Sushi Cuisine

3208 W Monte Vista Ave, Turlock
(209) 667-8836

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See see Cha

Favorite sushi spot. They always have fresh seafood. Thank you. Service is ok. Wish they were nicer and more organized.

D C.

My husband and I were craving sushi on the road and decided to give Sushi Cuisine a shot since all the other sushi places in the area were closed on Sunday. The girl we spoke to was slightly rude on phone, but oh so rude in person. The sushi was less than ideal. Rice was not fresh. After asking for a recommendation on a roll that had no tempura or fried anything, she recommended one and it ended up having tempura. We tried it anyway, and let's just say they need to swap out the oil in their deep fryer. It tasted like burnt grease. This is not a 4 star place.

Louie Mora

this place always hits the spot! great food great people

Josh Koehn

The food was tasty? Enjoyed the ginger and wasabi...

Nellie R

We ordered 4 rolls for about $50. I was a bit disappointed though by the dragon roll. When I was chewing, I felt something poking me. It was little fish bones. I was very put off by that and lost my appetite. Everything else was okay. We also ordered the lambada, a baked salmon roll, and horse roll. The server was polite. We called to order our food ahead of time and picked it up at the store.

Skyloar e

Loved the food there, the prices are worth it and I absolutely love this place. Don't even tell me about their service because I always had great waiters.Go to sushi ? cuisine

Brooklyn Ringer

“California rolls” here only come with avocado and imitation crab. You have to pay 50 cents to get cucumber but Cali rolls are supposed to come with cucumber AND avocado. Chicken is over cooked so I would ask them not to overcook the chicken. Other than that it’s good. I like the tempura better they use too.

Ben Duhm

Very few places serve sushi as good as Sushi Cuisine! Also thankful they are back to dine-in, keep it up!

Arend Barneveld

Friendly staff, delicious food, freshly made and served quickly. Highly recommended.

Emmy S.

Absolutely loved their curry roles!! Unfortunately there were multiple cockroach's inside the facility and we had to leave. I have not been able to come back to eat sushi for the past 2 years. Super unfortunate!

Samantha E.

Ordered the #10 bento box for lunch today and was left utterly disappointed with the quality. While the pricing was very inexpensive, the salmon sashimi was tough and I had to spit it out. The beef teriyaki was full of tough and fatty pieces as well, I had maybe two pieces before I could not eat it anymore. The shrimp and vegetable tempura and the miso soup was good but nothing to run home about either. Overall, my experience was not the best and I will not be returning

Tom Damerell

This was my first time ordering from Sushi Cuisine Turlock. High quality and very generous portions. This will be my new go to sushi in Turlock.

Thomas D.

This was my first time ordering from Sushi Cuisine Turlock. High quality and very generous portions. This will be my go to sushi in Turlock.

Eric M.

Great food and service is always fabulous!! Restaurant and restrooms are always clean.

Jose Alvizo

My favorite sushi place hands down! High quality ingredients, relaxed atmosphere. Can't go wrong here

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