In-N-Out Burger

4550 Delta Gateway Blvd B, Pittsburg
(800) 786-1000

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Wendy Glass

The food was Amazing, omg thw crisp bun is yummy. The young man at the window was very nice. We asked if we could add a single burger to our order, for a fur baby, he asked if we wanted it non salted. That is so nice of him. All the employees were nice, ? smiles. We have no pictures, we were so hungry and didn't think about taking any.Dietary restrictions: Offered us a salt less patty for our doggie.

James Rand

You can never go wrong with a double double and animal fries paired with a chocolate or strawberry shake. That is my go-to. All the employees provide outstanding customer service and are so very well-mannered. I always place my order inside because the drive-thru line is way too long. Either way it's definitely worth the wait. I think I'm going to try a 3x3 next time though. Thank you guys!

William Mosley

The food is delivered quick and easily. Unfortunately, the burgers are no longer as good as they used to be. They're going in McDonald's direction with super thin meat. Wondering if they're gonna wait until everyone hates them before they go back to making good burgers instead of relying on past accolades.Food: 3/5

Michael G.

It’s outside of Southern California, so In-N-Out locations are far and few. This location is better than others as the drive-thru line seems shorter and/or moves quicker, or maybe it’s just less busy than the others. The food and taste is pretty consistent with what is expected of the In-N-Out company, the staff here seems extra friendly and that’s a nice plus! I will be returning to this location as again, the options are far and few. I’d rather be in Southern California!

Daniel Woodward

This was the most disgusting In-N-Out I've been to. In the cooking area there was trash all over the floor. It was a mess! The fountain drinks were broken and the faces dangling. The was trash out in the lobby dinning area. It smelled like grease. The hamburger was beat up and barely alive (over cooked, old tomatoes and lettuce, too much dressing). I won't be going back to this place.

Don D

I hadn't had one in about 20 years literally, but still a good sandwich. Now the meat was greasier than I remembered and it could stand some salt, but all in all still a good hamburger ?. I enjoyed my cheese burger with grilled onions & a strawberry ? milkshake ?. O-an my favorite thing about In-N-Out Burger they ask will you be eating your order in your car, and if the answer is yes you get a placemat and a box but just a regular bag. For someone like me who is literally crazy about keeping his car clean, that box is genius!!!Kid-friendliness: It's a family style burger joint with a drive thruParking: Pleanty of parking, even if you are eating in the car but not driving and eating.Wheelchair accessibility: Ramps and handicap parking are certainly available.

Maria Terrones Torres

Fries are fresh but ours (3 orders) had too many tiny burnt pieces. Our burgers were soggy. They need to remove the excess water from the lettuce.Food: 2/5

Danile Shepherd

They always have such good food and they are very quick! Their restaurant is always so clean and the staff treat you like familyFood: 5/5

Lilly H.

It's no point in ordering your food in the drive thru there going to make it how they want to. Burgers are dry and stale. Horrible reputation for In N Out.

gloria p

In-N-Out ROCKS. Always. Consistently fresh food served by people who seem to love their jobs, now matter how busy it is. And it’s always busy. There will be a line. It’ll move quickly and it’s worth it.

Money Teez

I enjoy the burgers, fries, and shakes here. I had only negative experience and the cashier forgot one of my burgers. Other than that I highly recommend it.

Dichelle J.

There amazing just eat fries asap love there double double yesss good flavor great an friendly service

Oscar Arguello

the burgers are tasty and the fries are fresh

Hamid B.

The food was served cold fries not cooked do not waist your time and off with the

Droski Wayad

Always delicious, consistently, every single time. What more can you say? That is why the line is always wrapped around the city. Because it's head and shoulders above any other burger spot in the area.

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