Tacos Mexico

N Golden State Blvd, Turlock
(209) 809-6212

Recent Reviews

Jacob Murphy

Awesome food. His Birria Tacos are great! Simple Menu but offers more than just your regular taco truck does.

Disfigured Tuesday

Amazing tacos and burritos. Went last night, more people NEED to go try it, this family knows what they're doing. DELICIOUS! Almost went to the wrong truck by accident. Look for the car dealership ??

Lloyd Burns

Very greesy tacos...maybe because I went so late on a Sunday...over cooked tortilla

Michelle Millenbach

Delicious, affordable, made with care! Seriously could eat here every day. It's real food, not like fast food joints, but it's fast.

Alexander Y.

The pastor super burrito is one of the best burritos I've eaten in ages. My wife agrees.

Anna L.

Everything we've tried from here is amazing and we've never had a problem with the countless orders we've placed with them. Their customer service is always great, too! Bomb tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and ceviche. Our favorite taco truck in town!

Maria Sanchez Govea

Best tacos salsa is spicy and very good!! Tacos were delicious i got 3 diferent type and they were all good asada, pastor and tripas totaly recomend the place the owners are very nice and

Arturo Mendoza

Buche tacos no flavor the asada are very good but customer service needs to improve. They talk to you like they dont want to be there .

Grant Davis

Great food and friendly service. I was happy as the young lady wore her mask and after writing down our order she sanitizer her hands and surfaces as she made this excellent food.

Richard A.

I'm a normal here but this is the first time I came my buche in my burrito was over cooked , and same with the tripas wasn't even a busy day.

Isabel Rodriguez

The best and freshest taco truck in 209!! Best Super Burrito in the Central Valley! Tacos are so mouth watering good. Only place to offer every possible meat that you would want to order on your tacos. They sell birria de chivo un a 32 oz cup for $10! Seriously feels like I am eating in Mex when I go here!


Great service tasty food ?

Angkham K.

Tacos: Tripas, asada, pastorBurrito: Asada x2 and Asada/Tripas (my fav!)Pros: yellow corn tortilla warmed up perfectly, not greasy, grilled onions on the side (didn't ask for them, they came with the tacos which was dope).Cons: 95% onions and not enough cilantro (not sure if that's their style or not because we didn't have much cilantro in the burrito either), meat could have been more flavorful and savory for our liking.Burrito: enjoyed them, very tasty, they grilled the burritos with out me asking (huge because I love that extra crunchy/crisp texture with my food).All in all, good truck but I wouldn't go out of my way to get it (we live in Modesto and the truck is in Turlock)

Reyansh Sparks

This is definitely one of the coolest place to eat in the neighborhood. Anytime I visit this place I am truly pleased. They hold their high level service and the topmost level of dishes they offer. You definitely will enjoy this this restaurant. Very recommended.

Ruben Galvan

Was good. Till me and my wife got sick one day. Had stomach ache all night.

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