leaving out or why. The taste is very different and the color is very unappealing. I'm not sure if the yellow color it had before was a little curry, saffron or turmeric, but whatever it was is totally missing. I ordered this dish a couple weeks ago and called the restaurant to complain, explaining the difference. I was told sometimes the chef doesn't add as much of the ingredients as other times and they would let them know. Today ordered again and it is still bad. We have never had this happen before in the many years we have ordered this dish. Maybe chef or management has changed or worse- they are using poor quality ingredients or cutting corners to save money. This is very sad, as if they are trying to save money, they will get less because we probably won't be back. Very unfortunate, it was our favorite restaurant and we went there often and referred people to go there.


They have changed their food. Tastes and looks different and quality is poor. Loved this restaurant and something has changed in the last few months. Very unfortunate. Pineapple fried rice is awful now.

Traci Castron

Great Food. Something for every Appetite. Fast Service.

Jesse M

This place is awesome! Good Food. Good service. Good prices. N'uff said, just go.

robert jump

We didnt get a chance to see how the service really was since we got our order to go, but the food was fantastic. Will definitely be going back again and again

Jessica M.

This place is right by my house. I love it! Pad Thai is always my fave! The orange chicken was great as well! Definitely recommend the cream cheese wontons

Cindy U.

Have been going to this restaurant for over 3 years loved the service and the food at some point I had left a great review. Sad to say I will never return to this restaurant again. All the other reviews about finding things in the food are correct and it's disgusting that it keeps happening. I ordered pineapple curry and got a large sharp piece of plastic that made my tongue bleed. I didn't make a big deal just notified the waitress. She came back and offered a new plate and she apologized about the plastic, I declined and thanked her. We had already eaten most of so I thought it would be a waste to request another. My disappointment came when they changed me for the curry that was obviously not safe to eat. I am thankful I didn't swallow the plastic and they should be thankful I'm just leaving this review. Horrible customer service to charge for a plate that was unsafe to eat. Read the reviews this place is unsanitary. Avoid eating foreign objects and go elsewhere.

Filiberto Sanchez

Great food. Constantly tasty, never disappoints.

Robert E.

Very distinctive Thai restaurant with delicious recipes, great service, and fair prices. Have been coming here for a few years and have never been disappointed.

Ana Muneton

The food was delicious.I had a very good time with my sisters and cousin.

natapol thampipop

Delicious tasting food, extremely quiet and calm in there, I don't believe they had music or it wasn't on at the moment but it had a great vibe to it.

Andrea F.

The food was great! 5/5 starts for the food but my one concern that I didn't like is that the tip is already included in your check. There was no sign posted anywhere that says tip included. Nor even on the menu. All I have to say is that they should have something that says not a choice because the service was okay but not horrible service.

Joseph S.

Spice/heat and thickness of sauce was spot on. Flavors are great. Service is nice and fast. Interior decor is beautiful. I love authentic restaurants, but don't understand the Chinese dishes on the menu. We will definitely come back and try other dishes.


My mom and I love Thai food so we were excited to find this place. Our entrees were delicious and service was quick and great, but we were disappointed that there wasn't any cilantro and/or mint in the fresh summer rolls and they lacked flavor. Overall, it was wonderful and I would come back!


One of our favorite places to eat-beautiful decor, great service, and the food is fresh, delicious, always served hot and in generous portions. Love it.

Mockavel V.

Pad Thai was OK only. Noodles mushy,on the bland side. It looked good with enough meat and sprouts but the flavor wasn't there. The spring rolls weren't crispy either. Disappointed and will likely go elsewhere next time.. I recommend "Thai Curry" on paramount. Seems less fancy but the food there is BOMB.

HeyItsJas ..

Bomb bomb bomb! How did I forget to write a damn review! I've had this place twice & the first time I did it was amazing! Not saying it wasn't amazing the second time but damn the orange chicken was so good & crispy along with the beef noodles omg ! I CANNOT I love it.

