The Crèperie

1668 Countryside Dr, Turlock
(209) 850-9258

Recent Reviews

Victoria A

Simple. And amazingly delicious high quality food. I had the Philly cheese steak crepe (added tapatio) and Turkish coffee. The service was kind and welcoming. I was just passing through but I'm glad I stopped for this artists crepes ?Food: 5/5

Jason & Barbara Neu

I had a great breakfast crepe

Debby Langbehn

The owners are the sweetest couple. My whole family loves to eat here. And there's a lot of us. But the owners know what we like but always ask if we want something different!!! And sometimes we do!Vegetarian options: I love the fresh fruit crepe with fresh blueberries. Not the blueberry one. Too much sugar for me but hubby's fav.Kid-friendliness: My grandkids love the Creparie. Bananas and strawberry crepe with nutella. My older grandsons love the salmon crepe.

Carlos A.

Was so good I forgot to take a picture and post it lol. I ordered the chicken crepe and man was it delicious! I was kinda ehh at first because I was like crepes and chicken I thought it was a dessert thing but man was I wrong! The owners are really nice and good people, had some small talk while waiting for the food and will definitely be coming here again, hopefully dining in too see what else they got on the menu!

Piper Rogers

Good place with reasonable prices and friendly service. Good crepe and mimosa.

Linda Nuño

First time customer and will continue to come again. Very friendly customer service. Enjoyed the delicious crepes and coffee. Quick service and food was ready in a few minutes. Will gladly recommend to others.Parking: There is a number of parking available for preference.

Vlad Dee

Awesome people. Very kind and the best customer service possible. Food is great too! I wish I was local. I would be back here constantly!

Jaisen A.

SOOOOOO GOOD! We got a crepe with Nutella strawberries, banana, ice cream, and condensed milk. THEYRE HUGE! They are on the sweet side so don't expect anything else. I could feel the dopamine flowing from this crepe it was so good. Their hummus is alright I've had better but it's still good. but LET ME TELL YOU about the GYRO WRAP.... SO GOOD! Their pita is so soft and just warm then the tzatziki sauce is just fire! I can't complain! It's a hole in the wall. Their cleanliness can be a bit more detailed but overall so good! We also got a mocha and late which were of course really good!! Food is 5/5. Cleanliness is 4/5.

Linda S.

Hey I have not tried it yet but have only heard good things ..... can't wait to see for myself

J T.

Lovely place! The food was excellent, the service fast and very friendly. Highly recommend their falafel - made with magic ingredients and clearly lots of love!

Susie E.

We love this place. My daughter loves their sweet strawberry and banana crêpes. We recently tried their chicken plate and wrap. It was so good. It is owned by a sweet couple who make you feel at home. We definitely recommend this place.

Alexander Quinonez

Great little spot, very cozy and intimate. Salad and crepe was delicious. My wife and I will definitely be coming back.

vanessa perez

truly amazing owners. they care about their customers and the food is delicious. they will always have my business ☺️

Simon E.

Great place and awesome food. The ice cream is out of this world probably the best I've had in my life

Thalia Flores

Took my daughter for her 13th birthday dessert. She randomly chose a crèpe location and decided to try it out based on photos from Google. The 5 stars are her review based on what she chose ?You can add a scoop of ice cream to your crèpe, Nutella, whipped cream, or all three.I'm happy I took her because she was very happy with her decision over (crumbl) cookies.

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