Uncle Yu Restaurant 永康又一家

30059 Industrial Pkwy SW, Union City
(510) 475-8087

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Yesenia G.

THEIR FOOD IS SO GOOD! The first time we ordered was for my cousins and grandpas birthday and I can honestly say their combination chow mein is the best, we really enjoy the chunky noodles at home. I feel like you really can't go wrong with anything that you order but of course everyone favors something different. When you do order takeout you really only need to order one of everything they package their food in those to go containers they usually use in restaurants when you don't finish your meal.

Grace L.

Really good Chinese food located in plaza next to food max. Portion very generous for the price and quick to pick up. Ordered two noodle dish which was huge, full of flavor and not overly greasy which you usually expect from Chinese restaurant. Will definitely come back when in the area for quick fix of Chinese food.

Tarcisio G.

I got to witness how egg rolls are made at this restaurant. Two people on a table with no protection on table and wearing no gloves, the phone right next to one that's checking it regularly. They gave me a lot of food and I have to admit, was fresh and delicious! I just wish they were a bit cleaner when making egg rolls.

• Edgar Alina •

First of all, if you’re hungry, the portions are huge, witch is good. Good quality ingredients, on the healthy side. Eco friendly packaging for take away.

Kamaljeet Singh

I like smoke bamboo fish ?


Can't speak to how it is for dining in, but everything I got for takeout was good. Nothing surprised me with how good it was but I wasn't at all disappointed, which is all I look for in takeout chinese! Noting too greasy, none of the meat was gross, and it wasn't too sweet. I think I've found my go to!Gets better the second day!

Yvette F.

First of all the lady that takes the phone order is so pleasant. My daughter found this little gem of a place. She wanted Szechuan chicken. We came here and now we are in love!!! She called to place her order. The lady that took the was so friendly. She didn't say will that be all! Will that be all! She waited patiently until my daughter ordered. She answered every question she needed answers to.. She even laughed when my daughter laughed bc my daughter was so confused. The menu is plentiful. My daughter ordered her chicken and also orange chicken. Rice on the side. I've never seen so much food so cheap. My first thought it must taste horrible. We tasted it in the car before we left. I kid you not best Chinese food. This chicken is so flavorful. It's moist and seasoned with love! It was amazing!!!! It was so much food. My Mother myself and my daughter ate on this food for 3 nights of dinner. It was so very much. 2.12.2021 my daughter had a dr. Apt. So, I suggested she treat herself to her chicken. I love walnut prawns. She treated me to those as well. Free ice cream for checking in with Yelp! I couldn't believe how huge my prawns were. Once again I said they can't be to tasty bc it was so many. $16. No way! They're so so pretty. Once again I was wrong! Deeeeeeeeeelish! I want to go back today Valentines Dinner. Thank you Uncle Yu. C u sometime today. Thank You very much! I ate my prawns for two days! No rice bc they're so filling!

Yenn T.

Beef chow fun is good and cheap but greasy. Located in big plaza with lots of parking. I haven't tried anything else yet.

Linnea Parker

This is best tasting food in the area ...I travel from hayward to get a taste of their deliciousness ... I eat at Uncle Yu at 3 to 4 times a month ... The staff is kind nda and friendly ..Uncle Yu also has great covid-19 precautions in place .Stop by and place an order , call in an order or order online just make sure you give it a try .

Charlene E.

Decent spot for Chinese takeout. I used to get Chinese food at Superway Kitchen when I lived in Hayward, but I've gotten takeout here several times over the past few years since Superway closed. I like their Singapore rice noodles, egg foo young, salt and pepper fish and walnut prawns. I usually get their beef chow fun too, though the noodles were clumped the last time I got it. Levels of greasiness and saltiness can vary. They were super friendly when they first opened and offered an ice cream scoop the first time I waited for my order. I once wanted to verify my order when picking up but the lady wasn't friendly about it. My husband recently picked up food and service was minimal and to the point. Good portions at a reasonable price. Will definitely return for their Singapore rice noodles.

Andrew Pagan

I recently moved to the East Bay and have been craving some oily Chinese food that I used to find in the Peninsula. Someone on Next door recommended Uncle Yu, and damn. I'm happy they did. I've been here three times in the last two months. Their portions are huge, food is made fresh and fast, and prices are very reasonable.I recommend the Orange Chicken, char Sui chow mein, and the beef chow fun.

Johnny Walkr

Big portions . Average item is around $13.00 staff is friendly i recommend the any of their lamb items .

Injellah B.

This spot looks like it's just for takeout. I ordered food on Doordash and they were ready when I arrived for pickup. I ordered the sweet and sour chicken, beef with black mushroom, chicken chow mein and salt and pepper calamari. The food was delicious and I knew they packed a lot because it was heavy. The food was not overly packed but still a great amount of food. The price may be a bit high but the food was tasty and there was a lot of food. Usually, my father in law does not like takeout food, but he couldn't resist grabbing more. Me neither... I was full but the food was so tasty, I didn't want to leave the table. Overall, great food for the value. Probably one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Hayward/Union City.

Debra K.

Deliciousness!!! I had been wanting to come here for chow mein for the longest but was never conveniently in the area until today. I've known that this place has delicous entrees and stir fries for for a long time now.

Ordered a seafood chow mein which was not on the menu, but they custom made it for me, and a chicken fried rice.

Loved both my items and would definitely recommend getting food from here. I didn't order any a la carte items this time, but would not hesitate to do so in the future.

Order and pick up were also at different windows to maximize social distancing.

Definitely recommended! Support your local neighborhood chinese restaurant!

Victoria A.

Delicious  this is our family's new go to for Chinese food. Always fresh and super tasty. We call our order in and pick up for faster service.

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