9Siam Thai Cuisine

6419 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood
(818) 980-4545

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In case someone is wondering.. this place is now under new onwers.. me and my family went to have lunch sunday sep. 5 2021 and at first we didn't know if the was was the same BUT let me say that it is good! Same as the last rest/menu and some new items around same prices. Support the local business is a very good restaurant.

Lisette M.

Love coming to this place! The food is delicious and reasonably priced. Customer service is great, especially from Patrick who is always friendly and courteous. They made sure to take proper precautions during the pandemic and made us feel safe. Pick-up orders are fast and convenient.

Carissa R.

Best Pad Thai I've ever had. I've tried so many Thai places over the years but absolutely none have measured up to 9Siam. Other place's pad Thai was too slimy, too eggy, or even orange in color! This place has just the right balance and i have her to find a place that makes Pad Thai any better!

Veronica W.

Skip this place. Not worth it. Order chicken fried rice, egg rolls and wor wonton. The egg rolls are just 2inches long and the width of a nickel. I have 2 wontons in my soup. So not worth the price. The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is because the taste of the soup And the chicken fried rice was the only mediocre thing we tasted. Won't be coming back though.

Rita S.

The Best Thai Food spot in NoHo! I've been coming here since 2017 and have had almost everything on the menu & it never disappoints. Food is made fresh to order every single time, it's authentic & the serving portions are perfect. And I have to shout out the young gentleman working the front - always super polite and attentive. I love it here!!!

Barbra D.

I must say this is the best chicken with vegetable That wasn't spicy There was just enough sauce a little sweetened perfect. Our waiter was nice and attentive. The chicken was tender & juicy and the vegetables were cooked perfect. Good atmosphere.

Patiwat T.

Good food great service food very fast reasonably priced authentic Thai food love to enjoy my family wow so happy for my family

Jerny G.

I ordered the duck on rice today cause of this photo that was highlighted on the page. Looks good with a good amount of duck. But instead i got a container with bunch of rice , which is good, but very little thinly sliced ducks,( I would say about less that 1/4 of what's in the photo) covering half of the massive rice under it, and another half was covered with bokchoy. Was very tricky and misleading, I should've took a picture. I gave it two star cause the sauce was good and prepared well and nice looking.

S B.

Worst food I've ever eaten. I tipped a lot and didn't even get a receipt back. So how am I supposed to prove how bad it was. My stomach is cramping. The tofu was completely underdone and tasted like fish. Why was this $40?!? The guy serving us had his mask off and was rubbing his nose when we walked in. I want my money back this is literally inedible.

Chris M.

Sometimes all you need is a trip down memory lane for a taste of nostalgia...
I was recently looking for some dinner for the family and since we were in my old North Hollywood neighborhood, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and stop at my old go to Thai spot. Now I shouldn't have been surprised to see that my old dank and dingy Thai joint had changed ownership and remodeled within the 12 years since I last stopped by. We ordered our socially distanced dinner then went next door to the park for some of the finest tailgate dining anywhere. I was happy to see the new menu had all my old favorites along with a couple new surprises to boot. I went with the duck on rice along with an order of crab fried rice for my next days lunch. My dinner was a hefty package, and that already bodes well for what's inside. For around $13 I got a whole duck breast roasted to perfection and sliced paper thin over a very generous portion of rice along with perfectly cooked bok choy all under a thin light but very flavorful sauce spiked with Chinese five spice (or at least the Thai equivalent) My wife went with the beef pad-see-ewe which was also very delicious as well as generous in size. My crab fried rice the next day was absolutely delicious as well, with so much delicious real crab that I did not use any soy sauce, not wanting to mask the delicious crab flavors.  Overall we were all very happy with the quality of our food, the prices were very good for what you got as well as the very generous portions and I cannot wait to go back and try everything else on their menu, Aloha

Manuel Phillips

I adore this restaurant! They serve good dishes, their menu is nice, The chief cook in that place is very trained, I like a lot tasting all their food. The dishes are always good, the service towards the guests is efficient. I often eat in this place and I was never unhappy. I recommend this place.

B. Thomas Harris

The Chicken, Beef and Pork Drunken Noodles are amazing. I highly recommend. My wife tried the green curry and kept raving about how good it was. We have visited here for take out 5 times now in the last 8 weeks.

Bruno Ward

The food is always fresh and delightful, staff members hands out fantastic service. I liked how clean it is and vibes. Highly recommended.

Helina M.

Some of the best Thai food I've had in LA! Their panang curry was perfectly spicy, delicious seasoned and packed with bold, exotic flavors. The shrimp came with the tail off, were jumbo in size and wasn't overcooked. Made all the difference. Nicely packaged meal to go and excellent service. This place is a must-try if you're in the mood for delicious Thai (and Chinese) fare and happen to be in the neighborhood.

Rachel S.

Came here while shopping at Target. Tried to order food around 11:40 but guy working said they'd open at 12PM. So I went shopping and around 12PM placed my takeout order.  Got the crab fried rice and the Pad Kee Mao with chicken (always confuse my pads, but I wanted the Pad Woon Sen). Picked up my food and took it home to eat for lunch.  Crab fried rice was good but the egg was a bit burnt. Pad Kee Mao was pretty tasty. Overall a decent place for Thai.

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