Pop's Family Restaurant

40278 Rd 425A, Oakhurst
(559) 692-7677

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Robert Timm


Cindy M.

Chicken fried steak was mediocre seems to be not homemade. Falafel was tasty but again did not appear or taste like it was made in house.salad was good sized and fresh.

K. T.

Our "go to" breakfast spot! The friendliest, most attentive service and great home style breakfast & good prices. The owners are the kindest people around.

Cindy G.

Pop's is back and OPEN for business! Support our local restaurants.

Elle S.

What a great surprise! We are locals who are to tired of the same old gare and decided to check out Pop's.Upon arriving, we were greeted by very friendly and attentive staff as well as some cool jazz background music.The menu is varied and there's something for everyone. I had the grilled chicken salad with the homemade blue cheese dressing (Stellar!), and hubby had the Jersey Joe sandwich - flavorful, beautiful presentation. Even the fries were addictive. Highly recommend for locals and tourists alike. Go check out Pop's!!

Don H.

Seven of us came here for breakfast on a Sunday morning. The place was almost empty at 9:00 AM. I can state my opinion in one word: horrible. I ordered the "continental breakfast" which consisted of two eggs, bacon and potatoes. Toast is not included, you have to pay extra. I ordered eggs easy-over - they came out hard and over cooked. The bacon was very low quality, probably cooked in an oven. The potatoes also were low quality and probably came from a frozen bag of prepared potatoes.On and on. My friend had the chicken and waffles. Chicken way over cooked and dry. Waffles dry and tasteless. Other friend had biscuit and gravy, served ice cold. Biscuit was hard and dry, gravy tasteless. Other friends had the "continental breakfast", all were very dissatisfied. We all were basically grossed out by the food. Prices here are high. My breakfast was $11.00, no toast included. The coffee was okay, probably Farmers Bros. but at least it wasn't weak. Service was okay, but not fast enough. I couldn't wait to get out of here and forget about this mediocre breakfast and feeling ripped off

Eli J.

My wife and I were in oakhurst for a dr appointment today and decided to stop in at pops for "all day breakfast". Pops is transitioning to "bread head". We were greeted and seated, our greeter asked what drinks we wanted, I always get an Arnold Palmer they were out my wife asked for Dr Pepper, they were out. She ended up saying regular coke is fine. I just got a water. my wife's coke tasted really syrupy so she changed to coffee. The place was dead other than one other table and they looked like they'd been waiting awhile for their food. I like the music being played and place appears clean. We ended up ordering an omelette, biscuits and gravy, French dip. The other tables order came out and it smelled delicious. It took about 20min to get our order. Which appeared nice. we both dug into the biscuits and gravy, oddly enough they were very sweet. Lol weird. The biscuits themselves were good, nice crunchy bottom, but the sweetness of the gravy was just out of place. My wife said to try the French dip, I did the bread was good but the auju had no taste at all not even salty. The meat on the French dip appeared to me as lunch meat, tasted like lunch meat, stuck together like lunch meat. My omelette was the star, it was good all prettying fresh ingredients looked great. Unfortunately it had no flavor and I asked for Ortega chili's I couldn't taste anything. This is honestly hospital food grade at this point. I've honestly had more flavorful meals on airplanes. Btw they only do country potatoes no hash browns, -10 points, just Kidding but they were just ok. The initial hostess came back to our table and asked how it was and I told her what I've stated. Super sweet gravy, lunch meat on French dip and no seasoning bland taste. She seemed appalled and reassured me it was not lunch meat, which I replied ok. Lol, prob our last trip to pops or bread head. Prob won't last too long.

Bert S.

The biscuits and gravy were good. The waffle was light and crispy on the outside. The staff eyed your coffee cup with the tenacity of a Yosemite squirrel lurking around your picnic -- never letting you get more than three sips in before topping you off. That's probably for the best since it's $3.50 for a cup.The men's room urinal is missing as of 5/28/19.

Brian R.

So sorry to see "Pop's food quality leave the area as the "Bread Head" isn't measuring up. We are residents to the area and have eaten at "Pop's" many times especially enjoying his chicken fried steak. We didn't know that the place had changed hands and we ordered the chicken fried steak. when it was delivered to the table with BROWN gravy, we knew something was wrong.Today we arrived at 9:00 am to find only one couple seated. We were part of two, different couples waiting at the "wait to be served" sign. I needed to sit down so I found a booth on my own. After I was noticed, did anyone recognize the waiting customers.Now to the food. The chicken fried steak had been removed from the menu. We both ordered asingle bisquit and gravy. The bisquit was about 1/2" high and was very dry.The gravy had no seasoning and needed a lot of help to make it eatable. The bisquit and gravy was $5.00 each for this forgettable experience.

Kelsey P.

We came to Oakhurst on a Friday night for the Yosemite Half Marathon, so finding a place for dinner that wasn't packed with people was difficult. When we walked into Bread Head (formerly Pop's) and saw that it wasn't too busy, we thought we lucked out.Unfortunately, while the staff was friendly and the food was definitely better than your average small town restaurant, the service was terribly slow. There were about three parties who had sat and ordered before us, and it took at least 30 minutes from when we ordered to receive our food. I kept an eye on the parties who ordered after us and noticed that it also took a long time for them to receive their food. The place wasn't too busy, it reach no more than 50% capacity in terms of number of tables that were occupied. It was a shame that the service was so slow, because I did enjoy the food.The menu had a good balance of options at a good price. I noticed that almost everything they serve is homemade, which is awesome to see. I really enjoyed the chili and herbed chicken sandwich, both of which were executed well.Overall, it definitely has the small town, family restaurant vibe, and the food is great, but unfortunately the service has a bit to be desired, as we were there for almost an hour and a half for dinner.

Andrew A.

Oakhurst Ca had a Pops Cafe for years which got acquired by a new owner. Welcome the new Breadhead ...so good. Wow. I have traveled all over looking for good food and found.The Clam Chowder is amazing, chicken and waffles- fabulous. This place is a must try. Shane is such a professional and perfect example of hospitality. Love it and it's worth a drive from Fresno.No frozen or prepped food from Costco...Only the Best

tom L.

Revising my review -April 2019. Pops has new owners and s new menu as of last February. I spoke with Mike, one of three owners. Going to all fresh food, limited menu. Mike says the chili and chowder recipes are unchanged. Soon will see a name change. This is my first time back in two years. Still my first choice got great food in Oakhurst. Last time I raved about the chili, I presume it's still world class. This time I had the beef and lamb gyro with clam chowder. Both are world class.In fact, after recently returning from New England and sampling chowder everywhere, Pop's' chowder beats them all hands down.

Brent F.

Well at first the menu threw us off. It was very limited but hey, you cant get everything you want. The owner and server where very nice in explaining the changes and rough draft menu. The food came out hot and was delicious. I will be back for lunch.

Leni S.

UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP. Good service, honest workers. We asked for a gyro which wasn't on the menu (we weren't aware they had changed ownership last month) and they were happy to make us one. House onion rings were good. I miss the old menu and options but service was great and food was decent.

Steve B.

The founders sold this: new owners just changed the menu and entire staff three weeks ago: worst breakfast I have ever had served me.. and on the original plastic plates? Insult to injury! Ordered coffee three times before it was served.. left, andI will not return.

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