77 Asian kitchen

5560 Vineland Ave C, North Hollywood
(818) 980-8777

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Alexis G.

I came to this place, around 10pm and the owners were really rude saying, Are you almost done we're leaving, hurry up and kept rushing for me to get out of the restaurant when I was barley getting to my lobster sushi I ordered some sushi on the side and they were really Horrible owners no type of patients or could not wait at least 10 min more I don't appreciate it and I will no longer come to this bullshit place the food is good but the customer service is trash all the way especially booting customers out while their eating and they also shut off the lights while I was eating! Never again in My Life

Victoria H.

This place has completely changed. They no longer offer anything interesting, and the food they do have is not great. Don't know what happened but I can no longer recommend.

Mane A.

WOW!!! This place is a joke. I waited for my order 2 hours just to hear from the lady that they were busy. After that, she just hang up on me. Lady, YOU NEED TO LEARN A BASIC ETIQUETTE and work on your customer service skills.

Burcu S.

My favorite place to order to go pho! We always get the steak pho bowls, and edamame and it's great! I could just order the broth alone it's that good, feels like a nice warm hug. I love that they always give enough limes and sides of sriracha. It's the details for me.

Tonisha Davis

Been eating here for five years but the service is Horrible since they hired new employees and the elder woman gives horrible customer service! I will never eat here again! I will also encourage my family and friends to stay away as well.

Maya K.

This spot is lovely!! Just ordered the garlic shrimp and the portions were WELL worth the asking price! It is affordable, mobile, and tasty!!!

Christina M.

I have been ordering from this place for over 3 yrs and have never received the terrible service I received today. So, I ordered via Grubhub and the estimated delivery was 35-45 minutes. After waiting 1 hour and 40 mins I called the restaurant only for them to tell me they just received my order because their printer ran out of paper. Then I waited another 10 mins before calling Grubhub to cancel the order completely. The lack of communication is unacceptable. Even if the receipt printer was broken, my info was on the app and I should have been notified. On top of that, the person who answered the phone had a very nonchalant attitude and basically said "oh well" to my order being so late. Now, if I were eating the food I ordered almost 2 hours ago I wouldn't have had time to type this 1 star review... oh well

CT Davis

They have now added hot pot service under the banner of Aki Shabu. This place does many things, all of them pretty well.

Leslie B.

I would here again if I had corona virus, because I wouldn't be missing out on any flavor. But too bland for me personally.

Juan Franco Cortez

They have a terrible service now. It's like they don't want you to eat there. They are almost encouraging you at the door to leave and are terribly rude.

Marie C

Came Wednesday night after 8 pm .The lady in the front was extremely rude and told us we’re making her Nervous by asking questions !!!!Their service need a Tremendous improvement!We took our business elsewhere .

John L.

Above and beyond...that's all I can say. Miguel (hope that's correct) My wife and I have been patrons of this place for years and they never disappoint. One night last week, they forgot something in our order, instead of making a case of it, they remade the order and Miguel delivered it personally. We can't say enough about a place that does true customer service! A+ to them. Thank you.

Rosette B.

This is the first time i ordered the same soup (Wor Wonton) that's not as good. The taste is so different and it's cold. It doesn't taste as fresh, the shrimps looked like it's a little breaded, not the usual way of cooking as they did in the past. The other order i had was the california rolls with spicy tuna lunch special. The rice in those rolls are quiet mushy and not as well made as the previous ones i had from this place. Unfortunately, I'm disappointed with this order.

Penelopa Sprockets

It took a bit for my order due to a line but the wait was worth it.Delicious pho as always.

AnnaRose K.

I LOVE THIS PLACE. Their food is consistently delicious, always arrives hot and the portions are great for sharing. Don't miss the pan fried pork dumplings, my absolute favorite dish on the menu. We love 77 Asian!

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