Don Sals

706 W Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster
(661) 941-2301

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Tricia B.

I really hate to leave a not so good review. We really enjoy the food here. But the service is lacking terribly. From walking in and just being looked at by the hostesses while they are tending to silverware. No hello, we will be with you soon... just rude. Not even a smile. The waiter was very nice but drink refills took forever. Someone would come to remove plates and when asked about ordering another drink we were told to ask the waiter. So my friend said... you can't tell the waiter we would like another round of drinks? I never received my salad before my meal so I asked to have it packed up to go and I was met with a dirty look like I was inconveniencing someone. I don't want to stop coming here but I'm going to have to with service like this.

Barbara S.

Used to have great food but something changed horrible food and bad service three times in a row.... Canned brown gravy on the enchilada so disgusting. We were seated and no one brought us water or any thing until ten minutes later when another couple was seated. Then she noticed us on her way to them. We were only served when they were no one checked on us until we got the check. The tacos changed the enchilada was gross. But, the salsa and beans where good.

Chika W.

Terrible place!!I. They don't greet you as you come in !I went today with friends ..they took forever bringing us the food and when they did the food was cold ..and they kept forgetting my tortillas! ..drinks took forever..the manager so unpleasant and unprofessional!and please check your bill..they overcharged us! Thank God we caught it!! Beware!!!never again!!!!

Liza C.

Walked in and was not greeted but a very rude unfriendly girl at the front with braces was se the front , she informs us it will be an hour wait and there's no menu since it's brunch. We put our name in and our table ended up being ready within 15-20 mins. It was really hot inside not sure if that is the usual situation but I definitely wouldn't be dining in normally with it being that uncomfortable. Not sure how the workers do it but Kudos to them. Our waiter was Ivan and other than initially taking our drink order that's all we saw of him. We ended up asking another guy for things and luckily he went out of his way to serve us the ENTIRE TIME because he didn't have to and Ivan could careless. Sunday brunch is $35 a person, I thought it was well priced for all it comes with; including bottomless mimosas and so much more. Thanks to a Mario for going above and beyond. He deserves 5 stars for his outstanding customer service and turning our mediocre meal into something good.

Joey K.

Had the papas tacos, very filling and great taste. Definitely a go to bar joint as well, since their margaritas are delicioso

Darren C.

Literally 90 degrees inside the restaurant. It's July bro. Turn on the air conditioner.. can't even enjoy a drink in here.. Place sucks.

Shawn H.

Always an amazing experience. Food is some of the best Mexican food one can find. The Sunday Brunch we had today was full of excitement due to Mariachis and the Live DJ. Lots of options that for the price rival what you'd get in place that charge a whole lot more. 35 for the adults and 13 for the kids is a great value. Well worth it. Highly recommend coming and once you do you'll keep coming back. A true treasure to have in the Antelope Valley. Proud of the high class service and offerings.

Amber V.

Pros? Cool inside - cool layout - cool decorations - nice and big area Cons? Not one person smiled - Waited 10-15 mins until anyone acknowledged us after sitting- Made eye contact with one or two people to show hey we would like service - they walked past us - we were invisible. Gentleman was walking around informing customers that the farmers market will start soon in case we want to move our car, we asked him for some water it had been 15 or so mins with nothing. He said 'sure,' only to continue informing customers about the farmers market. Didn't even tell a server 'hey they would like water'. It was HOT !! Finally we met our server. Asked for water, big mistake. Another 10-15 minute wait. (It was not busy!) All the employees were mopey. Slow. Not attentive. Again not one smile. Not once we're we asked if everything was okay. Food came. We were ready to leave by the time it came. We just came in for tacos and flautas! Sadly the food was so bland. We didn't finish. We took it to go. (Not one person at home wanted to eat the leftovers, it was that blah). After getting our food. And no beer it was another 10 or so mins til we could flag down the server, to ask about our drinks. Took another 10 mins to get the check ! Afterwards, we were so disappointed, we were contemplating throwing up. The whole experience was THAT bad. The service and food left a bad taste in our mouths and our stomachs were dissatisfied by the food. I am sorry but those employees need a raise. Need a pep talk. Even the owner or boss walking around was starring out the windows instead of helping or checking on customers. It's Lancaster blvd it's suppose to be the 'happenin' place, I don't know how they have 4 stars to begin with. Maybe I'm just really honest. The whole ordeal took around 1 to 1 hr 20 mins for tacos flautas and beer.

David B.

Food is great but the environment needs some attention. First of AC doesn't work. Hot as heck and they have box fans trying to help. Bathrooms are nasty.

Steve M.

I went to this restaurant for a first date. The date went well, but I was also very surprisingly pleased about the restaurant. It was a very large location, with high ceilings and attractive art. Perhaps most importantly, the food and drinks were excellent.

Raquel O.

Had the shredded beef burrito, asked waiter what was in it, he said meat and beans Didn't find one bean No flavor, need some kind of flavor, this is a Mexican restaurant with No heat Will not recommend

Vicente G.

Customer service here is almost nonexistent they don't acknowledge you I arrived at 8:30 and right away they said that they were closing at 9:00pm as if they didn't want to attend me I probably will never step foot into this Business ever again it was just awkward they don't make you feel welcome at all. Very unfortunate I wanted to try this spot out.

Monica T.

I came a day before mothers day and everything was very good. We made a reservation for 430pm but arrived 1 hr early. They were nice enough to accommodate us and only took about 30 minutes. We waited at the bar and order some micheladas in the mean time. After we were seated. We order more drinks. Micheladas are really good here. I love that they do not add ice to the micheladas. Beer does not taste good with ice to me. So that was amazing!!! The flavor was also good. We ordered, mocajete, tampiqueña, camarones a la diabla, bacon shrimp. Everything was delicious and we'll prepared. Mostly everything comes with rice and beans. Rice and beans were well cooked and not mushy. We also got some fresh made tortillas a mano to compliment the food. Our favorite was the tampiqueña (steak wrapped in bacon!). The camarones a la diable were too spicy. I like the flavor, but super spicy. If you like that, give it a try. I forgot to take pics because it was too good and we had a great time. Service was great. Waiters were very attentive and it was very busy. Also chips, salsa and refried beans were given at the beginning.

Francisco D.

Was skeptical at first for the Mexican food but it's delicious... beyond delicious actually!! The only reason I didn't give it five stars is staff... there was times I was just sitting there waiting for someone to come to the table. I get it , it gets busy... but get more staff for the large crowds that come in. But overall a good place to eat, pricy but good

Lauren T.

This place was a really cool spot to enjoy lunch! Pros: food was good, atmosphere was fun, outdoor seating was nice. Cons: music was Blaring, some items needed salt-guacamole needed cumin, salt, and more lime-and the waiter forgot quite a few items ‍. I'm guessing he's newer-but my team and I came a little bit later than the rest (think like 5 minutes difference, maybe 8, tops). We got drinks, but no salsa and chips, asked for different things that never came . It happens, though! Overall a good experience, more like 3.5 , but still quite pleased!

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