Miso Sushi

44230 10th St W, Lancaster
(661) 940-6369

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The spicy chicken plate and soju cocktails were really good! The servers were nice and friendly and willing to help. They recommended the peach soju cocktail with cucumber and it was the best soju cocktail I've had.Vegetarian options: They have many vegetarian options.

faye love

I always try to come in when there is a specific hostess there. She is so sweet and my favorite of all of them. I do feel bad because she’s usually by herself when it’s extremely busy, but she always makes time to check in on me and even remembers my name and order, absolutely adore her! Today she earned a well deserved tip and the food was amazing as always. Love it here!!

Rodrigo Mejia

Service is embarrassingly bad. There were only 3 tables full when we arrived. It took the CLOWN server 10mins to come to our table to ask us what drinks we wanted. No menu. He just walked off.He kept looking at our table but otherwise ignoring us. 20mins later he came back for our orders. Eventually one table left so only two other tables had people. This slow, incompetent, BURDEN to society still somehow managed to waste 15mins before coming to our table for a refill.How??? There are only 5 or 6 other customers in the entire restaurant. I'm almost impressed.


Sushi was soggy, falling apart and just overall bad. The service was also terrible and all the tables around us were dirty.

The Adventure's of Jeanette and Jessica

Don't know how to follow a simple order request. SAUCE ON THE SIDE. not no sauceRepeated 3 times for what?

Abel Reyes

I used to work here. Not a good place to eat. Everything is frozen exept the veggies lol. You want good sushi go to red salmon. Thank me later

Jay E.

Order here all the time, I really enjoy their sauces. They're always busy and their sushi is really good now, it wasn't so great a few years back. I guess they finally found their sweet spot cause it's so yummy!

Jose E. Arellano

I ordered a crunchy shrimp roll, a super caterpillar roll, and an order of cream cheese gyoza. Everything taste fresh. A little bit of a wait, but worth it.

Gisela R.

Came for dinner with my family, we had the best service and super delicious food.. starting with our delicious Soup cocktail and appetizers, follow by our delicious Sushi Rolls, Beef Bowl and a YakiSoba plate... yummy

Gisela J.

I have never had an issue with this restaurant, but today I was treated so unprofessional. When I was seated, I asked the waitress/ hostess if I could please sit on another table ( the music was loud and the speaker was pointed towards the table) . She said no as she placed the menu on the table. So she ignored me for a while. When she finally ask me if she could bring me something to drink I got up and told her that I had changed my mind and was leaving.


Sushi was good but they used instant noodles ? for Ramen, and no meat only egg

Greg Cranford

Prices up service and satisfaction down .I spent 45$ on 3 rolls and they wanted to charge me for a little extra Wasabi. Mgr said no charge. Then got home and only 1 ginger pkg. Waitress kept telling me where to stand. They have lost their touch. I'll look for a different place

L Moreno

Great sushi, decent prices, they take a long time to serve your food but it's worth the wait. Been coming for 6 years.

Lorenzo J.

This was my very first time eating here and the food was absolutely AMAZING! I decided to give it a try because someone recommended it and I was tired of going to the many other OVERHYPED sushi locations. With that being said, I would definitely recommend and come back to more . Lastly The service was great, the hostess and waitress were welcoming on on it. Good quality food and service. Thank you Miso Sushi !

Araeya G.

Always super good but sometimes the employees are a bit rude lol for no reason, one cook was talking about my boyfriend in Spanish thinking we didn't understand.

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