Hungry Hut

42008 Tollhouse Rd, Shaver Lake
(559) 841-3222

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Brooke R.

This place is good. We went on a Monday and it was packed. I think it they are going to be open during the wintertime they should have patio heaters or something since there isn't really a place to eat indoors to stay warm. We ordered a few burgers and a kids hotdog. The hotdog bun fell apart right away which made a mess for my daughter. The burgers were good but for $8-10 they don't come with fries. So you're looking at an extra $3 which I think is a little pricy. It's a quick grab in go so if you're not trying to have a sit down lunch or dinner this is the place.

Jenn C.

Staying here for a few days . Only place in town open today didn't disappoint bomb burger and onion rings :) fast friendly service

Will R.

I see alot of bad reviews in here. Nothing like a 6 paragraph beat down of a tiny mountain town burger shack. Called it in, was ready when we got there and one of the best burgers I've had in awhile!! Thank you for even being open today, nobody else is.

Shanon Dur

There's a long wait here due to understaffing. I understand a wait, but when you have four people on shift I'm unsure what the hold up would be for burgers. No matter, it's a quaint outdoor patio, I grew up in the Sierra Nevada's so it's a comforting type place. The hoity toity types may feel differently about this. I got the veggie burger and they use a Boca type patty that contains rice, soy etc. It's was good, although I wish the buns were warmed as the it made the burger get cold very quickly combined with the cold outdoor temperature. The shakes and onion rings are amazing.

Own A Car Fresno

Very similar to Doghouse burger, chicken sandwich and fries. Good quality

David C.

2.5 to 3. Hit or miss. I think it's ok when you call ahead, but be wary when people roll through. Shake machine breaks pretty often I'd say. We had gotten our stuff to go and even with a ticket and buzzer, order was coming right up and then lost. The time we waited was pretty extensive. We needed food though and options can be pretty limited. The fries could be crispier and the chicken sandwich was decent. But if you lose our stuff somehow at least make up for it. I'd come by for the shake again but more mixups and I'd rather not gamble when in need. There's not much, but at least more dependable options in the area.

Erica R.

Great job today on service and quality. I would never know they were short staffed today if it weren't for their sign. Fries were seasoned just right and burger was cooked to perfection. Attendant greeted us right away with a smile and was very attentive.

da gimp

Burger is awesome and the fries are REALY awesome. I would say the best fries in Shaver! There are other good fries in Shaver but these one are really good!

Tamara Baxter Baca

what an awesome burger and love the fries

Jonathan Vaughan

The burger was big, juicy and full of flavor! And the strawberry milkshake was one of the best I've ever had, lots of natural flavor but not overly sweet or sugary. Would highly recommend!

Kerriee Hall

Great burger, fries, onion rings and shakes/malts! My aunt had the fresh berry shake and loved it! I had a chocolate peppermint and it was very yummy! When I'm Shaver, we often stop here!

Regina Olivas

First time here and the food was very good and filling big portions very worth the cost. And the grandma berry shake was delicious and thick. I will definitely eat here next time I go to Shaver.I recommend this place highly

V C.

On a field trip with 18 hungry kids. We all walk up and told they have no more fries or onion rings. Ok it happens, they looked busy. But as soon as we are done ordering the very next person in line orders a meal the girl behind the counter asks fries or onion rings. One of the chapparons ask. Oh you have fries now. Umm yes now we do. Fine I want 4 orders. She looks at us and places the order. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE... if you don't look LOCAL you may not get served.

Sherri K.

Love this place. I have been going to Shaver for 60 + years and this is the place to eat. Especially love the fries and milkshakes. Highly recommend if you are in the area.

Edgar Mendez

Burgers were delicious, you will have to wait unless you order ahead.Seating is limited.Shakes are ok, nothing to write home about.$45 for 2 people..Edited on 9/22/2021The owner reach out to me and explained their circumstances for the delay, which I did not mind the delay.I don't think anyone would mind waiting for their food as long as the taste is there.For Hungry Hut they are doing something right.The food, American double cheese hamburger and fries, were delicious.Burger was juicy and cook perfectly, and the fries had the right seasoning.thank you,I will make it a point to stop by next time I am in town.

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