Fish Dish

5300 Lankershim Blvd #110, North Hollywood
(818) 505-8474

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Terry Welch

We just received spoiled fish. 3 meals, $50, all spoiled. To combat the spoil, they cooked the salmon until it was as hard as a well done steak. Nice try, but it was still spoiled.Gross.


My second visit at this place. And really disappointed... got fried fish tacos no flavor... no lime on the side tortillas where heated in a rush..

Ryan K.

My co worker and I came here for lunch the other day . Never been her before but was in the mood for some fish. It's a small restaurant but they have a pretty good menu , lots of different options and all types of fish from ahi, salmon , tilapia , catfish , cod , shrimp and a few others and you can get it fried or grilled or in salads , tacos , burritos or bowls. Their prices are reasonably fair to especially for the portions you get . My co worker got the salmon bowl and seemed to really enjoy it. I got the grilled ahi tuna platter with Cajun sauce. It is cooked medium rare and came out perfectly. Since I'm being healthy I got it with brown rice and green beans . The greens beans were delicious , cooked with sliced almonds I believe and tasted fantastic. The ahi tuna was perfectly cooked and the Cajun sauce had a little heat but not to much and I really enjoyed it . We also got the Cajun fries which again had a little heat but were cooked perfectly . Based on my experience I will definitely be coming back here to try more of their menu options . So if you're in north Hollywood and craving some fish come check this place out . I'm trying their clam chowder next time because I heard it's good !

Eric H.

The Fish Dish is a tried-and-true spot for me. Sometimes the service is not so friendly, sometimes it's a bit slow and sometimes they run out of my favorite salsa, but the food has always been good. The quality is consistent and they have many great options. Fish Platters, Pasta Dishes, Bowls, tacos, Burritos and Salads, I've tried most of the menu and I haven't had a bad dish yet. On this particular visit I had the Salmon Bowl with Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese and Brown Rice - a quality dish. Lots of good stuff at Fish Dish.

Brett R.

Trout was excellent along with the spinach and mixed vegetables. Will definitely be coming back!

Salute U.

Wow. I was honored with a $30 Doordash gift voucher from Universal Television and Peacock for a Emmy FYC event. I decided to try something new and healthy. So I chose this restaurant and I ordered the Salmon plate, cooked cajun style. With a side of brown rice and Cole slaw. It also included a slice of garlic bread. The Salmon was a large, thick, juicy, very tender and tasty slab. It was great! The portions were big and for a cheap price. I also ordered a Salmon burrito cajun style and it also had the same nice characteristics. The Salmon burrito was THICK. Glad it was cut in half so I can spread it our over a few days. LOL. It also came with alot of large chips. All tasted good. I highly recommend ordering from this restaurant.

Kamal B.

This is my go-to spot for affordable, fast, fresh, and healthy seafood options. Most times I order three fish (or shrimp) tacos. They're really nice sized and topped off with the delicious chipotle sauce. They only have corn tortillas, sorry flour fans. I get everything Cajun style. The fish plates are enough food for two meals. The GH delivery normally arrives fast too.

David O.

Food is good. Service is lousy and non-hospitable. Took our dine in order at 8:40 and they close at 9. Took a long time for my friend's order and were told they had to pack it up and she couldn't eat it there. Why did it take so long when my order was ready in 5 minutes? We came in together. Just seems unusual that a business would treat their customers with so little consideration and not try to accommodate. They have plenty of closing time cleaning and prep to do, so they didn't need to make us leave when she could have given us 10 minutes to eat our meals together. Not customer friendly. Probably won't go back. I'd rather go elsewhere and be treated like my business matters. It clearly doesn't.

Crystal G.

I ordered the charbroiled Cajun salmon and O-M-G... the dish was so good. I ordered white rice and sautéed spinach as my sides and there is seriously enough spinach to feed two people! Everything was really good even though it was delivered and not in the restaurant! I will definitely eat here again!

Peggy D

Great veggies, Good vegetarian selections. Veggie burrito, basil pasta a la carte, nice green salad. Excellent service. Fish and sweet potato fries overcooked.

Jacqueline Woll

It used to be really good but quality has definitely gone down. Sadly, I won't be back.

Marisol D.

The dishes are okay but my main issue with this location was their hygiene standards. They were not enforcing mask wearing or social distancing and their bathroom was bloody disgusting. Which makes their seafood a bit sus if they are slacking in just the basic rules of cleanliness.

Aaron Gilliam

Got grilled talipia with sautéed spinach and brown rice and it was delicious pleasantly surprised!!!

Da'Ron C.

One of my favorites spots. Always providing great service and great food. Very clean. The food is always consistently good.

Richard I.

Fish Dish was alright when they first started out in business but they don't seem like a company that cares much about training employees. Their cashiers have a terrible attitude with relating to customers. The line cooks were staring at me like they wanted to stab me. Really weird vibe in this place. The quality of the food is sub-par, they try to mask the bad quality of the fish by drowning it in sauce full of sugar. The cabbage on the fish tacos was barely edible, super hard and chewy. For some reason the company is incapable to changing to a contactless payment method, insisting on running debit cards as if they are credit cards, forcing you to sign a receipt with a pen that they don't seem to clean between customers. There are much better options out there in NoHo.

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