Nekter Juice Bar

30893 Gateway Pl Ste. F-3, Ladera Ranch
(949) 503-5800

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Silvy Gick

The place is easy to get in and out, lots of parking. The girl that helped me was very nice and sweet.

Kiana Y.

i got a pineapple matcha and it was yellow ?? there is no matcha ? it tastes bland too such a waste of money but at least ghe chia parfait was made correctly

Elisa G.

I am always surprised at the lackadaisical attitude of the employees at every nectar I've ever been to except in La Jolla. I wanted watermelon juice but they were sold out of all the watermelon so I ended up with some weird concoction.

Mike M.

Idiots, if you're going to close early, don't allow people to order via the DoorDash pick-up option. Now I have to go through the hassle of getting a refund from DoorDash.

annika c

so good! bowl came out completely melted but the service was great and the bowl was delicious!

Christo P.

My girlfriend loves that place, and i always buy for her the GreenApple Detox. The employers are nice too!

Mary Gau

Andrew (Manager), Thank you for accommodating me quickly even though I went to the wrong location!

Gunjan Goel

This place is so cool and juices are so fresh. Today i came to order juice again and forgot my card home thinking that i paid from apple pay last time. Inspite of not having my card Anni made me free juices. She made my day and saved me from feeling embarrassed. Thankyou Anni for making my day beautiful❤️❤️❤️

Mike Lance

Good stuff!!

Narges S.

Wow... this is probably the best blended fruit bowl I have had. I had asked them if it was possible to make the base for the dragon bowl a tad thicker and they added frozen strawberries to make that happen and I will be asking for exactly this from now on. This tasted so amazing and the base wasn't watery and it stayed really thick for a long time. Thank you so much!

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First time there today, guys were great. The amount of uppity wanna be coto types from ladera I witnessed these two interact with make them saints. LoL to this whole wannabe rich complex. Typical new money/no money syndrome

Katie Thierjung

Wanted to try their new elderberry smoothie so I ordered one online for pickup and it was delicious! Not too sweet, which I love. They seemed to be busy today but my drink was ready on time and the staff were nice, so no complaints!This place can be quite pricey for a drink/bowl, but it’s worth it if you want a refreshing treat! Their açaí bowls are always really filling, and I love the granola that they put on top.

John S.

We purchase from here weekly and have had good service and quality juices. Over the last two weeks our online orders were incorrectly prepared twice in two days. They don't refund their messed up orders within the same day. We will be taking our business somewhere else if this occurs again. We were told that a refund would occur within three days for a order they did not provide. It's been a week already and no refund. They have lost faith in my business. Management needs to be much more observant and pay attention to detail.

Amy Carter

Not quite sure why it takes this location a minimum of 25 minutes to prepare an order via the mobile app. I could have a 4 course meal prepared in that time. Today, 10/8 @12:45 we picked up our mobile order and instead of 2 bowls, we received a bowl and a smoothie. Unable to go back to exchange, as most people who order via the mobile app are in a hurry. I called the store to advise I wanted a refund for the missing item and she blew me off saying she would process a refund than later admitting it has to come from HQ. I asked for her name, however she refused to give it and hung up. In this case, the money wasn’t the issue as much as holding people accountable for mistakes that effect others.

Mark Di Rocco

Very clean and fresh fruit

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