Panera Bread

1376 Fitzgerald Dr, Pinole
(510) 758-0015

Recent Reviews

Camille C.

Used to come here for our Friday night out family dinners since it's supposed to be Healthy. Well it's not. Tonight we ordered to go and took it home to find both the kids meals I ordered had a hair in the food! Disgusting! This isn't the first time I've encountered unsanitary issues at this location the last time they gave my daughter a bad apple in her kids meal I returned it and got a new one but how do you look at a bad apple and give that to a kid. Then one other time the yogurt for my kids meals were expired. All things I've let go before since I caught it while I was there and was able to fix it. But hair in my kids food food is too far! They need to be wearing hair nets! Especially taking extra precautions now with covid19 going ok! Never going here ever again!

Ellen Seastres

Delivery time was accurate but my order was not complete, missing a bag of grapes that I order, and I specifically ask to add chicken on my greek salad. I called and the person who answered the phone didn't even apologize about how the staff messed up my order.

Andrea T.

This is the WORST Panera ever. Before the shutdown they were frequently rude, and almost never answered their phones. I did an $85.00 order this morning. Got it home and a bunch of stuff was missing! No cheese or croutons for 4 onion soups. Ordered 3 chicken and avocado sandwiches - site said they were out of chicken, I substituted turkey. Now I find none of the sandwiches have any avocado at all! Tried to call for 20 minutes, of course they don't answer the phone. Ggrrrrrr.........WORST EVER!

scott Drummond

It's ok. Little pricey. For basic sandwich. Above average soup.

Kent Gustin

Had a fantastic experience in this spot with my kids. The food was served rapidly and the customer service is just excellent. Prices are affordable.

Christopher Breazeale

They took well over 45 minutes to fill my order. In fact, I'm pretty sure they didn't even start making it until I complained several times (after about 20-30 minutes of waiting). I think they started it about 15 minutes before I got it. Slow as hell. They wouldn't give me a straight answer, only would tell me they're working on it.

Rebecca F.

Don't eat here unless you have no other options. 11:30 on a Saturday and the one cashier on duty was super slow. Out of many ingredients on the menu (like mozzarella cheese). Food prepared quickly but tasteless. Quality has gone way down.

James H.

Not sure why this branch has so many negative reviews. I've been here many times and the food and service here isn't very different from other branches. Panera is one of the very few places where I actually don't mind getting a sandwich from. I think I've probably had more than 100 Frontega Chicken Sandwiches by now.

Lyubov R.

This location is the least successful one I've been to. There are too few employees and their service is VERY slow, you'll wait a long time for your food. Kind of sad because Panera is one of my favorite places to get breakfast, but we'll definitely not stop at this one again anytime soon.

Ann Marie Marinakis

I had a delicious almond croissant and a light roast coffee. My friend had her regular orange-cranberry muffin and a coffee. Delicious!

Angeli G.

I was a little put off by all of the negative reviews for this location but I was pleasantly surprised. They greeted us as soon as we came in. I asked the cashier what she recommends for salads, and she gave me their Top 3: Southwest Chile Lime Ranch, Fuji Apple, and Spicy Thai Salad. I chose the Fuji Apple salad with chicken. I did the "pick 2" combination and got half a Turkey & Avocado BLT. The salad and dressing were great as was the sandwich. I also got their passion papaya green tea, which was tasty and a chocolate chip cookie for 99c. I wasn't disappointed. The service was friendly and the food was pretty good.

Mya de Hart

Yum! I got the tortellini alfredo and it was amazing. They also have very nice and helpful employees. Very nice and new.

elisa backaert

We got there 4 minutes before closing time and we got two 2topick. In one bread was missing. There wasn't enough of one soup so they decided who was gonna get what and at last, a cold soup. When I noted it to them, the reply was: we cannot take back beyond this point food that has been touched. If you want, there is a microwave.

jessie kent

The food is ok, the soup is really good, but I've gone there 3 times now and tried to order my wife a salad and they have been out of the dressing all three times. First two times I figured it was my bad luck.... third time means it's bad planning and prep by the staff

Makena M.

