R Kitchen

5253 Paramount Blvd, Lakewood
(424) 296-5320

Recent Reviews

CE Harris

Great food with Comfort in mine. Never had a meal there that didn't work. Many selections and they now offer breakfast. Small inside, but Big on taste and service.

Jay Tando

Excellent food and outstanding Customer Service. Friendly staff. Portions are BIG and I can eat so I was very happy with all of the food. Loved it!

Gary Wesson

Very tasty foods especially ox tails, greens, yams, corn bread and black eye peas. ? ? ? yum

George Q.

Damn! This place is at a whole different level! Best soul food spot in da LBC and no one can beat their prices or taste. Can't go wrong with ordering the Fried Chicken din w/a homemade lemonade. Generous portions! Call it in and enjoy! #NorthLongBeach

carol m.

I wish I could say that My experience at this restaurant was a good one but I can't. The wait staff was very pleasant but that's about it for me. I ordered fried chicken. It was too tough possibly from it being in the freezer too long. I couldn't chew it up. After chewing a while I had to spit it out. It was seasoned well though. The greens were just OK because they were bitter. A pre-boil throwing out the water can cure this. Also most add a little bit of sugar. The cabbage was over cooked but I understand how hard it is to not do this when not cooking to order. The yams were missing spices and sugar. It was as if someone completely forgot to add it. I must say some vanilla and lemon would suit my taste but that's my preference only. The dressing was made from the leftovers sweet cornbread which had sugar in it. Because I'm a O.G. Southerner my preference is no sugar in the bread nor the dressing. We folk down yonder like it the old way, tasting of sage an?/or poultry seasoning with onion and celery. Our white folk are the ones who started the thing with sweet cornbread and now it has jumped into our cooking culture. I will continue to search for the place which knows what I'm saying. No one wants to hear it because you and others are still making money no matter what. Ps Lemon cake was on !!!!

LaTi Pink

I have tried other soul food restaurants in long beach and this is my Favorite! The mac and cheese is delicious, none of that cheap tasting stuff; the oxtails are cooked to the perfection...just fall the bone with flavor; the red beans...stewed just like mama make them; fried chicken is home made and fresh; meat loaf is flavorful not salty; and I know this is not an important menu item but that cornbread is a meal in itself. I would and have been referring others to this place. This is some true southern cooking here.

Quentinn B Macklin Sr

Floyd keep up the good work. Food is on point.

joan h.

Hmmmm hmmm Good!!! Will not Disappoint

Portia C.

Food is delicious!My favorite is the liver and onions. The staff is friendly and the portions are big.

Kristian J.

I love this place !! The food is always fresh and ready on time !!!! Keep up the good work guys

Josephine F.

I just ate here & their food was BOMB !!!! I wish I would've taken pictures but it looked so good I didn't even bother taking any photos lol. I got two dinner plates both fried wings. Each plate comes with 3 sides and corn beard. Since it was my 1st time I ordered 5 different sides: Potato salad Red beans & rice Mac and cheese (2 orders) Yams Mashed potatoes and gravy. The Mac and cheese was my absolute favorite ! My boyfriend loved the yams and Mac and cheese. It only took 20-25 mins for my food to come out, but at least it was hot and fresh. I will definitely come back again.

Dino Kincaid

It was good made food to order


Super good. I would say close to 5 star good but a solid 4. Had the oxtail it was good, the Mac and cheese was amazing, the greens decent

Brandon Edward B.

This food SMACKS. This food literally spits straight fire and their Mac n' Cheese & Fries are to die for.

Lovette Luvz

Great place for crawlers and toddlers... there's coloring section .... A parent area and it's of snacks to purchase.... I enjoy coming here two or three times a week lol

Decora O.

Always a win when I come here. I Had the Turkey Meatloaf dinner plate with Double Mac and Yams as my sides.... As ALWAYS the food was AMAZING!! Thanks R Kitchen


Just had the smother chicken with mac n cheese with Greens top to bottom it was good ... lemon cake omg

Tiffany V.

This place NEVER stays open for the time they have listed. I would love to support black businesses but they are never open. It's rude, unprofessional and annoying. I don't know how anyone has anything to say about the food at all because I can never catch them open to try it.

Derek Jones

AMAZING FOOD AND SERVICE. Great soul food all around. I could not stop eating. I finished all my fried chicken with mac & cheese, yams, and cornbread.

Gilbert Colins

This place is five stars all day long!

Lyrick J.

