Pitfire Pizza

5211 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 980-2949

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Kay Es

The mac n cheese is too watery. The margherita pizza tastes dusty. The wings were barely covered in sauce. The texture of the wings was good though. Been here twice in 1 month and the pizza is just not good. It's too bad because the ambience in nice. Will only be coming for drinks here...and only when the weather chills back down.

Travin Hardy

The ingredients are delicious, the crust was kind of weak but I also got my pizza Luke warm because I ordered from DoorDash and apparently they don’t have a great system set up for it because my dasher had to way 30 minutes after my pizza was ready to deliver it. The pizza was really good though. Nothing out of the ordinary special but definitely a good pizza. The pink box that they deliver the pizza in is cool, unique and ✨different✨. I would recommend picking it up yourself though as they are clearly too busy to handle all of their deliveries properly.

Martha Brody

Great food and atmosphere!!! Food prep was a little slow, but overall just lovely :)


I've got to say. This last visit was a letdown. I was gonna let a lot slide, but man, I'm just disappointed.First- the worst offense- my kid's food was forgotten. It didn't just come last, it was forgotten. It was ordered, it was repeated to me by the order taker, it was paid for, and it didn't make it to the table- not without asking for it specifically after all our other food had come. I asked about it as our last pizza arrived, and it came about 8 minutes later. No one offered an apology or acknowledged the mistake.Second, the interior of the restaurant is a mess. There were no plates or water cups inside. But there were plenty of boxes. Two entire booths, full of fines and unfolded boxes. It almost felt like we were dining in the back room. Forks are bent, and plates and knives are dirty.Which brings me to my third point, which is one that has bugged me since the beginning of this new style and redesign Pitfyre brought about. Silverware, napkins, water, plates, condiments, refills, and to-go boxes are all on the paying customer. There is, quite literally, the least amount of service you could possibly get at an establishment that serves food and beverage. Then finding *clean* plates and sets of silver- straight unbent silverware at that- is it's own fun little chore.Finally... As my wife and her mother were finishing their meals, and I was entertaining the young one out by the namesake pit fire, a friend of the manager(?) who had been seated at the bar, and who was at this point near the fire, started smoking weed right next to me and my son! If it were just me, I really wouldn't care. But my 4yr old, I mean c'mon. She didn't NOT see us. I just... That bugs me. A lot. Not the restaurant's fault, I understand.Not a great experience tonight. Most experiences here are unmemorable at the worst, but...

Jamie G Vaught

The mushroom pizza is amazing! Love the atmosphere! A neighborhood favorite for sure

Tania Ledesma Chavez

We came here pretty late on a Saturday night. The atmosphere was so fun. They had pretty benches and nice string lights outside and the floor was sand. There were restrooms. Pizza and beer, you can't go wrong. The pizza had a beautiful crust and the toppings were delicious.


Pit Fire Pizza Co. is just so tasty. The service is fast and friendly and your order will be served pretty fast and hot. The sizing of everything is generous and the prices reasonable. We love their salads and their pepperoni pizza is just great. There is nothing not to like about this place.

Ben Bernardy

Honestly just writing this because they give you a pin when you leave a review.But! The fact that I'm willing to trudge through writing this review just to get a pin and rep a great business should speak for itself.People, food, atmosphere... it's all great.

Nick Rooney

I absolutely love this place - coming from the east coast, I have a high standard when it comes to pizza and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t eat here every day - truly an amazing menu and haven’t had a pizza I didn’t love. This is a go-to spot whenever someone visits from out of town!

Zen Canelen

I love ordering pizza from here. Pitfire pizza always taste amazing and they use nothing but the best ingredients. I highly recommend trying this place out when you get a chance.

Antonio Merchant

Very good pasta ,loved the mac and cheese. Mushroom pizza awesome! Must try the garlic creamy variety of fungi in this pizza. Margarita pizza was totally bland and soulless. Previous customers told me Margarita was better on previous visits. Good assortment of handcrafted beers. On occasions it can be an endless line to order and pay. The outdoor eating space is gold in covid era! Will eat and drink there again.

Dale Reinert

Since moving to Santa Clarita, I miss Pitfire more than any other restaurant. Their Farmer's Markets Plates are a must have. The sausage pizza is terrific. The steak salad is is so very, very, very right.

Chiara Sander

Went there for the first time last night to pick up a vegan Margherita with mushrooms, the honeycomb pizza and garlic knots.The service was great, everyone was super friendly and pizza was done exactly when they said it would be.The vegan one was really good, the sauce was unfortunately too much like tomato paste. The sauce on the honeycomb was bomb! According to my husband he really liked it. Garlic knots however were the star of the show. We will be back!

Sean Valadez

Pitfire did the right thing in their remodel. They captured the necessity of already lacking Los Angeles to have a nice bite to eat outdoors which surprisingly aren't that many al fresco restaurants and with the pandemic even more so this remodel is a sober one.The food remains consistently good I ordered the chop salad with cold cuts bottle of wine some fungi pasta and some pomodoro as well as steak salad. Everyone was quite happy with the meal and even in moderate heat it's nice with the water coolers. Although maybe some additional shade could help in very bright sunny days.Will be back.

Kara Guyer

I love pitfire! I eat here once a week. Great pizza but I mostly enjoy the steak salad. Also awesome beer selection. Cute patio.

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