I ordered a Tortellini Alfredo and disliked the portion. The restaurant is nice and clean. I only tried the pasta though. I will seek other alternatives in the area. The acai bowl seemed worth trying.

Nicole H.

What can I say! The food was nasty! The dining room was dirty! The only good thing was the iced tea!

jorge petry

No management. 1 cashier only and a long line. A couple of employees just walking around in a daze... I mean where are the fracking owners?

Neloffer E.

My colleague and I came here to order lunch for our team. It was very simple we got everything ordered on the tablet within minutes and waited for our meals to be made. I never had Panera bread before so this was my first time having lunch from here. I ordered the chipotle southwest without any chicken. The salad was delicious and filled me up! The dressing was so creamy and had a nice kick to it. The roasted pepper really was a nice touch to the salad. I'll def be coming here more often for lunch!!! The service was great! After our meals were made the employees offered to help us to take it to our car which was really nice of them.

Patricia Redemeyer Knutson

Love this Place. The best sandwiches salad and soup and dessert is a must have. Employees are very nice also.

Marcus Hasan

Excellent service perfect place first time experience wonderful

Robert Ricketts

Totally the best tasting Tuscan Chicken sandwich I've ever had!

Isabella D.

JB is the definition of customer service. He was so kind to the customer in front of us as well as my husband and I. Upbeat and considerate. Food came quickly and when we were ringing out and my gift card had an error; he had a solution. Keep it up JB, you're awesome!

Ronnie P.

All I can say about this location is they need help. Not in terms of more people but new people and better environment. I don't get how every time I come here they run out of bread. I usually get off work at 6 and by the time I get here around 7 they should still have bread. Also the cashier at the front did not even greet us. There is no music playing in the eating area and all you can hear is the employees in the back talking. My food was half full in the bowl, I pretty much paid full price for half of the food. This will probably be my last time coming here.

Julia P.

I can't give no more than 2 stars. Honestly would give it 1/ 1/2 if I could. Maybe it's just this location but the service is so sub par. I'm not greeted, I'm the one initiating the interaction at the cash register area. The cashier seemed to be in a deep conversations with her co-workers rather then work I guess. We placed our orders and she seemed to want to just hurry up the order. They were out of bread as a side also.. but didn't care she just said you can only get chips or an apple. She just wasn't pleasant & kind of felt an attitude. I'm not sure if it was just tonight, but our soups were not hot, maybe luke warm. Plus we're not filled up, I think they skimp on the portions here. I normally enjoy my soup but tonight just didn't feel the vibes... Ohh and I saw a gentleman wait for what felt like 30 minutes for his food. The waits here at this location are by far longer than any other Panera. They may need additionally training here.. I will continue to go to Panera maybe just not here... they lack costumer service.

Miichi in Korea!

This place would be so awesome if they actually ever had anything in stock. This weekend alone they didn't have any salads or soups available at all. Alot of times the bread is also sold out by 5pm. When they aren't out of a certain food item they are out of a ingredient for said food, like cheese, peppers etc. It's really frustrating to go here because you might get something or walk out completely empty handed.

Camille F.

If it wasn't for my Fuji Apple Salad & Turkey sandwiches, I probably wouldn't step foot into this location! I walked in, no greeting! Cashier and the cooks were having side conversations like they were at home - not work! I gave three stars for food, but I rated this visit a two : Customer Service - Cleanliness- Awful By the way this is lunch time, so they should be even more staffed! Where are the managers?

sarah smith

no complaints! i like how you can order on a screen so you don’t feel awkward with a line behind you so you start to panic and end up ordering something you didn’t even want.

amber A

Omg excellent!! I love their turkey bacon bravo....the bread is amazing. The cookies are delicious. The frozen strawberry lemonade was delicious too. I had it for the first time on Sunday and hag to have it the next day for lunch. A bit pricey but so worth it.

Rudy Lopez

Me and the Wife enjoy there Soups, Salads, and Sandwiches, plus there Bread Selections are Baked fresh daily.

sam matthews

no complaints! i like how you can order on a screen so you don’t feel awkward with a line behind you so you start to panic and end up ordering something you didn’t even want.

eager2nou .

