44758 Valley Central Way, Lancaster
(703) 624-9876

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Verna T.

Sweet frog is one of my favorite places to go for a snack. Their frozen yogurt always tastes so good and they have so many servings to choose from.

Kayla V.

My daughter is type one diabetic so for me to find all the topping for her carbs is very hard. But they have outdone their competitor yogurt land. Which does not have a nutritional value sheet. Also the ppl working the very clean station r very friendly. So not only clean store friendly ppl but great to take ur diabetic child so that they don't have to wait that long while u search for her carbs. Again just search sweet frog nutritional sheet and pops up on google.

Rosendo G.

Hello All, As for being a parent of T1D, finding hers carbs quickly is crucial and time consuming and Sweet Frog has 2 wall list with them ( A Plus!) I would totally recommend this place! Clean, very clean and Worker's friendly which is always a plus!

Kelly Smith

Had a wonderful experience as I walked through the door and was greeted by the employees. They have so many toppings and different flavors of yogurt. All in all it was a great visit. Very great Christian environment for the family


Delicious ice cream with different flavors and toppings!It's expensive but good tasting ?!

Shanaynay Nonya

Have only gone there because my kids get the certificate from their school and that's just the small no toppings but the yourgurt (cookies and cream) my kids get is really yummy and don't need toppings. But if u have to get toppings to me can be Pricey. Other wise so yummy.

Sara Shuman

I called kinda close to closing this evening to see if they were still going to be serving at only 15 minutes till closing. They didn’t pick - up. A - okay, just wanted to check before heading over. An hour later, I receive a missed called, with a nice voicemail from one of the Sweet Frog employees apologizing for missing my initial call. I appreciate the effort, and especially seeing as he made the call after hours. Thank you! Very nice employees! And good yogurt, excellent yogurt topping options, very clean in the self serve area.

Rosemary P.

clean and friendly place to take family!.customer service on point you feel welcome anytime!!!!...manager is the best of the best!go guys dont think twice!.

Yanita Howard

I went in around 7ish and the place was pretty clean (the lobby and the topping area). The two workers I interacted with were very nice and helpful, especially the one with glasses. I had a really good time. It was delicious!

Melissa Velazquez

I went there with my family to get yogurt I was not welcomed in or greeted in any way shape or form they were rude they said that they no longer were excepting any coupons from the old owner . Also I had a 12 ounce free yogurt and it was 1 ounce over the 12 ounces and they told me that I had to pay the difference I asked if I could take that ounce off and just keep it was free and they said nope I had to pay for it so that was very disappointing , especially because they were extremely rude about it they had rude facial expressions attitude and willing to work with me and my family as we use this place as a fun happy Christian atmosphere to spend family time together on a 2 to 3 times a week basis. The old owner was always very kind his employees were very cheerful happy greeting people very welcoming helpful and as these new employees and owners have been nothing but rude and welcoming not willing to work with any coupons has been very difficult for the old customers that have been long Time customers faithful customers, I feel that they will lose a lot of business due to their unwillingness to be kind helpful and willing to greet people and be helpful as well as honor the coupons that the old owner had given out. This is supposed be be also a Christian atmosphere, I don’t feel that welcoming Christian atmosphere any longer with the people that work there:(and yes you don’t have to be a Christian to work there or to go in there because all people are loving and kind but the bottom line is that they were rude and welcoming and unkind and unhelpful and made me and my family feel uncomfortable. That is just our experience missing the old owner. Missing the old employees.

Argie M.

Clean, friendly and tons I mean tons of topping choices. They have great selection of frozen yogurt some non dairy which is great. Lots of sauces, nuts, candy, fresh fruit you name it. Great place to beat the heat.

Jeffrey Massman

This place is awful. We didn't get a sample cup but put a sample's worth of frozen yogurt in the cup we had. Immediately tasted it and saw that it was terrible frozen yogurt. We told them we were leaving and didn't want it and they still made us pay for it. Awful yogurt, awful business. DONT EVER GO HERE.

Tyler Grewell

Very good for a small treat, also it is really colorful. The yogurt is just the right amount of sweet.

Millie Kang

My first time trying a yougurt bar. I've tried different ones after I visited this place but so far they have the most fresh ingredients. I miss this place already.


This place can be so hit or miss; some days it is 2 stars some days it is 5 starspros:great froyo flavor for most optionslarge toppings selection and good quality of toppingscool color changing spoonsoffers 2 tester cups if you asklots of parkingstaff is usually very cheerful and friendlycons:The cleaning supplies they use smell HORRIBLE and permeate the entire storeonly option is to eat inside since they don’t unchain their outdoor chairs half the timeoften forget to refill toppingsyou have to ask to get 2 sample cupspretty expensive

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