Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

1346 N Cherry St, Tulare
(559) 688-1010

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Zavanna Hernandez

I actually love popeyes but this Tulare ca location is a Zero the drive through guy was so rude and seemed annoyed where ordering food, they should really work on there people skills.

Eli Carter

I was shocked at how nice and fun that crew was. Guy cleaning the floors chimed into the jokes that me and the register worker were having. Loved it.Food: 4/5

David Singleton

Food is good service is usually slow, ordered online, it is never ready when we arrive to get it.Food: 4/5

Miranda Domenici

Absolutely terrible! Got order wrong and when we told the lady she was EXTREMELY rude! Also made my sandwich without gloves or anything! When addressed she was very disrespectful and sarcastic! Terrible employees!

The C

Took me 13 minutes to get the lady up front to take my order, after I ordered they kept calling me up to tell me they are out of sides, types of chicken. Keep in mind it was 4pm. Service was slow, food was expensive. Never gonna go again. Should have gone to target to get chicken.Food: 4/5


The only reason I go is for the hot sauce and the beans & rice side dish. KFC has way better chicken, hands down.My meal tonight was way sub par. The rice was under cooked, and they forgot the hot sauce and honey.

David Meeks

I often go there to pick up doordash orders but they are never ready, once waited an hour for an order, last time I ate there personally, I ordered a three piece chicken meal. I was given shriveled tenders instead. I don't hate popeyes but I advice avoiding this one and that their management get it together or corporate have them replaced with a more competent team.

Jenny M.

Worst Popeye's location I've ever been to. The lobby was dirty even though there was no one dining inside. Upon approaching the counter we were never greeted we were flat out ignored. The staff bickered amongst themselves about orders made incorrectly blaming one another all while my husband and I waited at the counter. After 5+ minutes I told my husband we should leave. He wanted to wait. We finally placed our order and sat at the only decently clean table in the place. Our order was made quickly but that's because the mac & cheese was cold, red beans & rice were cold, the only thing warm was the chicken because it was all piled under heat lamps. This location should be shut down. It's unsanitary, employees unpleasant staff, and gives Popeye's a bad reputation.

Mike And Bianca T.

If I could give this location no stars I would. Ordered in the drive through @7:06pm. I just got my order at 7:45 when I was told it was going to be a 20 min wait. Everyone else in the drive thru got there order before I did that was behind me. I was very disappointed that the manager and assistants didn't even have the ticket for my order. This location needs employees or a better management team who wants a restaurant to be ran correctly. No sorry, or even a thank you for waiting. Customer service was horrible. Last time I'll be at the place.

melymel 5.

The employees are very rude there. They were really rude to my 11 yr old niece when she asked for the spicey mayo. She offered to pay for a side of it. They need training on social skills especially to be rude to a kid is horrible. My niece loves that place and likes going to get her food there after school. Even if people offer to pay for the sauce, whats the big deal. Its extra money for the company. Makes no sense.

Lexi L.

What the actual fuck lol guy with longish brown hair was rude, got a spicy sandwich instead of classic, Mac and cheese was quite literally a hardened brick of Cold melted cheese. 5 piece was burnt and cold. Didn't even give sauce after asked. Literally the only time that I've had this experience. Disappointing

Richard Ochoa

It's a good location there in Tulare. And I actually prefer them over Kentucky fried Chicken

Rolando Trevino

This place was not what u expected the service was horrible thru the drive through and inside not polite forgetting food for just 2 people. Very rude manager at the time was just a mess not very clean inside the one who took our order she was just unprofessional period ! I will never go back thier at all .I don't recommend it at all for this place I won't mention names but if you go attitude and sarcastic people is what you get.

Trinity Brooks

My boyfriend who’s in a wheelchair was doing an Uber eats there and they wouldn’t let him pick up the food through the drive through they told him he had to get his wheelchair out and come inside, something he has never been told before and when he asked why he couldn’t pick it up at the drive through so he didn’t have to load and unload his wheelchair and they couldn’t even give him a reason why they couldn’t give him the order through the window

Jayzon's M.

Service takes forever and wait time is even worse. Asked for mac-n-cheese and gave me the bottom of what was left during closing and left me with burnt crips and awful stomach pains.

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