They were short staffed but the cashier was very nice. The line was to the door with only one cashier and two people in the back preparing food.

jess l

no complaints! i like how you can order on a screen so you don’t feel awkward with a line behind you so you start to panic and end up ordering something you didn’t even want.

Kelly C.

Picked up a online order and the quinoa Greek salad is missing the quinoa. The large salads are in split containers that contain half of a half. Really bad presentation and not accurate to my order. Called Pinole Mgr but the phone keeps ringing, the message does say it's they are busy during lunch hour. But now I must make a second trip to return this order as it looks skimpy and cheap and not what I ordered.

Ryan H.

At Panera their Soup is very delicious and I'm not much of a fan of the sandwiches. Their cookies and treats are delicious. Their service is something I'm not so sure about... Sometimes they don't work super fast and smoothly. When they have side conversations it distracts them from their work. I like this place most of the time. 1 star removed for the talking 1 star removed for the prices

Scott G.

The portion sizes are absolutely pitiful!. They were out of cheddar for my sandwich. The mac n cheese (which is made with white cheddar) is outstanding, the steak and cheese sandwich was pretty good. But I would not come back due to the portion size. When I addressed it with an employee, she just answered matter-of-factly without offering to add a little more, which would have been the customer service-friendly thing to do.

Elizabeth S.

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE BY PHYIUS QUALLS! My receipt said white bread but they put it on wheat bread. Not a problem until she said with attitude"i would have to remake the whole thing for you" and then she said "you throw it away " so i did. I decided to wait for my sandwich by the counter. I waited 10 mins and saw she was not making it. So I asked and she said I'll start to make it right now. She gets my bread and mayo out. And then leaves it there. Another 10 mins go by and someone else threw it away by accident since it was sitting there so long. So I asked again and they finally gave me it. And when I took a bite out of my sandwich they put Swiss cheese instead of provolone. I was so irritated thAt i just gave up. Terrible service and food. Never again.

Ronald N.

Suggestion: If you are expecting Wi-FI here they don't have. Also no self serve to place your order. I am glad that there is a Panera Bread in the shopping center. It is in a good area next to a Wells Fargo Bank (no excuse of saying you have no cash). Why do I like about Panera Bread...Lots of tables available. This location does not get a lot of people dinning in. Perhaps it is in an area where cars are always passing by. Far as the service is decent. I been hearing stories that the people that work there are rude but I have not found anybody that has given me bad service. Since this Panera Bread is in a busy shopping center there are plenty of parking. My suggestion is park where FoodMaxx and PetSmart is at instead of the space next to Panera Bread and Wells Fargo Bank. I will come back to this location again.

Hillfam H.

We enjoy the food here- you know what you're eating and we always order "to go" and the wait is usually 10-15 minutes. The issue is that the staff can't seem to get orders correct. When you order onion soup and get chicken noodle, or a particular sandwich and when you unwrap the paper it's something you didn't order and don't want- something isn't working. (this has happened 4-5 times recently) Also, your menu ,both online and in the restaurants posts protein and edamame bowls but every time I try to order it- I'm told " we don't have the ingredients". If you are unable to consistently obtain ingredients for an advertised item- then take it off the menu! When I inquired today about the item, one of the 2 staff members answered back quite rudely that they ONLY make a small amount, based on demand- wondering what your criteria for "demand is'"

C R.

It's a good place to meet up with friends. The soups are good and some will change seasonally. The staff is not the friendliest group of people. The cashier shows no enthusiasm, no greeting, and no thanks. If it weren't for the food which passes well enough and meeting up with a friend or more, not sure if I'd come but I will say the coffee and teas are good. The bread and pastries too. There's a group who come for bible study who take the large group table and don't buy anything on Fridays. That seems awfully rude. They can go to the library and use one of the private rooms.

Ron Z.

Wow, this place is expensive! And the service is terrible. I ordered my free cookie ahead of time. I arrived about ten minutes after the pick-up time I selected, so they would have a few extra minutes to get it ready. I show up, nothing there. I have to wait in a long line to ask where it is. They don't know. So, they go to the computer to find out. They still don't know. So they finally decide to give me my cookie. Did they really have to do all that for one freaking cookie? Thank you so much for wasting my time.