Gino's Ristorante

44960 Valley Central Way, Lancaster
(661) 942-1300

Recent Reviews

Gene A.

Great tasting Italian food. We had the chicken Alfredo and it was delicious Will definitely go back when we're in the area

Daniel C.

The food is good but there is an Oder as if thy need to clean/disinfect the carpet and floor. Also the service was slow despite few patrons in the restaurant.

Miranda Smith

Perfect pizza and wine night out! The atmosphere was divine and great service.

Mickala Enriquez

Walked in told them I had a reservation they said oh owner has the tablet where online reservations go weDon’t have it so we had to wait for about 20 min not to bad but still was annoyed they did give us 2 appetizers for free for the mess up so I was happy ….. the place was so hot we were sweating they have a banquet hall next door and we’re doing the food etc for them plus the restaurant we waited 1 hour for the appetizers to come out and literally another hour for food the food was good but unfortunately none of ate it with filling up on garlic bread and appetizers we all didn’t eat !!!! Plus being hot we didn’t even want to eat waitress was very nice but never brought a couple drinks had to get up and ask I won’t be going back to this location this is the second time we experienced this at the restaurant!!!!! I live Gino’s overpriced but good I won’t go to this location is need to get it together plus having the hall next door they are cooking for them and neglected the restaurant

April W.

The best Italian resturant in the Antelope Valley! This place makes me extremely happy! I love the food here! Everything, and I do mean everything is delicious! Be prepared for your palette to be extremely satisfied. All and I do mean all of the staff is accommodating, if your looking for an intimate setting for two or alone or a large group be ready to experience greatness! They have so many choices for you to choose from and children are welcome.. They have very clean restrooms and a choice of many wines, beers and other delectable drinks. Try this resturant! Trust me, you'll thank me later!!!!!!! MY HAPPY PLACE! Sit, get comfortable and be patient as all food is prepared fresh!

Ina (inacincinnis)

Overpriced. We meant to go for dinner but actually left early. Had one cocktail which was okay but took long to get there even though we were the only ones sitting at the bar. The live music was way too loud and the visit was a waste of time.We ordered mozzarella sticks for an appetizer and they weren't fresh at all. Rather tasted reheated in what I guess was a microwave, for the second time. We left right after and got dinner somewhere else. I really don't know how this place has such good ratings.

Annette Grimes

Before we had salads, we had a cocktail. My husband had Blueberrie mule and I had Allegiance IPA by our local brewery. They offer from what I remember, 3 beers from Bravery brewery. Our salads were better than most restaurants. It had olives, garbanzo beans, mozzarella cheese, cucumbers and a pepperchini. Love this side salad! For dinner I had Linguini with spicy blackened shrimp And my husband had Rotelli Pasta Rustica With Sausage & Peppers. Both dishes are delicious. Oh and the garlic bread is awesome! They make their own bread from scratch every day.

Ian Cundiff

Just placed a order from a delivery service. Absolute garbage. Though this was our normal challenger location was wrong. The dough dry and separated like biscuits. Not sure who the cook is but man I’d quit. The entire pizza stuck to the paper liner absolutely a terrible experience. Called multiple times. By the time they finally answered was told nothing we can do about it and mind you got the xl for 40 bucks. Lesson learned. Never go back to those crooks again.

Dehlila Ventura

This place is fantastic! Came here this evening for my and my boyfriends 6 year anniversary. The service was phenomenal. The food was great! And we even got dessert on the house for our anniversary. The best kept secret in the antelope valley! 10/10 will be back!

Shanette M.

Why do people come here? I called this place at 4:50pm and ordered food. The lady who took my order kept yawning and made me feel like I was bothering her. She didn't want to answer any of my questions and made me feel like she had other things to do. I order two adult meals and one child meal and it came it $77.00 -_-. The Fettuccine Alfredo was dry, did they forgot to add more sauce? I will never spin money here ever again.

Ann-Marie Y.

We were looking for a pizza place for takeout so we tried Gino's. We were going to order and then take it home but the place was so cute and inviting that we ate there. Instead of pizza we got pasta. The bread was so good. It was toasted with butter and garlic. The salad was big and had a lot of different vegetables in it including artichoke hearts and garbanzo beans. My partner got the raviolis with meat sauce and I got the gluten free penne pasta with pesto sauce. We enjoyed our meals. The portions were huge! I took most of mine home and shared it with my parents. Even after sharing it, I will have leftovers for tomorrow.

Ashlyn O.

Okay not saying this lightly: the bruschetta here is my #1 favorite meal of all time. It would be the meal I request on death row. Literally perfection to every aspect. Crispy but not hard bread. Fresh tomato and basil. Delicious balsamic and Parmesan. It is cold fresh toppings over warm crisp bread. I could eat it daily. Thank you

Brad Parker

Great service but the food is terrible. I ordered the 18oz ribeye and it was mostly fat. Not over exaggerating either, so much fat that I barely got to eat half of it. We were a party of 4 and none of us finished our meals and we all left with complaints about the food. We will not be returning.

Brad P.

Party of 4 and none of us liked the food. I ordered the 18oz ribeye and it had so much fat I could only eat half. Not over exaggerating either, literally globs of fat and terrible flavor. We all left with complaints about the food, so no wonder why it was so empty on a Saturday night. Tons of tables and only 4 were being used. We will not be returning...ever.

Antonio G.

Lovely atmosphere kind staff and delicious food 10/10 would eat here again for repeat meals Big BaronFettuccine Alfredo are made with care and are delicious to the last bite

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