York Shore House

43629 15th St W, Lancaster
(661) 945-3370

Recent Reviews

Richard Huston

The fish is still good but over the past 20-plus years of coming to this restaurant I have noticed the decrease in the amount of fish you get and definitely the increase in the amount of money you pay for one piece of fish. The Yorkshire house is still a good place to go for fish and chips. Just be aware that a two-person lunch it's going to cost a minimum of $30-35.

Robert Lierman

Best fish and chips I've ever had in my life bar none. Fried to perfection crack it open in perfect steaming white fish inside. If you love fish and chips go here.

R. Joshua Adams

This place has the best fish and chips in all of the Antelope Valley. I love York Shore House. Whenever I get the craving for fish and chips I go here. Fast and friendly service. Never takes more then 10 minutes to get my food and it is always cooked perfectly. Thanks again for good food and good service York Shore House.

Theresa Leone

I enjoyed my captains plate except for the scallops they were over cooked and rubbery.

Charlotte Stewart

My exboyfriend Warren loved your fish. It was the last time I saw him . Im glad he enjoyed his last meal with me. We broke communication but I feel good I gave him a good departure meal.

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So delicious the best fish in chips ive ever had ?

Jim Oliver

Fish is AAA+ Fries are from frozen and dry...I go to McDonalds down the street for my fries. Prices are very high. Tartar is really Good, Shrimp are OK, and the Scallops are trash. I already found a fish batter using "Better than Bouillon" "Sauteed onions" and will try making my fish at home...Even if I waste a few batches I will still save a bunch of money making my own (using peanut oil). look for my review that has "donuts and fish" if you want more value.

James Purdie

Great fish n chips like others have said.. But on the expensive side.. Fish very big so it's not so bad.

Toura Hooper

The fish was a very clean and well cooked. A bit pricey. I'll eat here again.

Travis Markey

There food has always been great but 50 bucks for fish &chips for 2 people is kinda pricey for me

Anika Lovell

The BEST IN AV. MY 1ST TIME 1PC went bck for Captain platter.. tartar sauce BOMB, FISH ?, onion rings ?. My NEW FAVORITE FISH & CHIPS SPOT

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ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS 20 plus years of coming here always good vibes there

Rosario Williams

The fish and chips are so delicious here and the tartar sauce is one of the best I have had.

Roger Dluzak

Great fish, a bit pricey tho

David Aguilar

The fish was excellent, French fries too! Great service...

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