Panda Express

840 W Ave L, Lancaster
(661) 951-9090

Recent Reviews

Sedalia G.

I would say this location is the best food always hot & fresh friendly staff quality or food is good

Jake Reed

Fast drive through. Good for Panda Express. Staff is friendly and quick. Out of the 15 or so times I’ve been here in the last year they have only gotten it wrong once where there was about a shot glass worth of cooking oil at the bottom of my to go box. Yuck. Other than that one time, they have been on point. Best time is between for fast service is actually around 7-8 pm

Angela Roberson

Ordered the BIGGER PLATE which comes with 3 sides for 11.00$ when I got home I noticed they charged me a exta 1.25 for one of the sides so I called the store and told them what I ordered and they told me the pepper steak is a extra charge I told him they should tell the consumer that in the store . So if I just paid for my pepper steak as a side then where is my 3rd side that comes with the BIGGER PLATE . Cause other than that I just got a 2, 2 item plates.

A D Holz

Clean friendly. Bigger portion then I'm used to from most panda expresses this time. $27 for two people to get a 2 item combo with 2 chicken egg rolls no drinks.

Kim B.

Dropped by here last night on my way home. Ordered 4 big plates. Staff were nice, greeted me even though they were busy filling other order. They gave me large portions of food. Food tasted better than some Chinese restaurants I had been. Food not too salty or sweet. The veggies were perfectly cooked, still crunchy. The teriyaki chicken was juicy and flavored just right (although it tasted more like Chinese five spices than teriyaki). Will definitely come here again if I am in the neighborhood. We have one in ridgecrest but staff there very stingy, don't want to go back there.


Never had a bad experience.. pretty quick

Dianna Hernandez

Tamecole was so nice and fast… always love coming here! Food and service is so good!!!

Dina Degero

Delicious A friendly clean place to eat and enjoy ones company or with another plus 1 moment..

Andres Hernandez

Not all panda restaruants are good this one here on l and 10 st in Lancaster CA it's nasty ?

Darren Keefe

It's a Panda Express so go with that in mind. The orange chicken seems to be prepared better at this location versus some others I've tried

Andres H.

This place on 10th St West and l in Lancaster CA it's a nasty the food it's not that good

Monica Zamora

This is an edit. Do not come here at dinner time. These young girls are so rude!!! They have such a nasty attitude over a simple question you ask of them!! And they were on there phones as I pulled up!! Touching peoples food and on your phone!! So nasty!! This one used to be so good but it’s changed too much. I’m so disappointed!

Gladys Barragan

Quick stop for dinner. Great service! Fast and clean! Five stars to Ricardo! He was so friendly from the moment we walked in. He made our dining experience very pleasant! Excellent customer service, a rare commodity these days!

Lu Riv

Panda Express has generally been somewhat consistent with preparation of food. However, my order of fried rice was lacking. The rice was clumped & lacked consistency and taste. Cashier Ricardo who addressed me as "yo bro" did not provide condiments. I was charged $13.89 for plate & $2.00 for egg roll small size. Overall, plate was average.

Robin Linse

Ordered online, super fast, easy. Would go again. Also a warning their spicy foods are delicious but VERY spicy.

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