Domino's Pizza

1017 N Ventura Ave, Ventura
(805) 648-1100

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Joy Greenburg

I ordered a pizza at 4. at 5 I called asking what they delay was. No explanation, just said they'd remake. At 6 when I called they hung up on me, repeatedly. My kids had cereal for dinner, me nothing. Avoid this place if you're hungry.

Ron Wagoner

so we order a pizza a couple of weeks ago and it was totally wrong pizza, nothing we eat. so I called and I was told it would be 1hr before we would get a replacement. I wasn't happy with that response be cause it was getting late and the kids were hungry. the manager said for the inconvenience my next pizza would be free. well what do you know, tonight I called to our free pizza and was told by a manager that there was nothing in the computer so nothing see could do. I explained what had happen a was told it's not in the computer so sorry no pizza. that why you should never order from Dominos Pizza. I don't know why I ever tried them again. you suck

Robert White

I come here cause it’s close, but the service is terrible. I’m writing this while I wait for the pizza that they said was ready 10 minutes ago. Dough lady asked if I was here for a pickup I said yes, she went back to throwing dough. Person up front was on the phone but must have assumed she took care of it cause he went on to make boxes. Another woman came out from in back and asked again then she disappeared. About 10 more mins go by and someone new comes out and finally give me my order. The app said the pizza was ready before I ever left the house. While this is likely my last time here, it’s not the worst. One time I stood there in front of two people at the counter for five minutes before they even acknowledged I was there. It’s average pizza at an above average price, Just throw in some courtesy. Rant over and I now have my pies.

Lee Riopelle

The pizza was okay. The cheese bread was hot and good, but to charge 8 bucks for a wanna be garden salad is pathetic. It speaks to greed!!!

Jeffery Hess

pizza was cold but it was a Tuesday the store is no more than a mile if that away from me ???

Dain R.

Never got my pizzas and when I called, the manager "Craig" said that my delivery was made. Not helpful and super rude. Will never order from this place again

RaeAnn Patterson

Always prompt delivery and good service, not to mention DELICIOUS pizza. And I just Love using the app!!!

otilia loeffler

Very happy with this place. Pizza is really good.. The service was excellent definitely will be coming back!! really soon.

The OG GM's Adventures.

cheep, fast , warm, but quality is lacking

Andrew Alaniz

Good for your own reality!

Bill Wong

Lousy online experience. Online ordering does not take the expected discount code that I was promised.

T G.

Very Disappointed, orders Medium Pizza and got charged for a large Pizza and the Manager didn't won't to adjust the Total Amount. When returning all the Food we orders, the Manager sent the Driver with a recipient of the credit and the Driver, what was super nice, had to come back again. Sucks, that's all about a mistake on the order and the manager should a handed this way better. I will never order delivery from Domino's ever again. After being on hold for ever , the poor Driver picked up the Food and we had a very bad experience.

Cody W.

Unless you want to wait an hour for delivery, be lied to about when your order will be there, and the food still taste like it has been sitting out all day do NOT come here. This place is bad even for DOMINOS! This is the 4th time this has happened I usually dont write these things.

Rachel S.

We order from here regularly. It's generally pretty quick and pretty good quality, although there's never enough toppings on them. I suppose I could order double, I do use the app. My only complaint is that several times, the pizza is not cut properly and isn't fully in pieces. This is a drag if you don't have a knife handy etc. Good stuff tho.

Conner steven

Don’t get Fernando he has no idea what he’s doing . I am not responsible for walking out on the street to find where he is. This dominos doesn’t have my rating

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