Carnivore's BBQ Sandwich Shop

2685 Geer Rd, Turlock
(209) 250-1175

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Lee D.

Their TriTip sandwich is great! The meat is tasty and just the right amount of spice.

Peter Smith

Cali cheesesteak was amazing, will definitely be back! Also Super friendly owners/employees! They could tell it was my first time here and gave me recommendations and even surprised me with a free side :)

Caleb Lyftogt

Always get the tri-tip family meal here. And about once a week it never fails to be delicious. They have a great hot barbecue sauce and the mashed potatoes are delicious.

Pixie Yami

BOMBBBB. On the pricey side which is ehh. Staff is super friendly and quick with bringing their food out to you. My girlfriend got the Cali Cheesesteak and I got the original pulled pork with honey BBQ. They have a variety of bbqs you can pick from too for the sandwich! Great flavor! Fries are crispy and the seasoning is perfection! 10/10 recommend to others!

Joker B.

Some of the best tri tip I have ever had that wasn't cooked by myself or a family member lol...high recommend! The staff was on it as well!

Apollo L.

Flavorless tritip cheese steak sandwhich. The crispy onion rings were super greasy and were just tossed into the brown bag, getting grease all over the sandwhich. Would not go back for seconda.

Candice Baxter

Oh my word this place is the best! Everything is so flavorful! Tonight we ordered the mazzy mayhem sandwich, side of Mac n cheese, side of fries, and side of cheese sauce. All of those menu items were 10/10! I’ve had the pastrami sandwich as well and it’s bomb! My kids love it too. The owner and cashier and all the workers are friendly and helpful! Gotta give this place a try if you’re nearby!

Dennis C.

Best Mac and Cheese I've ever eaten really want to know the recipe, also sandwiches are really good

Adan Aldama

Came on my lunch dined in, cool pick up truck tail gate benches small dining space. got the tritip western combo I believe it was. It was alright felt like I got more onion ring then meat. The fries were good I belive they season themselves. When I got ringed up I knew price was off I love adding taxes in my head. I still left a tip, but I got charged extra for something I believe it was for dining in?? Anyways I made sure to refill my soda a few times due to that fact lmao. I dislike that the extra charge was not disclosed or displayed.

Karen Cammack

First time and it was delicious. Place was clean, people were friendly and we will order from there again. We had the tri tip dinner ?

Robert S.

Excellent food and service. Not much seating, but it was just me anyway. Very flavorful and servings were very generous.

Leah M.

The first time we tried this place it made me sick. I chalked it up to a fluke. This time it gave both my wife and I food poisoning. Never again!

Nathan Stone

2nd time being there, tri tip was decent the first time. Today was disgusting, claim its "smoked" tri tip but has 0 smoke flavor. Actually no flavor really at all period. Probably the last time I go unless something changes soon.

Ben R.

First time here bit everything was awesome. Service was great and the food was just as good. Very pleased! Will be back.

Shawna M.

Do you want a delicious sandwich? Are you the carnivore type? Do you like extra large portions? My favorite is the pulled pork with pineapple and bacon and I'm not sure what's huuuuge! Recommend.

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Carnivore's BBQ Sandwich Shop

2685 Geer Rd, Turlock, CA 95382
(209) 250-1175