Jorge Castillo

great place with great food. surprised it was not as pricey as it looked

Geri S.

Came here with my sister who loves Thai food. She had the papaya salad medium spicy. She was quite impressed with the amount of spice and presentation. The spice tray was also quite useful adding a bit more fish sauce with fresh chili peppers. The green curry, which is my favorite was as usual the best creamy with lots of vegetables. I'd keep coming here over and over with no disappointments.

Omar Casserly

Iâ??ve always passed this place at least once per day and always wondered about the food. Well what better idea to just stop here for dinner right after a movie at Edwards right across the way. The food was fantastic and on par with the authentic Thai foods I had on my trips to Thailand. Super flavorful and you canâ??t beat the pineapple fried rice and crab fried rice along with the wide selection of curries and other traditional dishes. If you love spicy food then there will be much to cater to your palette as well!

Edward Philipp

Nayada Thai has all your favorites and some things from parts of Thailand that could become favorites. I love the quality and value.

Edward Philipp

Nayada Thai has all your favorites and some things from parts of Thailand that could become favorites. I love the quality and value.

Herci R.

Update: been ordering here for the last 5.5 years and the food is consistently good. I always order takeout and have never eaten at the restaurant.

Al M.

Well let me start off by saying that I loves me some thai food , you ever just get that Craving for some good Thai ?i know I do, well tonight was that night so I decided to order some food for pick up. We have been here before and ate in the restaurant but tonight we took it to go, yellow chicken curry for me yellow veggie curry for the wife and some chicken pad see eew, food was ready when I went to go pick it up which is always a plus when you're in a rush , everything was packed neatly so I appreciate that too , Food was good The curry was cooked just the way I asked it not too spicy rice was nice and sticky and the pad see eew tasted delicious. My only gripe and I find this with most thai places is that it seems like the portions get smaller, I get it prices are going up but portion shouldn't get smaller, other than that place is really good go check it out

V S.

BODY SHAMING RESTAURANT!! I have been going here for years and have always enjoyed the food and the service, but that STOPS TODAY! I stopped by to pick up food for the family, and a woman by the name of Wise asked to take my order. I went through the menu and ordered 4 dishes; after reading off the last dish she says "Wow, all this food for you? You eat all this? It's a lot, too much!" I was in shock and mortified! I'm not thin nor obese, but for sure on the heavy side; why would this woman think it okay for her to question my eating habits and assume my order is all for me!!?? Yet, there was a man right next to me who was also heavy, placed an order larger than mine and she made no comment. When I asked to speak to a manager Wise insisted no one was there, and said her manager Su wouldn't be until 3. I then spoke to her associate Turk, explaining the situation and he just smirked and giggled. That type of behavior is way out of line, and unbecoming of a place that serves the public. I rarely get offended, leave bad reviews or complain, but I couldn't let this go. I will never spend my money there or recommend them to friends or family. EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

UCLA Bruin

We've come to this lovely restaurant for years.fresh and wonderful. Some of the best Thai around for miles. Try them, you'll like them!

Jeanette Corbeil

The food was good service was okay that's why I give it a four

America Baldwin



Love this place, delicious food, staff is always nice, really good place to go to for some delicious food.

cali tire

Is way better than expected,, very much recommended!! Catfish was my favorite!!

Maria Fernanda Cruz

Customer service sucks the food is good but the waitress sucks they dont give you good service. Sorry but please get people that loves what they do ok

David H.

We lived near this establishment for number of years. We have never eaten here. I was pleasantly surprised how nice it is and such delicious food. We had Tom yum shrimp, cashew nut chicken, and scallops Thai style.

Natalie G.

My new favorite thai place in long beach. They do have vegan options, which is why I LOVE going there. There pad se ew and curry is absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend. Easy parking. The ambiance is decent. I would definitely say it's more about the food here, but still a great place to catch up with friends and hang out with family.