Xalisco Bar & Grill

42525 10th St W, Lancaster
(661) 951-2261

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Miriam Maza

I leave near the area I had seeing the restaurant before but wasn't sure if it was open since is well hidden. Food was delicious i didn't get the hostess Name but she was super Nice. They a lot of variety on Food and Drinks she mentioned the chiaquiles con Carne Asada are really good. Is a most go back to try them.Vegetarian options: Burrito with zucchinis don't remember the name but it looks deliciousParking: Plenty of spaceWheelchair accessibility: YesDietary restrictions: Vegetarian options, I am allergic to seafood they where careful with contamination


My SIL introduced me to this place on our way to the airport. This has become a favorite of mine now! I try to take everyone there when we get a chance since their food is extremely fresh and unique! We have tried the empanadas, calamari, ceviche, tortilla soup, and combo plate. I think the soup, empanads, and combo plates are our favorite so far! The staff is friendly as well.

Arturo Gonzalez

Great portions great food the chef is on point food was fire ??? but the service could be better we had to keep asking for refills and she was to happy at least I think so but the food was great

Jay R

I came for their live music “club scene” on a Friday night. They charge a $20 cover fee even for the band members!! Once inside there is no staff to really sit you anywhere so you seat yourself. The dance floor is amazing!! Perfect for turns. The bathroom is HOT.

Jen Guerra

I came for their live music “club scene” on a Friday night. They charge a $20 cover fee even for the band members!! Once inside there is no staff to really sit you anywhere so you seat yourself. The dance floor is amazing!! Perfect for turns. The bathroom is HOT.

Eva Guerrero

Brunch on a Sunday. Celebrated my moms bday. The food was amazing. My favorite was the shrimp and ceviche. The michelada was perfect and service was great. Mom enjoyed it. Will def. Be going back to eat there again.Parking: Free parking

Marcos C.

Besides the place looking like you just walked into a bar in a third world country, the waitress actually apologized to us for not being able to bring us oysters because they had gone bad. We then ordered a burrito that was ok but spent the whole time getting into a bar brawl with the 4 flies that insisted on attacking us the whole time we were here. Don't waste your money.


Service was decent and food was good but the drinks were absolutely horrible. I felt like I was drinking $1 Applebees margarita. 3 margaritas later all I felt like I drank was a massive amount of cheap sugary juice with zero alcohol. The check for my wife, 2 kids and I came out to 175 bucks. Do not go for a decent margarita.

christopher salazar

I don't like to give bad reviews, but this is purely on the waiting times. Waiting to be seated, waiting for order to be taken, waiting for food to arrive, waiting for the check were all crazy long. The server when in front of us was super nice and the food was good, but the wait times were just too long for me to recommend this place. The food was good, but not wow to justify the wait.We tried it despite the bad reviews which are true. Wait sucks and I can see how it's reflected on the servers. (Note when we came it was when they opened and we were the only ppl their for the first 20min and when we left only one other group arrived. So really no excuse for the wait.) I've been to another Mexican restaurant in Palmdale where it's only the husband and wife working the restaurant front and they had more tables being used and the wait was no where this. Like I'd expect this wait at that other restaurant but they were faster and nicer.Hope they improve and maybe will give it another shot later in the future.

Shanna S.

Don't waste your money! I've been wanting to try this place and finally did. Two waitresses and no one in the restaurant. Should of been a red flag. $170 later and was not worth it! The menu stated the tortilla soup had cheese and avocado, it did not. I ordered the table guacamole that had jalapeño, onions, cojita on it. They brought a small side of guacamole, I asked it that was the one I ordered she played it off than brought a bigger size with literally the same guacamole but with a sprinkle of cheese on it. Tacos were blan, and than the drinks were basically watered down margarita mix. I got two, my husband got three and literally felt nothing I even asked for another shot in my second drink and it tasted the same as the first. Take your business elsewhere.

Nioka G.

This is a good place to eat buffet or lunch/dinner. Staff is on top of everything. Great service.

Baja Trux

Got the mole.burrito and a xalisco margarita . Honestly mole on point checking rubbery at times and sometimes soft, , rice hard at times and sometimes soft. Leads me to believe it was microwaved. Came around 5 pm. Service was great. The drink was even better. Made me forget about the texture and just focus on taste. Overall positive experience. But can tell that some of the food not cooked fresh

Alana Axley-Irinaga

Absolutely delicious. Have had a lot of different dishes at many different restaurants that have come and gone in this valley. This restaurant is EXCEPTIONAL. Ceviche, enchiladas, and taquitos were amazing. The Three Maria’s was amazing. My father is extremely critical of great food and a his shut him up. Highly recommend.

Martin L.

Best mole enchiladas and camarones a la Diabla! Definitely coming back here more! I've been to the local famous restaurants and now this is my favorite!

Morgan Rose

*READ ALL BAD REVIEWS* Those reviews are not lies. We gave it a chance despite people exaggerating over a bad experience. I’m so glad we didn’t give this location our money. We showed up at 4:20pm with a larger group and only one other group in the restaurant, we waited at the entrance like idiots while staff was ignoring us. We decided we should go seat ourselves after about 10 minutes . (Then of course they come up to us to “seat us”) we sat for so long before we ordered our drinks we were ready to order food at the same time. The lady refused to take our food order, ensuring she would take it when she brought the drinks (sounds logical) . We’ll it Took 30 minutes to get our drinks, and about 20 minutes later to order our food. By now the restaurant tables are filling up, and other tables are now eating. We’re about 2 1/2hr in waiting. By 7pm, we notice a table get 3 orders of the same thing our table ordered, yet it was going to that table and not ours. 3 hours of waiting watching every other table eat, we left. Refused to let us speak to the owner. None of us have ever experienced this . It’s one thing to not have enough staff to keep up with the orders, but other tables (even large groups) were getting their food, at this point it was intentional. I hope to find a different Xaliscos location, the food looked great! Never have I ever left a bad review, only good ones. This one’s a winner, I’d love to speak to the owner to let him know what goes on when he’s not around:) worst experience ever, no exaggeration. 3 hours of getting told “thank you for your patience” well we have no choice.

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