Hungry Hut

42008 Tollhouse Rd, Shaver Lake
(559) 841-3222

Recent Reviews

James Nguyen

Quality food and shakes. Went two weeks in a row and it's always packed so you know it's good

Steve Lee

Overpriced and the hut burger was only decent. Fries were horrible but the onion rings were really good. If I decide to stop by again I would order a regular cheeseburger and skip the fries. Haven't tried anything else on the menu.

Ana Ramirez

Good hamburger's, it looks and taste very fresh!! As well I try there french fries and it has a different taste, that makes them more good than the normal fries that you get in a fast food places. Overall, very good food!!!

Linda Smith

Called our order in last night because a lot of folks were enjoying Hungry Hut.Tonight we were able to enjoy our food there.It's great food as always!

Anna Bedley

We did take out. Order was 6 different types of chicken sandwiches and they got it right so that was impressive. Food may have been better (fresher) if we ate there. Be prepared to wait. It looks like they are moving fast but it took more than 30 mins to get our food.... They just could not keep up with demand. I'd go back when it isn't a bazillion degrees outside and I have an hour+ for lunch. Now that I know what to expect I might have a better experience next time.

Craig Armenta

I've always considered this place a destination stop for a treat. They've always had GREAT burgers, (and more). This last visit, on 7/14/21, was no different. $12 for a double cheeseburger, and it was ? delicious.

Ed H.

Food was good but food took forever and people who ordered after us received their food quicker. Honestly I think they lost our order at least once if not twice. There was someone in line in front of me with the same question so organizational challenges here. Food is good though if you have an hour to wait for your burger.

Kris Sooknanan

While visiting Shaver Lake from New York. We stopped for lunch. The food is excellent, the wait is worth the amazing burger. Folks this burger is about 1/3 pound after the cooking is completed. That’s 1/3 pound of pure happiness. Thank you for an amazing meal…

Michael Lynch

We came to Shaver Lake with a dog and didn't want to leave her in the rental alone for dinner so our choices were a little more limited than what they might have been other wise. The cheese/hamburgers are pretty good here and they have some really big ones if you want one, their malts are not bad either. The fries are hit or miss, I think it depends on when they bag them compared to when you are served. If there was one complain about them, it is the wait time as that can be anywhere from 20 mins to 1 hour depending on when you go. I strongly strongly suggest calling ahead of time. For us Hungry Hut ended up being pretty much our main stay as other choices were not as good.

Frank Perez

Only and best fast food in Shaver Lake. Be ready to wait. The lines can be long. Everything is good.

Heather Brewer

Was first in line, my 1st time. Milk Shakes were awesome! Burgers were good. I was shocked by the price. I paid $60 for 3 people. They are doing something right if the line is around the corner.

Michelle Denney

I like to stop here and eat when in shaver. I've tried many different things here and everything is delicious. But my favorite is the grilled chicken sandwich.

Rachel S.

Unfortunately we did not have a good experience at this popular hamburger spot. We came on a Sunday around 2pm and was informed it was going to be an hour wait... which was fine. However, the food was absolutely terrible. The burgers were stale and tasted like they had been made two days prior. Not fresh at all!! The bacon was rubbery and the bread was disgusting. Not to mention the fries tasted like they've been sitting in the floor of our car for weeks and the onion rings were slimy. So unfortunate because it's such a great spot. Very disappointed I would have rather had McDonald's. There are much better restaurants to visit. On a positive note the milkshake was super good.


Friendly staff. Great environment. Overseasoned fries, in my opinion. They messed up my order and put sauce on my burger when I said no sauce. The wait time was reasonable, but too long to wait again if I sent my food back, so I just dealt with it. My boyfriend said he enjoyed his burger.

Chris Chadwick

Burgee was good. Fries were very very over seasoned couldn't eat them there usually not that bad but they do use allot of seasoning in there fries in general.

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