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Was assisted by ?????, who was friendly/welcoming, helpful & just the epitome of great customer service.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 5

Service: 5

sk sumon

Yes I am a very happy


Girl spit in my ice cream she was short and angry.

k G

I love this baskin Robbins. They are very friendly and love that they have more than one non dairy option. we purchased an ice cream cake and asked an associate to put happy Mother’s Day for us. Clea did an incredible job and made it super cute.If you download the app you will get a free scoop of ice cream and also get some discounts. We saw a bogo (buy one get one free) creature creation and we decide to give it a try. We saved $5.00. Cleo decorated our creatures and again did an great job :). We also used our free scoop of ice cream and got the strawberry dragonfruit. That saved us a few more bucks and got to try a new flavor. You get a free scoop when you download the app. The scoop was a pretty nice size. The mixed berry smoothly was delicious. Don’t forget to leave a review and save $1.00 for future visits. Excited to try the ice cream cake. Highly recommend.

Caralena Zack

They made my daughter's custom cake and it turned out amazing! The customer service is excellent. :-)

Patricia Ironside

Loved there Ice cream. So many flavors to choose from.there customer service was good..

Vanessa Rodriguez

Loved how cute this cake came out. Will be ordering again!

Jennifer Catron

I ordered a cake 1 week prior to my birthday and on my birthday when I went to pick up the cake it was the wrong one. So I asked for a refund but was told I would have to leave the cake behind & she would refund me. So pretty much they wanted me to have a party without a cake and not refund me for there error……Never again!

William Shattuck

Why use an app to make an order when I drive to the shop? With our whole family and 2 cars they want me to make my order using an app rather than treat me in person like a person. I am not an electronic device, I want proper customer service with people. You cannot get personal service or proper service through an app. You cannot explain things through an app, ask questions through an app, see what looks good in an app and make a well informed decision in an app or through any online ordering. I go to an ice-cream shop with my family to receive proper in person customer service and enjoy the excitement on my kids faces as they get to look and choose a flavor and toppings, you cannot get that with an app. Baskin Robbins needs to get back in the business of treating people like people, with a smile, good customer service, in person, and STOP treating people like they are electronic devices that have limited freedom and choices with no way of communicating with people. Do you realize that when you take away person to person contact you steal and destroy a person's ability to learn to interact with other people or develop good customer service skills and responsibility. Please treat people like people again. Stop requiring apps for service.

Bob Bobby

Great service and you can always depend on great flavors. Very refreshing desert on a warm Summer night.

All American Detail Service

Worst milkshake ever, it tastes good as a drink, but was not firm at all. My chocolate strawberry banana shake was a joke for a milk shake. Should just call it flavored milk...its sitting in the freezer now, I hope it takes some sort of form to drink it. I don't drink runny milkshakes.

calibwoy T

Ordered Unicorn Birthday cake for my Goddaughter online; went to pick-up the order on 2/19/2021 and provided my last name; young lady came back and asked if I placed the order at this location; another woman comes from the back and has the cake and tells me they go by the FIRST name; well how am I to know that; and I provided my CADL with BOTH names on it; asked for RED writing and it was LAVENDER; had to come back for candles and was told I had to leave by the first lady I dealt with because I forgot my mask; I came back to get the candles I paid for but did not receive; had phoned to have it put back on the card and was told I needed to be present to reverse charges; no apology for not providing the candles but actually somewhat of an attitude; the first lady was RUDE to say the least; but it was my Goddaughter's B-Day and I was not letting her attitude spoil the day; the other lady simply asked if I was picking up the candles and handed them to me; (I had a napkin over my face) while the other woman just looked at me and wanted to enforce the policy of no mask no service; I get that but DAMN!...had you given me what I paid for to begin with I wouldn't have to come BACK in the first place!....never had problems here before and I've been more than a few times; but when you get new staff......young lady, curb that attitude cause trust me my tongue is sharper than any knife you have there and you just lucked out on Friday 2/19/2021...I may not be as nice next time....

Sonja Smith

I called ahead and she was friendly and accommodating. I got to the store and she was so friendly and you can tell she loves her job. If this store ever loses her they might as well shut down. I will be back, but only because she was so great. Ice Cream is Ice Cream, it's all about the service for me and today she made a great impression!

Paco Barreza

Great place love the ice cream


Always a good experience

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