La Perla Mexican

710 Lander Ave, Turlock
(209) 581-0553

Recent Reviews

Maria Ruiz

Boy aser cosinera de la perla tapatia los esperamos verlos aqui conosotros enla perla tapatia vendisiones atodos cristo los ama y yo tanbien

shelly krikava

This taqueria has the best flavor in my opinion. And it's reasonably priced.

Eduardo G.

I loved going to the bakery. There was always this very lovely young lady that worked there and would make my day when I went to pick some bread or make an order for a cake. Very sweet and kind. But I don't think she works there anymore unfortunately.

Maria D.

Store manager is a really rude person, he has to keep in mind that by all this people coming to the store is how he has a job. The least he could do is be nice to customers but he is all the opposite. Will not return to store ever......

Jason Suits

Everything is delicious

Alicia Espinoza

(Translated by Google) Good(Original)Buen

Edgar R.

My god father of my daughter had bought a gold bracelet from the ppl who sell gold there and they said if a piece were to fall off they would guarantee there item, well kids play a lot and the bracelet fell off one day, so we took it back and let her know that it was purchased from her, so she stood by her word, a month went by and no calls, so my wife called them and they said they had just gotten it in, well turns out they replace half of the bracelet for 3 golds mix and they never asked if they could, the owner said it was much more expensive then 14q, so half of her bracelet is crap and the other real, so watch out for these ppl, I'm never going to buy from them again, in my eyes they deserve a fat zero.

Rafael F.

Excellently made Mexican Food. I Had 3 Tacos, 1 Pastor, 1 Carnitas and 1 Carne Asada. Meat was cooked and seasoned properly.

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