Don Zarape Restaurant #2

5560 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood
(818) 762-7768

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David Cox

The chicken enchiladas with mole is the best Ive ever had. A side of chips and guac and My day cant get any better!

Cyrus Faturechi

$11 for veggie burritoNo avocado is not rice bean Nd some lettuceShameful

Gio Tavanlar IV

It is terribly hard to find a big Mexican restaurant that has not perfected it's cuisine. This place is not going to be the exception to that rule.

James Rupp

Very good ? food and service was excellent! Gracias desde Baltimore.

Lexie S.

Stopped in on a whim on a Saturday morning and it was amazing! Very kind and accommodating staff, the food was incredible, and the entire atmosphere was warm and inviting. We'll definitely be coming here many more times. Lots of options and the smell of the food cooking was mouth-watering. Thank you to the kind gentleman who saw me roll my window down at the red light to smell the meat he was cooking and waved at me - it's why we stopped!


My wife and I visited around 9am on July 4th, for breakfast. There were only a couple other people in the restaurant at that time, and they were getting things set up outside for the day ahead. Our server took very good care of us. The chips and salsa were very yummy. I had the Huevos Rancheros. Very yummy! And a very nice sized plate of food. We had a great breakfast, and would certainly stop by again.


I've been living off of this restaurant for a couple of weeks since I'm visiting friends out here. Food is delicious, portions are good for the price. Pitfire grill in front of the restaurant cooking chicken and sausage is also amazing !

Mr. James S.

Don Zarape Review??? FAIL !!Horrible Argumentive Petty Service. I went to eat here like I always do on Saturdays!!!! And was I surprised!!!! They come to you with a serious attitude on their face and give you a mean dirty look and tell you what do you want to order. HaHa!!! Ridiculous.Horrible Service From A Low Class Family Owned Business. I won't spend a penny here again!!! I have been eating here for years. There bickering has just grown popusterous. If you like eating food from argumentive complaining employees trying to ripp you off for every penny. Eat Here. If you have some sense. Eat ANYWHERE else. arrogant. family business. Constantly fighting with each other. You can hear them fighting while you're eating. It's not a pleasant dining experience. Very unprofessional they should go back to school or go on YouTube and look at some lessons on how to give great customer service.The most interesting phenomenon about this horrible service here is dining here at this family business you would think certain businesses that are not corporations like this mom and pop businesses will go out of their way to give exceptional dining experience due to covid. People can cook this very easy to make food at home. This restaurant is a hostile environment. A environment where on somedays you can here the owner yell at his wife. And than on other days the wife is helling at the customers??While eating you can hear them in the back arguing with each other fighting with each other like animals and then give you horrible service it's really pathetic. This is a hostile environment. The employees like to argue. Very miserable negative people, makes the food taste BAD. The food that was once flavourful, now taste horrible with NO soul. The food taste like it is cooked by a hateful angry person, who hates the world and hates their customers. I will never support this business again by paying for their outrageously priced mexican food. Bickering arguing amongst there family while you try to eat. Bickering and arguing with customers while customers are eating their paid food. FAIL. F- GRADE.

Amanda Gonzales

Favorite Mexican eatery period and pretty excited to finally be able to eat inside again. Reasonable prices, generous portions and the most outstanding feature: everything is homemade there in the restaurant from the chorizo to the corn tortillas and heavenly horchata. You can taste the quality! Taco connoisseurs must visit Don Zarape #2 for what I guarantee will be some of the best tacos you'll ever eat. Space between alternating tables to encourage social distancing and if you order to go, please wait outside where seating is also available.


Awesome Mexican food very good taste.

edgar castillo

I got A caldo de res ,not tasty at all ,took forever and got me sick..I don't recommend soups from here.

Gina Spooner

This is the best Jamaica around

Christina O.

One of my favorite restaurants in North Hollywood!!! Authentic Mexican food, chilaquiles are the best here.

Elizabeth M.

I love this place! The roasted chicken is really flavorful and juicy. Love the shrimp tostada too. Their salsa packs some heat, it's definitely not for the weak but oh so delicious.


Grad food burritos are awesome

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