Stinkin Crawfish of Lakewood

3221 E Carson St, Lakewood
(562) 627-0030

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Rach M.

I am a first timer, and I am disappointed. I ordered the lobster meal (1 corn, potato, a few sausages included) 1 1/2 lb of peeled shrimp, 2 rice, Cajun fries, garlic noodles and a side of sauce. The only thing I liked were the fries because how crunchy it was, it lacked seasoning though. The sauce is horrible! It taste like watered down Tapito sauce with added black pepper. I'm sure the lobster, shrimp, potato, corn and sausages would had been good but since they're marinated in the sauce it was not good! Garlic noodles were dried and cut up like I'm a toddle so I won't choke on the noodle. I attempted to fix the sauce at home but there's not saving it. I only order from this place because my favorite seafood spot is too far. Safe to say, never again!

Nazh D.

I had ordered for pick up here, I ordered 1lb of white shrimp, 1/2 crawfish 1/2 headless tiger shrimp and a 1lb of king crab legs. I got the stinking sauce in the shrimps. I usually go to boiling crab and I know I shouldn't compare but the sauce here is o.k.Also, the size of the shrimp wasn't as big as usual when it comes to seafood places like this.So maybe it was just an off day but I don't know if I would come here again for my seafood fix.

Nnenna E.

Suuuuuper yummy! I got 1lb of crab legs, 1lb of peeled shrimp, 2 lobster tails, corn, potatoes, and sausage, and a size of zucchini fries. I got the stinkin sauce in mild and the spice was just right. This place will definitely get my business again.

Elizabeth W.

The boil we had with snow crab, peeled shrimp, corn, potatoes and sausage was on point! I also got some wings for my guys for later and they were delicious too! We will be back!

Adella F.

I knew this was going to be a winner when I called and spoke to a girl that was super patient with me when I asked her a bunch of questions about what kind of crab they had, what the price difference was and even when I asked about getting mild sauce / no garlic for a family member who has a sensitive stomach. They also do curbside pick! The lady that brought my food out was also super nice, brought my food out super quickly, even though they were very busy. Seriously, their food hit the spot for my crab leg craving today! Thank you for your excellent customer service and delicious food! I will for sure be back.

Tiffany swirly

Amazing!! Always so good and taste great Everytime!!!

francisco correa

Good service good food at a good price

Erik O.

I got crawfish in the stinkin sauce. 100% satisfied. Perfect sauce and meat is perfectly tender. I will absolutely return.

Shatiera D.

The food was really guy. The price isn't expensive considering the quality of food you receive. The waitresses are extremely nice. I also love that you can order shrimp by the half pound! You guys have made a customer out of me

Lita P.

Came here for the first time tonight and I'm highly satisfied with everything! Trinna took my order tonight and she is amazing. She helped me with my order, gave me recommendations, and answered any questions I had. I ordered the shrimp lover combo (white shrimp w/Stinkin special sauce) and Cajun fries. I didn't get to take a picture of my food because my family and I were hungry. Overall, the food was delicious. I will come back for more Thank you!

Steve B.

This is definitely our favorite Seafood restaurant and we've been to many! It has the best quality King Crab with all the extras we like. Plus we never have to wait for a table and they're great on the prices too! It's in an out of the way spot, but that makes it better for people who know about it!

Cee S.

Just tasty. People who serve are always pleasant and I believe it's family owned so even better. I will always come back when I'm craving some good seafood

Adolfo S.

Ordered to go because we can't eat in yet do to the Pandemic. Great service by the lady working there. Ordered Shrimp and King crab it was delicious.

Michelle Y.

We were pleasantly surprised. Being from the east coast, we have high seafood standards and more often than not, it's cheaper and better to make it at home. Places like this usually have over cooked seafood in a pot full of corn and potatoes. we were thrilled to get mostly seafood, cooked to perfection. Didn't really cost more than buying all the ingredients and making ourselves, without the mess. Sauces on the side so nothing was soggy or over-seasoned. They even included lobster bibs and a paper table covering! Fried zucchini and calamari was good too, crispy with flavorful sauces. Really very impressed. We had delivery through postmates and deliver charge was outrageous. Not the restaurants fault. Next time we will go there or pick up.


Covid meal number 10897 lol. ..Order was prepared quick with friendly service. Added eggrolls last minute. The girl was quick to accomodate. Tired of mixture of mushy shrimp from the other places. Dont know yet but will update with flavor review

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