6520 Foothill Blvd #102, Tujunga
(747) 261-9464

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Carlos Lopez

I usually arrive ten minutes after my Estimated time but they seem to struggle to have my order ready by that time. That honestly doesn't bother me. What bothers me is that my wing are either always burnt or they bit in so much oil in the styrofoam container that it seeps through it, the bag and ends up on my car floor.Food: 2/5

Bill D.

Service is usually good but they really need to change the oil more frequently. I got an order tonight and all I could taste was oil.

Robert Diaz

This wing stop has the worst customer service I’ve experienced. I ordered to the wrong store and tried to cancel my order and I only got no as a answer not helpful at all. The other Wingstop I’ve been to have been great but this store on foothill has management not interested in helping customers..

Vanessa H.

We order from this Wing Stop quite often, and I'm sad to say, I don't think they've ever delivered our order correctly. My husband has had to drive to pick up items left out of our delivery order multiple times. We just ordered, and all (3) of our fries are missing, and once again, he's told he has to drive to them to get it fixed. Mistakes happen, no problem. But the lack of customer service and common courtesy is astounding. I don't think we'll be ordering from this Wing Stop any longer... it's always a disappointment. ‍ UPDATE: husband got there and our fries still weren't ready and no refund offered. We will NEVER give them our money again.

Diana K.

Honestly, the only reason I come here is because it 2 min from my house. They are always short staffed. Never pick up the phone for orders. Have horrible attitude. You can tell they hate working there. The food is over spiced or under spiced. Just don't recommend if you have options.

Babe K.

Fries were lowkk dry asf and rlly crispy but if y'all like that go for it! The wings were yummy and the wings were saucy, however my sweet tea ended being either raspberry fuse or brisk. Alexa omg

Grayfox772 C.

Half of their employees are kids that really don't care about the quality of the food or whether or not they get an order correct. So far whenever I get served by the female employees, everything is correct and as ordered. The male employees often look too stoned to do anything right or even say "your welcome" or "thank you". Clearly the owners don't really care either.

ow snap

Overcooked! Ordered 3 flavors all taste the same very slightly seasoned all almost burned. They need to find new staff!Food: 1/5

milen b.

disgusting customer service girl worker threw cup at me and was giving attitude the whole time. definitely don't recommend needs new staff asapp!!!

Jeff Dolen

I was the only customer midday Sunday and it took 25 minutes to get a chicken sandwich combo. Very slow in the kitchen.Food: 4/5

Gustavo Cedillos

This please is the best , customer service is very great .

Phillip S.

Have to say I was ordering from here for the past year but will never eat here again after last week. Got severe food poisoning on 11/6/21 and was throwing up for 2 days and have barely just now recovered. It says they have an A from public health but check the notes and they have been cited for uncleanliness. There are plenty of other locations and I don't want anyone to go through what I just did.

Ruben V.

Terrible customer service. Wings are unseasoned, unflavored, and remnants of anorexic chickens. This place is run by goons. Get your act together goons.

Nathaniel Chavez

Ehhhh.. came here ordered a pricey ten piece everything was fresh and hot but the problem is the boneless wings were really really small I always get so full eating at Wingstop but I left hungry & just the location. if I payed 40$ for two combos I’d expect generous portions not little portions

Raymond S.

This location is slow during the peak times however is usually quick to deliver and they have friendly staff members.

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