Tom's Burgers 26

1805 W Ave J, Lancaster
(661) 729-5777

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Christine Ortiz

I ordered a breakfast sandwich. Bacon egg, a cheddar cheese. What I got was a breakfast sandwich that was big enough for 2 meals. It was on a hamburger bun with mayo lettuce tomato cheddar cheese bacon, and like a 3 egg omelette. It was really good.

Paul Pommells

I ordered their pastrami sandwich. Upon request they grilled the pastrami for me the way I like it. It was a huge sandwich! I barely ate it in one sitting. They serve yellow peppers on the side if you request it.I had never been to the establishment, but I'm going back again because the food was that good!

Flora G.

Clean and cold during the summer! Didn't wait for my food very long, it was delicious and was checked up on. Will def come back again ?

A Padilla

Fast food just isn't fast anymore ? The staff didn't seem to think that the 10+ minute wait for 1 sandwich was excessive or that offering any sort of compensation - a cup of water or a drink was necessary. Sorry that people get hot and thirsty when it's over 100 out. Won't be back.

deborah baez

I ordered a pastrami on rye toast. This is what I got. The meat was so tuff that I couldn't eat it. The toast is beyond burnt. What a waste of $13.22!!!. Never again!!!!

elena canchola

I went in to ask for directions in triple digit heat with 2 kids in tow, the very nice lady went out of her way to help me. We ordered and ate HUGE sized portions of breakfast. My first time here I didn't know about tipping :/ next time she's getting a $20 for helping out a struggling single parent ❣

Kim Hernandez

Ordered the mushroom swiss burger and fries. The burger was juicy and huge! It reminded me of my favorite restaurant back home in Indiana I damn near cried lol! If you like big grilled burgers with all the fixins for a nice price, Tom's is the spot for you!

Laurie T.

Absolutely fantastic burgers, and if you don't like that, they have an extensive menu. I loved the onion rings -- made to order, piping hot, with sweet onions and crisp flaky coating. I was there 6/20/22, and they actually had a ROBOT bring the food to the tables after you order at the counter. BRILLIANT! If people don't want to work, I find that a good solution.

Alexander A A

One of favorite place for breakfast in the AV. Very good food at reasonable prices. The juevos rancheros is bomb!!! The biscuit and gravy was good too but I would get toast next time

Patricia Meikle

Pretty good food & ok prices, however the service could be better & more clean tables.. we had to clean our own table

L. H.

Love the ribeye. I order it alone. So tasty and good. Great value buy.

Shawn Hubble

Best burger I’ve had in Southern Cali chili chz fries plates are huge

John Ortiz

Hash browns were burned,, the worst coffee, if you like decaf for reg..ok..It used to be good. , But I'm not happy with there food ..ugh. .

Jim C.

Great place to eat with an extensive menu for all 3 meals of the day. I know this because we have no kitchen at the moment. The food at Tom's has been a lifesaver, real good portions at a reasonable price and always tasty.

Queen Peachez

My mom bragged about how good the food was. I strongly disagree. My eggs were scrambled hard(dried out) hash browns were mushy, bacon tasted like plastic and the sausage wasn't worth the one bite I took. The pancakes were good but the strawberries that topped them, looked like something my dog threw up. Needless to say, I would not return to this establishment

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