Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

11011 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood
(747) 203-1225

Recent Reviews

Mariela Torres.

Waited over 20 min for two shrimp platters. Their tables were dirty with crumbs even on floor. Lady is the back kitchen looked upset talking so much with another employee in the back. We get home and really ? Only about 10 shrimps on platter ? We paid $30 !!! Won't be coming back to this location. Wished I had pictures to post.Food: 1/5

Christopher Li

Took 25 minutes to get my order out, food tasted awful, and got food poisoning from it. Won’t be back anytime soon

Pratik Yeola

Good food but takes time for the order to be ready. The tenders & seasoned fries are worth trying.Parking: Limited spots

Fuck Democratic

Haha I think this is a personal store. I asking for 2 breast. One single breast for $4.19. And 2 breast for $10.50 hahahaha

Lise Dodson-Lichtermann

Long wait as a customer was dithering between what meal to get. 5 mins for her... Tables were not cleaned.Jeffrey as always is super effecient in getting peoples orders done fast. ?Food: 4/5


the staff are very polite, not like on Laurel Canyon

Matt Z.

Total garbage. Horrible employees, cold/ stale food, horribly small portions and super overpriced. Complete and utter dumpster slime. As I sat and waited for my food they got something wrong with every other order I saw happen. Just close this shithole immediately.

Fahim K.

Waited 30 minutes for them to say "we don't have the item available". Plus, it was a mobile order. Worst customer service ever, they don't take any accountability nor care about customer service. This location doesn't have a drive through and you won't find any parking in the tiny lot. Don't waste your time here.


Mmmmm finger licken’ good…. Oops wrong slogan but no their food is really good here!

Mike Reilly

I’ve been here for over a half hour waiting for a number 4. I’ve never seen anyone work so slow even at the DMV. This place will waste an entire night

Curtis B.

Been here couple of times. The service is awful. Only 1 cashier at the front. You will wait sometime for your order.

Romeo S.

The North Hollywood location seem to have new employees which are dis-organized and the kitchen employees are very slow. Most orders are behind schedule and some have mistakes or incomplete. I made an online pick-up order and when I arrived at the store, I have to wait for about 45 minutes past the order pick-up time before I received my order. You can see frustration and iratation on customer's faces and actions. I do not intend to go back at this location anytime soon.

Juan C.

8 pm and they have no thighs? I see why their rating are so low. Seems like the staff is just lazy...

El Cool Low

I can see why this location is rated so low. Customer service is lacking, you can say thank you and the employees won't even acknowledge you. Canjun fries were old too. Sides not placed in correct areas. Chicken sandwich from here is hit or miss. Sometimes good, sometimes dry af. I come here every once in a while out of convenience and then remember why I drive out to the other locations.

Michael Peraza

Chicken was not fresh. Cajun rice was good. Mac n cheese was tasty. Biscuits require a beverage to eat, they were super dry. Got a 12pc family meal it was $40. Not worth it at all. There was a homeless man touching everything inside (not sanitary). It's safe to say I will never return to this location ever.

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