6520 Foothill Blvd, Tujunga
(818) 352-0460

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Carolyn Gold

I had take out, I walked in ordered right away, friendly staff and packed it perfectly for travelFood: 5/5

Edwin L.

Great service and food. Love the atmosphere. The servers were very polite and were willing to help in an issue. Great people and good place to study or just take a breather.

Jacqueline Wan

I loved the food served in IHop. Its like a place to go to everything when I am back in US. The French toast is awesome and my favourite would be the Breakfast Sampler although this time round, I ate something else. I wished they have it in Malaysia.

Greg A.

Pancakes were room temperature and didn't even melt the butter. The eggs and sausage links were luke warm at best too. Extremely disappointing experience, I made a huge mistake by going and won't be back anytime soon.

Jennifer N.

Don't come here. Save your money. The food is disgusting and WAY overpriced for what it is. I spent $50 for 1 adult and 2 kids.

Henry Hurlbut IV

5 stars for service. Food was IHOP breakfast typical quantity with LA prices. Probably won't return for breakfast again. No syrup on the table, ketchup or jams. I know covid precautions are still in effect but so much of the rest of the world has moved on from this paranoia. I like IHOP but the experience of being a pancake house has really been lost.

Jenny Marroquin

I came to This ihop today Friday 08/12/2022 . At 9:57pm . What time do you guys close , at 10pm or it’s 24 hours open Friday & Saturday ? Because as I arrived today at 9:57pm I was told this ihop tujunga location are not open 24 hours anymore and that they close at 10pm !!! But yet you guys still have the 24 hour open sign ??And online as well .I will be contacting the corporate office as soon as possible , this is unacceptable and the lady was really rude as she opened the door , and the way her expression was as well !!Unprofessional and how I said I will get ahold of corporate office as for what time you guys are actually open and close !!!!

Elsie C

Terrible customer service. I order on the app for curbside pick up. The app said my order would be ready at 10:19 am . I arrived at 10:19 am, I called the restaurant 5 times no answer. I got of my car to ask for my order the lady says there's no curbside . I was waiting in the car 20 minutesI have a baby and 3 kids. I order curbside for convenience. When i got home I realized they didn't give me my milkshake they didn't put the minion colored sprinkles for the minion pancakes nor whip cream.I'm very upset with the service .Why offer curbside when you don't offer it , why have a phone line if you can't answer?If you guys don't offer curbside why allowed it in the app, why not call me to inform me ?Instead letting me get there and have a terrible experience!

M Lee

Server was very rude, I thought she showed attitude to me. Worst IHOP in the whole wide world. Saw discrimination in tujunga in 21st century. So sad.

Jfjjdjdjf N.

The minion menu was underwhelming to say the least. Nothing on the menu looks or tastes like minion. The cold gru coffee was too cold, and the ba ba banana pancakes simply were not ba ba banana enough for me and my children. After the meal, I asked my daughter elisabeth to sing me the ba ba banana to fulfill my experience and she claimed she was not in such spirits. I fully blame this experience on ihop. ba ba ba ba ba bana...

Turtle Man

I sat here for over an hour with my gf and we didn't get our food, families came in after us and they got their food served first. we just ended up leaving because of how hungry I was.

Prakash B.

I gave a 3 star rating to this restaurant because of my server, she was great. As regards to the food , it was not soo good . I am sorry that I drove all that way for breakfast/ lunch .

Clayton Lee

I can't see myself ever going back to IHOP. I gave them a second chance after they decided to discriminate against people based on their private medical choices. But their prices are outrageous - $40 for a simple breakfast for two, uh, yeah, maybe if it were delicious. But when the sausages are cold and there's COTTAGE-freaking cheese in the blintzes (just disgusting) and you have to wait forever for the check, no thanks, won't be returning.

Dan P.

Service was fast even though it was a full house. Staff friendly. Food was good.

Hanzala M.

It has a halal menu which is a really nice thing as I've been wanting to try Ihop for a very long time. Food is also really good.

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