Chong's Cuisine

1801 Countryside Dr, Turlock
(209) 656-9189

Recent Reviews

N L.

Omg they have the best chow mein!!! So delish!! Came from the Bay Area where they have the best Asian food and was so excited to find something in the valley!

thomas adams

Always good food and customer service here their popcorn chicken is a must try !!!Vegetarian options: Lots of vegetarian options.Kid-friendliness: Great customer service!!!Parking: Lots of parking.

Farzad S

Yesterday, I visited this place. I ordered Pad See ew from their Menu. They served it immediately and I became suspicious . After they brought it I felt bad smell from it. It was not edible at all. It was obvious it was heated in microwave maybe few times before and not fresh at all. I asked for the check. It was $10.31. He asked if I need to go box and I said no. I left $11 cash on the table and left the place.I will never go back there

Sarah L.

The singapore rice noodles were good but the pad thai was pretty bad. it was very saucy and tasted like tomatoes. the shrimp and chicken tasted off. the service was also very slow for how many people were working. there are also flies everywhere.

Eric S.

Solid food and pretty fast service. Seating arrangement isn't the greatest as lots of people are in and out picking up to go orders.staff was friendly and very attentive.

Lizzy M.

I honestly loveeee Chong's. This is my families favorite Chinese restaurant. Everything has flavor and always a good amount for what you pay for. My opinion it's better than Panda Express.

Julie F.

This place is a go to for us. Not only is the food fresh and good, they are generous with portions. Great customer service always- even if they're busy! Prices are reasonable- can't really lose- not much on decor or space but that's part of its charm.

Diego F.

The nodles taste plan the broths taste like hot water the potstickers but we wanted dumplings

Dakota Ritsch (Kota)

Great service for sure!! However the food didn't match the energy our waitress had... super disappointed. My orange chicken tasted like flavored cardboard... the noodles were super bland and the shrimp...well was just a tiny cocktail shrimp with A TON of flavorless breading... ??

Donna Y.

Absolutely delighted when I ordered the Family menu for two people, option B. The flavor, quantity and service was amazing.!!!!! This was truly a value for my husband and myself!!! Thank you very much for quality food and excellent flavor!!! Donna Y.

Don Tillitson

I ate here on my way to Southern California. I enjoyed the food so much that I ate here again on my way back home. Not only was the Thai dish that I ordered excellent, as a diabetic I found it didn't raise my blood sugar very much either!

Kim F.

I used to really like this place, but I was very disappointed with my recent order (which was a to go order). The cream cheese wontons were soggy and greasy instead of crisp. This may be partially caused by the fact that we had them to go, but I've often had crisp cream cheese wontons to go from other places. The Szechuan chicken turned out to be breaded, deep-fried chicken in a barely spicy sauce. No veggies. Every other place I've ever been to, this dish is not breaded and deep-fried, it includes veggies, and the sauce is spicy. The pad Thai was bland and there were no bean sprouts, no lime, no cilantro. The only really positive thing I can say is that the portion sizes were large.

Meetet22 S.

One of my favorite spots in Turlock . They have huge variety of food selection including vegan/vegetarian. Also they make Abundance of food on your plate so you get a bang for your buck .

C M.

Excellent service, and the portions at Chong's are GENEROUS. The pricing is so affordable, and the restaurant was super clean. Can't wait to dine here again :)

Gor gonio

Fried Qual was crispy, the Ginger beef was delicious. Pad Thai was very scrumptious. The chili paste is one of the best I've had. Really enjoyed this place.

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