Tortas Ahogadas La Ramadita

5938 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood
(818) 651-9134

Recent Reviews

Hanz Hoffmann

Tortas are AMAZING!!! Cant go wrong with a side of taquitos de papaFood: 5/5

Janette Gonzalez

Tastes just like the ones I've had back in Guadalajara

Stellz Pleites

Love love love these tortas the best in town

Martha naranjo

Delicious Mexican food Guadalajara styl

Valerie Barsuglia

Excellent food and service. The only negative is the do not serve burritos or beans.

Aaron T.

Pinches culeros les pedi una torta ahogada y agarrarón a mi esposa y metieron su cara adentro la salsa y me dijerion "ahi esta su torta ahogada"

Gil Mikalian

Unique Tacos. Deep fried and a bit larger than street Tacos so super filling. Lots of flavor. Barbacoa was on point.

Erick R.

Best spot for a Torta Ahogada! Also you can not miss the Tacos de barbacoa as well as the tacos de papa topped with the spicy house salsa! Always going back since it is a constant craving for me and my family.

Jesse Martinez

The best tortas haogadas in this spot like no other and if you order only Chile with no tomatoes sauce it will take away your hangover. Check it out.

Ruben Montoya

I highly recommend this place super good food and drinks are cold place is nice to sit out side. And you don't pay till you done eating makes you feel comfortable like they trust you. Anyway food is ? tortas ogadas are my favorite with a large bottled coke ?

Diana Saucedo

Excellent service and delicious food.

Gustavo Canales

The Barbacoa Tacos are really good, the Torta Ahogada, Tacos de Papa and the Hot Salsa , my favorites, the owner and staff are really nice

Rosmary Vega

riquísimas,tengo más d 15 años comiendolas,s las recomiendo..sabrosas

J J.

For people like me who really knows what tortas ahogadas are this place is just "ok"... not really authentic , to start off the onions for the torta and tacos should be marinated with lime, salt and oregano (just like in Guadalajara) not just raw onions like the ones they serve here. Second, their sauce needs to be more thicker so you get more it that tomato flavor into the torta, not just water, their hot sauce is authentic though. Third, they should serve the cilantro and onion for their barbacoa tacos separately (on the side) so they don't get cooked and the flavored from the barbacoa, so when you eat barbacoa tacos creates a perfect balance between the barbacoa and raw onion and cilantro! Also the carnitas on their tacos are very dry, you can't even taste the pork flavor, they should probably just make smaller batches or heat it up per order so it doesn't get that dry.

Rayn G

Amazing tacos... love love this place... I drive from the westwood sometimes to just grab some of their amazing taste food

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