Fuguya Sushi

6415 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood
(818) 579-4046

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John Blanco

Best sushi in burbank. Waitress is always so polite. We went and she remembered what we drank and what additional sauces we wanted. The sushi always taste fresh and clean. The sushi chefs do a great job in regards to the speed you get your food and the presentation.

Rocky W

Decent food, fair price, California roll was not fresh tasting

Greg Shilton

Just a casual sushi grab through Uber Eats but it was so crazy delicious I had to leave a review. Got the Lava Roll and a few pieces of sushi and was so thrilled with the quality and taste. Can’t wait to order again, and next time I’ll be visiting the restaurant in person.

Bettina W.

This review is long overdue... When I moved to North Hollywood 4 years ago, I did not expect to find any good sushi in my immediate neighborhood. I previously lived across the street from a Sugarfish location and within spitting distance of a handful of other very good sushi restaurants. Well, imagine my surprise to discover Fuguya tucked into the corner of the Target parking lot, behind a Payless Shoes (may they RIP) and a Popeye's Chicken. Every. Single. Time. I have eaten Fuguya Sushi, it has been fresh, delicious, and served up quickly by friendly staff. While the ambience and flair is not at the level of Sugarfish, neither are the prices! You will get excellent sushi at an amazing value. When COVID hit, I started ordering from Fuguya almost weekly, as I wanted them to make it through! One might expect the occasional bad meal or two when eating so frequently from the same restaurant, but that has never been the case. I tend to order the same items--basic sushi and a Philly roll (see picture)--so while my sampling of the menu is limited, you can trust that I have been able to perform a steady quality control over the last year and a half. Give Fuguya a try! You will not be disappointed.

Jasmine Sousa

great food but HORRIBLE costumer service. the lady their was very weird and treated me like a dog.

Sandra Leon

It was so good.. I was presently surprised. The prices we low.

William W.

I'm rounding my stars up to a four because this is my first visit and it's not a complete immersion. At first glance looking at the outside and being located in a corner of the parking lot of a Target in North Hollywood , I can see why some potential customers might take a pass. Alas, this is yet another member of the Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover Club. I ordered the sashimi special for 30 dollars and felt it was well worth it. There's a small sushi bar and a dining area. Maybe due to the lingering pandemic the majority of orders are delivery and pick up as the place was pretty empty. Or the neighborhood being working class has other culinary priorities that are more affordable. I would definitely give them another try and sit at the bar so I can see what's freshest as I ordered.

Delia Cruz

Really good sushi and super variable menu. Everything is good and relatively cheap. Place is heavily underated though. Staff is super kind and helpful and very nice. The mochi is super mouth watering and tasty too.

Eric Purcell

Ordered the Bento box lunch special with four piece sushi and tempura shrimp/vegetables. Really fresh meal. Nothing bad at all. Highly recommended.

Valentina S.

Don't even bother yourself to try this place. All the fishes are frozen and taste fishy. Whatever we ordered we had only a piece. Terrible, terrible, and terrible.

Dani D.

I've been eating at this place since it opened and I've never had an issue with the delivery, preparation or service. I've tried SO many places and the sushi has never been as fresh as it is here. Love bringing friends, love introducing new people to it. No one has ever been disappointed. Ordered a simple little tuna lunch today and it was undeniably super yummy and beautiful.

Sara K.

This place is what I expect from a place that has never seen sushi before... the fish itself doesn't seem to be of bad quality, but the preparation is atrocious... the rice tastes weird, the "Philadelphia roll" doesn't even have Philadelphia in it... the preparation looks sloppy and unprofessional. Very sad experience ordering from here, we had higher hopes based on reviews. We could (and have) make better sushi than this ourselves. :(

Donovan Villamil-carrillo

Amazing food. As with any good food, it took a while for it to be made and brought out

Tanya Z

I highly recommend the baked salmon special roll, so delicious! Service was excellent, never had an empty cup. Speaking of the cups, cute little stainless steel mule-style mugs. And the playlist selection is a tasteful collection of throwbacks. Bring a friend!

Emma H.

Very yummy sushi and fresh. Ordered on Postmates, came super fast and it was delicious! It was my first time trying and I will definitely be ordering again

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