R Kitchen

5253 Paramount Blvd, Lakewood
(424) 296-5320

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Robert Smith

They brought together some really great flavors. I am not a vegetarian but loved some of their vegetarian dishes, both flavorful and filling. The dessert empanadas were awesome. Great beer selection too. Neat place, nice casual evening with great food.

Raphael Hood

I celebrated my PhD last night in this gorgeous place. happy to tell that it was a brilliant evening and the restaurant was clearly one of the reasons for this fruitful gathering. The crew cooperated in a lovely way, the food was tasty and my friends were so happy. We shall absolutely visit again for more events. thanks very much.

Stephen Mason

Food is incredible, substantial, and reasonably priced. No skimping. Awesome.

Steven U.

This is the spot! Short ribs and lemon pepper fried chicken were on point. When I came to pick up my order the gentleman behind the counter asked if I knew the short ribs were not BBQ style (they normally come over rice smothered in gravy), because many people assume that they are. I said I did not, he responded that he figured I didn't and made them bbq style anyways for me. Im glad he did because they were fantastic. I'll try the classic short ribs next time I get dinner here!

Anthony T.

Bomb as fuck taste buds will love the fuck outta yuh blaze it and it intensified customer service was excellent call in order ahead if your on a schedule if not the wait is well worth it trust

charlee lewis

Was visiting from Vegas and got recommended to this place! Great customer service, delicious food, and restaurant was clean! Definitely will be going back next time I visit for sure! :)

John Faccons

This spot is worth visiting. They have big portions for fair rates. Consistently clean and with fantastic mood. Will visit here again.

Brandi B.

I love this place! their food is soooo good! The owners are so friendly and always hook up your plate! My dad is the one who actually put me on to this spot, and I'm so glad he did. I come here often and have told so many people about them. If you want flavorful food in big portions, come to R Kitchen. They never disappoint!

Shontese Locklin

Let me tell you I had too right a review because yummmmmmmyyyy is all I can say best soul food I’ve had I a long ?

Essie P.

Delicious!! I got the smothered people chops, mashed potatoes and let me tell you I had enough food for 2 people and STILL had leftovers for lunch the next day! The prices match up with what you get and the food was soo flavorful and delicious.. customer service was great! I will definitely be coming back soon. I didn't even get a pic cuz my husband and I dug right in!

Teonee M.

Very friendly , nice establishment. Food is scrumptious with generous portions. My favorite part, Black owned and amazing folks.

Christine H.

Really good. Fall off the bone beef ribs (sweet bbq sauce) and the turkey meatloaf is one of the best I ever had because of a combo of spices & gravy; has a garlic flavor. Cornbread is ok to me due to being so dry. Yams will be sweet bc they are candied and yams in general are sweet. Good for 1-2 piece just to have diff flavor. Would not make candied myself but people like it for holidays. I made collard greens b4 and this one is less salty. Some places put bacon. They got the bitter taste away so that's what I like. Mac is salty but not where I could not eat it. Cheese in general can be salty. I would come back. It took 27 mins to pick up and I ordered at 11:50pm on a Thursday.

Patrick B.

So I was in hungry in Lakewood today and wanted to spend my money with some BLACK PEOPLE. So I got on yelp and discovered R Kitchen Soul Food and it changed my life. I already love soul food so it was a no brainer. I pulled, got the best customer service along with some good food. Got me and my lady the fried chicken lunch special with collard greens and Mac and cheese. We were hooked! Everything was seasoned to perfection and it just reminded you of your childhood home cooked meal. Definitely going back

Shayee A.

Trying to do a better job at supporting black owned businesses. I called in my order and got the fried chicken w/ sweet potatoes, mac and cheese and cabbage, that also came with cornbread. I didn't particularly care for the cabbage but the Mac and cheese and sweet potatoes were really good. The fried chicken may have been fried too long; but everything was really good. My total came out to about $15 which is really nicely priced in comparison to other Soul Food restaurants down here. I'll definitely be back.

Framces Gray

It's a good place for soul food, onions and Liver is my brother favorite , remind him of the way my Mom cook it for us , nice and tender ?

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