Bundu Khan Restaurant

4399 Century Blvd, Pittsburg
(925) 777-3312

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Rudrasis C.

I have ordered Lahori Fish and Veggie Pakora. Veggie Pakora is inedible, drenched in oil, multiple refried for sure (see picture for the proof). The Lahori fish is bland, no seasoning just seasoned with paprika (I believe) or Kashmiri red chili and fry. But atleast edible and not drenched in oil. I apologize from all the Indians for this place, this place shouldn't be called an Indian/Pakistani place, it's a "Pakistani place". Refried veggie pakoras (mostly I saw onions and spinach soaked in oil) and bland fish (calling Lahori fish) is not closed to Indian food. The pakoras are so inedible I don't think it should be served in any places! Stay away from this place.

Rick J.

First time, we got chicken tiki masala and butter chicken spicy and mild. Pakora for appetizers . That shit was hella good bro Fr

Nifa S.

Bekar Restaurant, don't waste your money and time. It's a disappointment The waiter didn't have the courtesy to serve water or cutlery and napkins with the ordered food. The food isn't worth the money either. Better try some other place if you want to try something new.

R Thomas

They got our order wrong to begin with. To say the chicken Karahi and chicken curry was tasteless is an understatement! How can they botch up a basic curry like this! Both the gravies we ordered were incredibly oily and weird tasting. The chicken they used tasted stale. The only thing that was edible was their cheese naan and garlic naan. I had to toss both the gravies into the trash.

Mohammad Hossainian

I was excited about trying a new halal restaurant. When I went inside, the decor reminded me of back home. Unfortunately the service was non existent. The kebob I got was tough and chewy and definitely nothing to write home about. The only saving grace was the Tikka Masala that was decent. Most soft drinks listed on the menu were unavailable with Pepsi being the only option. Considering the price and lack of service, I will absolutely not dine in at this restaurant ever again. I may get tikka masala to go on rare occasions.

Ajaz Khan

I ordered a boneless chicken handi and a goat karahi. The both of them were far from a handi or karhai. They were super watery, the online order was picked up so quick based on that and how watery these dishes were I'm pretty sure these were once frozen. They're known for their grilled items so that's my bad for ordering their "karhais". Based on the two dishes I would not recommend the handis or karhais. Giving two stars because the naans were OK and I haven't tried their grilled menu.

Patrick A.

I was in the mood for some Indian food but I just don't know what to order so I find myself ordering the same items curry chicken or chicken Tikka masala. This time I decided to step out of my comfort zone And try something different. This time I tried the Chicken Karahi but bought some Butter chicken just in case the Karahi wasn't for me but it was. As a matter of fact I liked it better than the Butter Chicken which was still good too. Indian food has always been pricey and this place was no exception but I must say that the amount did go a long way when eating it with other items. Like the butter naan and rice, I also tried the garlic naan as well. I will try them again soon.


Nice food we tried chicken tikka and went late like around they were closing ask for dining and they lets us come for dining great food must try

Brian M.

5 stars for the butter chicken and Naan. Will try more of the menu on subsequent visits. Friendly service and nice clean, roomy dining area. So authentic I found myself needlessly protecting my food from monkeys.

Ebay W.

Very disappointed I called ask twice if this is the same bundu khan as in Pakistan chain and they said yes Drove 60 miles to enjoy breakfast and brunch First impression Pakistan spelled wrong. Inside was a Indian family managing a Pakistani restaurant I asked again is it same bundu khan as Pakistan and he said yes Then the food was even a bigger dissappoint. The puree halwa is not even close to puri it was batura And the chicken boto was so dry. 22 years in USA never disappointed like this much First they lied and on top of the food quality not even 1% close to Pakistani standard. Then they have the Quran ayat on wall backwards I asked the man in front to fix it and he said I don't know I will tell the boss. Please change name this is fake advertisement for a such a good name and batura is not puri. I already have forwarded my message to real bundu khan chain in Pakistan about this. What a shame

Ce O.

They have terrible customer service. The first time experiencing it was in person the first time I picked up an order. The guy who came to the counter was dismissive. This second, and last time I'll ever go there, was over the phone when I called about a problem with my order and the guy on the phone proceeded to act as if he didn't understand English nor did anybody else in the restaurant, after initially hanging up on me. Even though, there was no problem with comprehension when taking my order over the phone nor taking my money when I picked up.

Maazin Ahmad

High Quality Indian/Pakistani Food. We had Lahori Fish, Chicken Karahi, Butter Chicken, BBQ Keema, and Naan. Very tasty, warm, and well prepared. Halwa-Puri is also served here on weekends until 1-2pm which is also very enjoyable.

Fish Head

First time here, but initial impressions were positive. I tried the beef sheek kabab. Well seasoned with a little bit of spicy heat. Heads up, all you get with the order is the kebabs, raw onion and chutneys (mint and tamarind). You have to order rice or Naan separately. They do sell a "kabab wrap" which might be the better option if you are looking for a quick lunch.

Sweeta B.

Love their chicken tikka masala, chicken malai boti and chicken boti is what I've tried so far. Definitely will be returning for more!

Usher Fuad

I have been to this restaurant a few times. I have tried their halwa puri Nashta which is very good.But they ate always out of things. They had ice cream and keep on the menu but they were out today. I ordered chicken boneless handi which was good but the server then decided to go for lunch while customers were still eating. I needed to order more food and I kept waiting for 10 minutes so that they can make eye contact with me. He didn't. He kept looking through the window and never once thought that they should check with their customers. I have had this server give bad service before.I hope they fix this before they run out of business.

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