1625 Countryside Dr, Turlock
(209) 668-6793

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natalie wilson

The food was good but the service was not so great. I had to remind the waitress several times to bring me some butter, ketchup, jelly and napkins.

thomas adams

Well we did not receive our food for over an hour right before closing they're understaffed and our food ticket was lost food was decent .

Jorge Torres


Supriya Jain

Food was good. Lots of service staff. Took too long for the food to come.

Jacob Crab

Very friendly good food for a dinner only thing is booths are small like everywhere so if you have a 5 person family wait for a table

John D.

This IHOP is the BEST!! Super clean, super yummy, and superb service. The workers here seem to love their jobs. Even got a birthday song and a sundae with the sweet waitress feeding me my first bite. Jacky was our waitress and she was super nice and on the dot! Thank you for a fun birthday dinner, which was not even planned for us!! Cant wait to come back. The pancakes and butter are soooo wonderful and so are the chicken tenders and the cheese sticks too. BLT was great too.

Geovanny Morales

Best Service ever! Best iHop I've ever been to! Wish I could leave 10 stars!

Jon Man

Very hard workers and the food was good, wish to leave this place with 10 stars.

Kole Barnes

The main dish (I got french toast) was pretty good, nothing special. I also ordered four pork sausage links -- I think I prefer McDonald's sausage patties. If you are craving something similar to a pancake or crepes, I'd recommend going to The Crèperie across the street.

Francisco Dinis

It was ok. Only a handful of people dinning in and it took a while to get the food after we ordered it. Had to ask for condiments after we got our meal. Obviously with most places they have new staff and I will give them a try again later as things get back to normal. 3 stars also for portion sizes getting smaller.

Debbie Juelch

Great service and food was good. Place was clean and people always busy. Very hard workers.

Dustin J.

Really good breakfast. I got the ultimate bacon pancake meal and was glad I did. All of the staff from the host, to the server, to the manager was very kind and friendly.


I've always liked this place, I'm a simple breakfast gal, it just hits different when you have loving caring people like Griselda and Raymond. They enjoy what they do and they go above and beyond to show their young employees what it's all about. We will continue to come and enjoy some yummy grub with some good ol' smiles. #Thankful #IHopFamily

Eva L.

Poor customer service, the server was plainly rude I forgot got her name she was this older woman with a think accent. The food was okay, a little overpriced, the coffee was cold.

Maria Ortega

I give it a 10, good food good service!

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