GK Mongolian BBQ

2300 W Monte Vista Ave, Turlock
(209) 427-2011

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David Carrasco

Food is good. Only down side is when you order online the food is never on time to pick up. Every time I arrive they barely start making the food.

Mariana Moran

the servers are amazing! The food is good but last time i went there was a lot of people and the cook in the beanie would make a bowl and then go on his phone and would as well leave the food on the stone cooking and go on his phone and the food would end up burning a bit.

Christian Verdone

Was the worst experience I ever had , I take may uncle to the doctor and after we decided to came here after read on the website this place are all can you eat , we arrived at 15:20 we take one bowl I ordered one Glas of water and my uncle he take one soda , I stay 5 minutes wait for the guys to cook my bowl there 4 guys talking each other and no one came to pick up may bowl for cooking , when I'm finally serving was 3:26 . Once finish my bowl I weak up and try to go pick up another bowl , when the cashier she stop me and say the buffet his start at 3:30 pm , and if I want I need pay at $16.00 on top of $14.99 they charge me for one , I speak with here on website say this place was all can you eat and don't say any about hours buffet start and even show the price in this place . In the end we decided to go out of restourant we pay $33 .00 for two bowl and one soda it's a ripped off, and don't finish here the lady on cashier she make joke and laugh on may back when I walked for go out , I never by disrespect like this in may life if I able to give 0 star I will , I never came back serive was terrible .Parking: There a lot of parking spaces


Food was pretty good but I would enjoy my food more if the place is clean and maintained. Everything including bathrooms was dirty so for me I wouldn’t go back unless they took care of their facility.

Alexander Villa

This GK location has always been consistently good. Vegetables are fresh and the wait is never long. I recommend mixing the BBQ, House, and Garlic sauces together, the more sauce the better. If you're feeling fancy try adding some shrimp to your bowl, good stuff!

Linda Thrall

This place is really hit and miss. Some days they have the ingredients fully stocked and things are cleaned up. Other times, like the other day when we went, ingredients were out they didn't refill when asked, the counter was a mess and for me the biggest issue the customer in front of me asked for Sriracha AND chili paste, cool you do you dude, but they didn't clean off the grill before cooking mine and as soon as I got my bowl I could smell the spice. I like spice but I couldn't even eat my food it was so damn spicy. I was incredibly disappointed. I've never left hungry until that night. Cleaning the grill after a bowl like that should be a restaurant policy.

Edie K.

This Location used to house my favorite Chinese restaurant. Decided to give the new Mongolian food a try at lunch. Walking in, we were confused as to what to do, there were no instructions and we were not greeted by any staff. Followed a couple other patrons who had been there before. Self serve from a help your self line, which was so messy, disgusting, had not been cleaned up since they opened that day. Still, no instructions either written or verbal. We just followed like sheep, and it looked and smelled like sheep had been in there all day. Finally a staff member says sit where ever you want. We'll, I didn't want to sit anywhere. The carpet was the original carpet from previous occupant and has NEVER been cleaned, its filthy, and smelled. Booth seats all have big worn holes, and rips. I could not find anything clean anywhere. Only good thing I could say was the food was edible. We only had a small flimsy fork to use as a utensil, no knives to cut the tough pork. This is such a great idea for a restaurant, but We will never return to this location.

Kiki L.

I have been wanting to leave a review here for a long time because of everything I've gone through after eating at this place. Long story short, I ate here about a little over a year ago and this place gave me salmonella poisoning. It was so bad to the point where I couldn't work at my job in the food industry anymore. I had a bad case of salmonella poisoning for about 6 months. It was terrible and it put me through a lot, so when eating here just be careful and make sure the meat and everything is cooked well!

Mr. Luna

Great customer service but place started to look run down but food is still ?

Ashton Schmidt

The food was good BUT.... It was extremely dirty. The counter and the floor where you get your food was filthy. My wife happened to see in the kitchen it was dirty. And the restrooms were a mess...

Mary M.

TASTY OR WASTEY? Kind of Tasty....if.... This place would be better, if, they added more broth! I had a bowl to go. When I opened it at home, there was, little, to, no broth. The one at the Modesto mall is the best one. You can ask them to add, what ever you want, while they're cooking it, on the giant round top. I'd probably push people to Modesto. Sorry.

Patricia L.

Went in tonight with my boyfriend and the waitstaff were amazing and attentive. The cooks were blank didn't talk. No greeting! We asked for certain thing that were empty the workers used their bare hands. We said please and thank you and got nothing a single word from either one of the males on staff. The guy that took my bowl and gave it back his finger nails were disgusting. We need to re teach servsafe. The food was ok. The cabbage was black on the ends, spinach was wilted like it was spoiled, the bean sprout pm hasn't been changed in awhile there's grey standing water in the pan, the baby corn tasted rancid as well as the mushrooms, onion, water chestnuts, our pork was just alittle undercooked. I really wish gk would make their service and quality of food better like the Stockton hammer location. The hammer location has been the cleanest and service is amazing and the cooks are great and the food is never ever rancid in taste. We even asked for a towel to clean the counter for them because it had obviously been neglected for along time. Oil stained my boyfriends shorts because it was spilling on the floor from the counter. Customer service and sanitation is necessary for this location asap!

Susan chatelain

First time at this restaurant. It was really good. Made the way I like, with the sauces I enjoy. We had so much food took it home for dinner. Definitely coming back!

Colton R.

It may not look the cleanest, but the food is really tasty and filling. Service is always great and friendly. Fully customizable options and the cooks make sure everything is cooked fully before plating it for you. Student's of the university get a discount with their ID.

Turlock C.

Good food friendly service, love picking the different types of sauce. I recommend the beef.

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