Sakura Buffet

44840 Valley Central Way #109, Lancaster
(661) 951-8338

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Good quality and options for the amount being paid per person. Better than other buffets in the valley. Friendly staff. Only wish there was toppings for the desert (ice cream).

Mahin Ahmed

Worst Service ever! I will never order from here, as I felt super ripped off from how they charge their takeout orders. $11 just because I happened taken 2 pieces of shrimp over large amounts of chow mein...what a ripoff!Edit: I will say this now, the food was horrible, and for those looking to spend thinking that the experience will be good. Do not! You will heavily regret it...

Jacqueline Harris

Absolutely disgusting. I haven’t been there for a while and I’m not planning to go back . That place is a zoo, not to mention the low meals quality. Nothing is worth the money. Well you get what your paying for Cheap Food!

Dominik Suter

Reasonably priced, considering beverage is included problem is:Sanitary: buffet is a mess. Food all over the counters and floors, with raw meat (see photos) on floors.I had to alert the staff 3 times over a period of 15 minutes to clean up raw meat from floors until someone finally picked it up. The staff member did not sanitize/ clean the floor after picking up. That tells us what happens behind closed doors in the kitchen and bathrooms.- Lack of respect to customers.Stay away. Diarrhea central.

Esberto Magpusao

Food are not healthy. Very limited vegetable on their menu. This time their shrimp and crawfish are not fresh. They are old. It looks like leftovers. Foods doesn't taste Chinese but looks like Chinese. BAD?


What can I say about this buffet place? Well it's a buffet that suits your needs. There are not many out here, but it's much better than most around. To be honest i usually come here for the "Mongolian" style noodles is pretty good. They did change the old circular one and it's smaller now. Everything is basically you get it yourself. Overall my go to buffet place.

Johh David K.

Amazing buffet!! My brother find it. And they have great food and drinks desserts too, it was worth for 26 dollars just for three of us

Lou Urzua

Food was okay. The empty buffet platters took a long time for someone to refill them. Rough crowd when I was there. Trash on the floor no one was really cleaning.

Josue F.

Very delicious and they have a huge variety of choices to choose from. There coconut shrimp and different kinds of authentic chinese dishes 1 of my favorite buffets to go to

bailey4710 or AnimaticRose

The food has been great. I was over there yesterday and I was delicious. The food trays are kept full most of the time and a hard working staff keeping things clean. Always friendly too

Jose Maldonado

Buffet so, variety of foods. Sushi is good, the grill has reopened and now the chef can prepare from the plate you prep raw. Several chicken options (spicy, sweet, orange, fried) Drinks are good but not great ... But, this is just me being picky. I think they would benefit greatly from one of those freestyle flavor dispensers. Nonetheless, if soft drinks aren't your thing, they have the Olé machine with horchata, orange drink, piña colada, jamaica (hibiscus), etc and the Icee machine (blue and red - even though it says lemonade but didn't see yellow... Just double red). And finally, desserts. Ice cream machine is good (vanilla, chocolate and swirl) and they have puddings, jello, fruit, almond cookies, and little pastries. They are now offering a banana pudding but the cookies are not vanilla wafers but rather the almond cookies. It was definitely interesting not bad but interesting. Anyway, price is great for lunch... Comes out to about $15.50 per adult for lunch unless you are a senior (senior discounts vary but improve the older you are) or military/ veteran (I believe these were a flat 10%). Regardless, with price crunches on everything nowadays, give yourself a treat and try this out. They do have fish/ shrimp items as well so give it a chance. Try out the food, definitely worth the price of admission if you find food you enjoy! (They offer takeout by the pound in case you'd rather not sit with all of us ? or don't have the time to stay)

Inaba T.

Place was pretty dirty, The mussels were always just gone but atleast they were delicious when you're able to get some. The sushi was the opposite of fresh. This one is not their fault but a lot of the sushi were messed up but I think thats because of some customers that just kept trying to decide on which roll they wanted.

Shy D

Little pricey. But very good food and service. Big crawfish, oysters and clams. Great seasoned crab. Nice variety of dessert. Will come back!

Southwest Texas

As you can see I'm all bout craw dads crawfish and that's all other food is GREAT but when I go in This is all I do

Isabel Hernandez

Decent food and self serve drink stationGood sushi, and their chicken is my favoriteIt isn't too busy so you can seat yourself almost anywhere

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