St Nick's Patio & Grille

28950 CA-18, Skyforest
(909) 744-9373

Recent Reviews

JoMama F.

We were at Skypark and decided to eat here. The place was packed which was a good sign to me. I ordered jolly cheese steak Philly sandwich and reindeer food veggie fries. OMG - they were delicious! I highly recommend this place

Sherry B.

Always great food and service. And what is not to enjoy when you are at SkyPark at Santa's Village!

Matt R.

Didn't expect the food to be so good! Ordered a pizza called the snow day with added Jalapeños, a tomato soup, and a chili. while enjoying a Pliny at the pub, and it was all delicious. Compliments to the Chef!

Nikki Carr

It's a long wait for expensive food that will be decent; but on my last visit, I noticed the cook had long hair that wasn't in a hair net.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 4

Service: 3

Mary K.

We love St. Nick's! The food is great (but the likes get long for lunchtime during the winter season so be prepared to wait), and they also serve alcohol. It's a must when we visit Santa's Villge!

Christine L.

We stopped by the cafe during our visit at Santa's Village and was impressed with the food menu options and food. The cheeseburgers were juicy, and came with all the toppings including a sliced pickle! The pizza was delicious and the portions were generous. Would definitely recommend stopping by the cafe during your visit.

Kelly T.

This is the "main" restaurant at Skypark Santa's Village. We ordered right after they opened at 11 like all the other food places at the park. Food came out pretty fast and everything was tasty and better than expected for amusement park food! Plenty of outdoor (and indoor) seating and it was a nice scenic lunch.

Lezlie M.

The food here was surprisingly delicious for a theme park! Yes it is overpriced, but it's a theme park so that was to be expected. The ranch dressing was amazing, they must make it on-site. Burgers were really juicy and fries were thick cut and delicious. The reason we didn't give it 5 stars is because the teenagers working there were rude and looked at you like why are you here. The lemonade didn't taste good so I asked for a different drink and the girl taking my order just grabbed it from my hand without saying anything, dumped it out and put it on the counter without saying a word. Lots of standing around and staring. We would come back here because the food is good, but service needs improvement.

Jenny C.

I guess I should have expected it to be so pricey, as it's inside a type of theme park, but whoa. It's very much like magic mountain food. Not quality ingredients at a super high price. I don't think it's out of the norm for all the restaurants at skypark, but it would be so nice to at least make the food quality. I got a chicken sandwich. It was so light and airy (like really weird chicken patty I don't even know where they would find it). Just tasted like something you could bake in the oven at home. Our bill was over $120 for 3 people (one of those people only 6). Food does not match price, that's for sure.

Oliver C.

Walked in expecting typical overpriced, mediocre food but was surprised to find out how good the food actually was. We had the st nicks burger, chicken tenders and bowl of chili and they were all pretty good. Fries came out nice and crispy Chicken tenders were nicely fried and tasted buttery. So good. Bowl of chili was very tasty as well. Staff was also very friendly and helpful with show schedules. I would definitely go again.

Viet D.

No idea that this was inside a park that you need to pay $65 to get into in order to eat. They should update their Covid-19 notes cause they do NOT offer online ordering or curbside pickup (just called to confirm) and they should add "Inside SkyPark" to the restaurant name so we know this isn't a normal restaurant where you don't have to pay admission.

Marisa Tarpey

Delicious food especially for a theme park . great burgers and fantastic french fries! Salads were nice too!

Jim H.

This spot is only available if you pay entrance fee to the amusement park, and between the crazy parking and fee to enter and dogs not permitted wanted to make sure other readers know

Rahul C

Staff was helpful kind and cheerful despite us showing up right at closing time. The food was hot and delicious, flavorful and in generous quantity. Basically perfect. It was cold outside and the food presented welcome respite. So so good!!

Nigel Matthews

Best burgers on the mountain. I can't tell if it's the soft buttery buns or the good quality meat - either way they're amazing. They have awesome pizza too.

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