The food is great! Especially the MAC N CHEESE it's to die for! And the cornbread is like cake. You can't go wrong stopping here when you want real soul food!

Jess W.

I had the pork chop dinner. Very good tasting pork chop. Mac n cheese was very good. Greens were very salty. I will try the fried chicken dinner next time. Maybe it was just that one time with the greens.

Renee R.

Best soul food in town!!! Mac & cheese was amazing. I can't believe I just discovered this place. Definitely a hidden gem. The food took some time to come out but you can tell it was fresh and home cooked. I give the the food an overall 10/10. Everything on my plate was delicious. I'll be back for sure.

Nathan S.

Haven't had chicken this good since I was in Nashville. Crispy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside. Fantastic green beans and the corn bread was awesome. Service was friendly. I'll definitely be coming back.

Cortney W.

Food was ok service was less than adequate. I try to support my own but can't accept a drop off in service. As a customer I was not greeted the young guy who took my order didn't seem like he wanted to be there and was very smug and short I ordered pork chops with Mac and greens Pork chop- 3 out of 5 Mac- 2 out of 5 Greens- 3 out of 5 I really hope on my next visit I can update this review to 5 stars

Elonte L.

The young man (Justin) who helped me Sunday deserves 5 stars alone.....my turkey chops were the BEST I've ever had. All my sides were flavorful. I will definitely be back.

Bre M.

2nd time back. Brought a friend, we drove from Anaheim, damn wish I could brag again about this spot. Don't know if the first visit was a fluke or what. EVERYTHING was EXTREMELY salty, actually unbearable. Yams were so so, greens super salty, fried chicken overly salty. I'm not one to waste food but unfortunately this had to be thrown away, pretty expensive meal to toss out. Sadly disappointed, probably won't be back.

George Q.

Damn! This place is at a whole different level! Best soul food in da LBC and no one can beat their prices or taste. I typically order the Fried Chicken din w/a lemonade which feeds my girl and I! Call it in and enjoy some North Long Beach soul food.

Vivian Delgado

Best fried chicken I've had in LA

Desiree W.

Food and service is the best glad we found this gem..........short ribs,mac and green fire sold me on my first bite

Jess Withey

Good was great. The greens were a little salty but did have good taste except for the salt. Pork chops were delicious!

Stream Clips

Very nice super clean very good food

jrj211 .

Hits the spot when I'm in need of some soul food I always get the ox tails and gravy over rice with mac n cheese

Dino D.

First time here, had the ox tails, Mac & yams. Its really hard to describe "Soul Food" perfection, but R Kitchen is it! This meal was an experience not just food. The ox tails fell off the bone and had the perfect ratio of meat to fat, excellent. The Mac was creamy and the pasta stood up to all the cheese, great. My favorite though , hands down, the candied yams, sweet on their own freshness and spiced wonderfully. Where has R Kitchen been all my life?!!! Be back soon.....

r ross

great food and amazing staff. my new go to

Ashley L.

Small location, lovely customer service. Watermelon cool aid is missing something, should keep the original grape or punch cool aid! Every soul food spot is different, I got the smothers fried chicken. If I knew the gravy would be on top of rice I wouldn't have gotten the red beans and rice. I could do with out the rice under the gravy, especially since I couldn't finish the plate in one sitting. 5 stars but I wouldn't return...

N A.

My boyfriend and I were looking for a new place to try fried chicken. Ordered the fried chicken & bbq pork ribs with Mac n cheese, yams, and steamed rice. They were out of mashed potatoes & potato salad. The wings on the chicken barely had any meat. Didn't feel like they were cooked with love. Ribs were good even tho some parts felt either over cooked or reheated. Mac and cheese too salty. Steamed rice was perfect. Ohh and they have lemonade kool aid. Almost perfect. Would add more water to make it less sweet. Environment A Cleanliness A Customer Service B+ Food C

Katy D.

My friend and I ordered one dinner order of ribs with 3 sides: Mac and Cheese, Mashed potatoes and gravy and Yams and it was the best meal I've ever had in my life. I would recommend 10/10. Great service as well.

Shalon Allen

Now this is what Iâ??m talking about. Great service, Great Food, clean Kitchen, the guy behind the counter was AWESOME. If your any where near this place you must stop by and get The Best Soul Food Ever!!!

Tim W.

I had the turkey wings they were wonderful! The green beans, not so much, the dressing had too much sage and sugar and the Mac and cheese was ok. I'll return to find all the good dishes.