Round Table Pizza

2650 Geer Rd, Turlock
(209) 632-1083

Recent Reviews

Viktor J.

Pizza was good Hot and ready relatively quickly after ordering Service was friendly and attentive! Not sure why this place gets bad reviews... I've only encountered rude and obnoxious customers! Unfortunate for the business but out of their control.

Shannon A.

Waiting an extra 20 minutes past the promised time is bad enough, but for the third time, our pan crust came out original crust. Why bother ordering what you want, when they will just give you whatever they want to, and take up more of your time than promised? Then argue about it when we bring it back in, because they don't want to fix the mistake. I have been getting round table since I was a child. I will never go back to this establishment.

Marissa Preciado

Pizza looked like it went through a wild fire and then an earthquake. Talked with the owner and he said nothing could be done about it. Not even an apology. STAY AWAY! Do not recommend this place. Def go somewhere else for pizza.

Fina Pantoja

Excellent the lady who took order was super nice..

Maureen H.

So slow-I almost wanted to leave before pizza but so hunger. Not first choice anymore.

bob chaney

Good pizza, worst service I've ever received at any pizza place, ordered and paid for online, went inside to pickup and had 4 employees including manager walk by me for almost ten minutes without any acknowledgement . So stood there and called them on my phone, 10ft away from manager answering phone, basically no apology, said do u want a refund. No class, no people skills, if I had gotten any acknowledgement from any staff i would have been a happy customer. I definitely won't go there anymore

BLacK HarTz

Always good food and stays consistent with the rest of the round tables in the area! Always can order my double play or triple play pepperoni when it's on sale and always satisfied. Friendly staff and friendly manager. If you have any problems, don't be shy to speak to them rather then IMMEDIATELY giving a bad review!

Gary K.

Good pizza but is it worth 55 minute wait after you've been told it would take 30 minutes....hell no!

Kathy M.

This place is abysmal. Ordered pizza and garlic twists. They arrived a bit late...without the twists. Delivery driver left to go get them. Came back with CINNAMON twists and Ranch on the side. Called to see about getting the GARLIC twists. After being put on hold several times was told "the manager had approved another order of twists"...though we never got the first one. They'd be sent out with the next driver to leave (20-25 mins). Delivery arrived...GARLIC BREAD! At that point, we gave up. I contacted RoundTable online and have heard precisely NOTHING from either Corporate or the Geer location. My advice....avoid this place!

Anna-Marie Wick

Fast and friendly staff. Clean and spacious dining area. Food is great. I am obsessed with Guinevere's Garden Delight which is a vegetarian pizza with red sauce. It has onions, black olives, green bell peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms. It's so yummy. I've been getting it for years. Not a vegetarian, I just love veggies. Thanks! And one more thing, one of my favorite reasons for loving their pizza is that they do not skimp on toppings.

Dao the Eternal Nameless Beyond Thought

Expensive pizza compared to Little Ceasers, Pizza Hut, Dominos but better quality. Maui Zaui and King Arthur recommended pizzas ?

I Perez

I guess I haven't ate solid quality pizza in a while. Since it reopened after pandemic I came here. It was so good omg. I hope to go back soon. The workers were so nice as well and made sure we got any drink refills we needed.

Marilan Murphy

I’m being going to round table for years and I never had such a bad experience, girl at the register was super rude and ignore me after being there for 15 min waiting for my pizza which was already at counter, I ask her twice for help and she just refuses, instead she keeps helping people at table, which its ok but now was my turn and she just ignore me again, and super rude.

billy mahan

Good pizza but a little pricey.

Victoria White

Received soggy undercooked pizza after speaking 40 minutes and my call dropped to an incompetent PIC who couldn’t keep her story straight, couldn’t answer my questions. I am currently still waiting an additional hour and 30 minutes and counting for my new pizza to be delivered.

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