Seven Seas Smokehouse

7325 Greenbush Ave, North Hollywood
(818) 764-5326

Recent Reviews

Dzax H.

Been here about three times will come back for sure the caviar selection the smoked fish selection the salmon everything top-notch usually when I come I'll get a jar of caviar with some sides the butter the cod liver and a few other things

Paula C.

Well, after spending $100.00 on a meal (for pick up) to celebrate moving reqested butter and sour cream in the side no butter no sour cream thanks for the naked potato to celebrate will not recommend you must have enough business

MarLinda J.

The best smoked salmon I have ever had. Thank you so much, now if I can only buy them and have them shipped!

Artur Sibagatullin

Best hot/cold smoked and frozen fish. They can always tell you when the fish you are buying got caught. Paltus and koruchka are the best. The fish on the picture had no smell it was so fresh and delicious.

Sam Appliance Repair Saakyan

Never other places I tasted like fresh and tasty as here! Definitely I recommended this place!

Mariya Shmagliy

Great caviar & salmon

Fresh Fresh

Super fresh & ? delicious


Just bought black caviar. Amazing quality and very tasty. Place is very clean, good variety of different fish and caviar. Highly recommended

Raf America

Delicious smoked salmon! Perfect for bagels!

Marianna leshchinskaya

Will definitely come back.

Den K.

Just bought black caviar. Amazing quality and very tasty. Place is very clean, good variety of different fish and caviar. Highly recommended

Ashley K.

My family and I have been loyal customers of this establishment for years and always spend close to $1000 when leaving the store stocked up on caviar but I am saddened to say we will be taking our business elsewhere after the horrible customer service we received from the pregnant Armenian lady. We were given a bad batch of red caviar that had been frozen for too long and had freezer burn on the top layer of eggs which wasn't noticeable when purchasing because the product was completely frozen. When we came to return the caviar the cashier was very nice and went to talk to I guess her manager who was this pregnant Armenian lady who made my aunt feel like some kind of criminal, interrogating her like she stole something. The pregnant Armenian lady lacked customer service to say the least and at the end acted like she was doing us a favor by trading the bad caviar for 2 jars of a different red caviar which were priced cheaper then the caviar that was purchased. Her attitude was disgusting and disgraceful and really left a bad taste in our mouth never have we experienced such disrespect and from upper management at that! I feel sorry for the employee's that have to deal with this miserable person. So long Seven Seas it was good while it lasted but poor quality caviar and horrible customer service will not be tolerated and the Russian / Armenian community will definitely be aware to not come here anymore.


Excellent place for smoked fish, red caviar black caviar, and other European fish delicacies connoisseurs!

Anna Torosyan

Great smoked fish! They also have caviar, cooking oils and canned goods. Nice little store with friendly and helpful staff.

Kay C.

This place is a gem for smoked fish lovers. They actually have a large wholesale facility here where they supply retail establishments and a retail store in the front. I parked my car and as I got out I could instantly smell the fish being smoked. I ordered their smoked salmon which was just perfect, a great flavor with nice smokiness to it and not over salty and super fresh. I can't wait to go back and taste all of the other types of smoked fish that they have there.

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