Elevated Seltzer

5610 Yukon St, Arvada
(720) 389-8627

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N Allen

Great little place in Olde Town Arvada. There is a long bar to sit at as well as tables. Bartender was exceptionally friendly and helped with choosing from all the different seltzer’s. We tried a flight with four seltzer’s of our choice. The cocktails looked very good incorporating seltzers in the drink. Want to try a cocktail next time. We didn’t have any food but it looked delicious. They have daily specials too. Will definitely go back again.

Cody Akason

I'm not usually one for hard seltzer, and was quite surprised by how good they taste on their own.They have a full cocktail menu incorporating their seltzer which made it a fun experience. The Shirley Not Temple brought me back to when I would go out to eat with my family and order a Shirley Temple.I go to quite a few breweries using my pub pass, and this was a welcomed suprise.P.s. ask for a pickle shot

Wendee Watkins Brungardt

delicious seltzer!! I love that they offer various abv % for their seltzer and it's so good!! I can't wait to go down and visit them in Arvada!!

Sarah E.

I just love these folks and their incredible seltzers. Hubby and I are absolutely hooked which is a real blessing as we can't handle beers anymore. My go to is their wonderfully refreshing cucumber lime. Hubby's is the Pina Colada. Love that their product is organic and sugar free, which really helps with hang overs lol. Katherine is just lovely and super helpful. Go for their Friday happy hour and get some $$ knocked off your to go purchase!

Daniel Chase

Delicious all around!!! Seltzers are awesome.

Nick Gunsauls

Definitely worth stopping by if you have time. I'm not a seltzer guy but the cherry limeade was very good! Unfortunately the service was a little rough. There was only 4 customers in the bar and 2 apatizers took over 45 minutes. Once they finally arrived they were great too. Maybe we just caught them at a bad time but the food and drink were very good, check it out!

Kade Gromowski

Came in right after they transitioned from brewery to seltzer bar a few years ago and were not impressed, but decided to give them a second chance this weekend. So glad we did! Creative flavors, well balanced seltzers, friendly staff, awesome experience. Will be back!

D Murphy

Definitely a hidden gem but the food and drinks are incredible. They also have a full bar if artisan seltzer is not your cup of tea. Seltzers are very clean, natural tasting and not sugary like many of the seltzers out there. The bartenders will help you find something that you like! Very fun experience.There is a kitchen on site with probably the best pizza in the area but there are quite a few options too.Very laid back easy going vibe and super friendly and informative staff

Lorien H

It wasn't bad, but the server was super uninterested in helping us and didn't give us happy hour prices despite being in the middle of happy hour. Our bill was quite a bit more than it should have been.

Sam Jordan

Love Elevated, great food and seltzer. The menu is pretty extensive and the staff is very knowledgeable.

Liv R

Creative and wide variety of flavors to their seltzers - and not one I didn’t want to try. The bar is spacious with plenty of seating. The food was average, but not the reason I came here, so no negative points there.

Jeremiah Anthony

I think this place has low-key the best happy hour set of deals in the entire Denver metro area. Tuesdays are the best because there is an all-day happy hour and a pretty fierce trivia competition. Bartenders are really friendly and gave us free drinks randomly.

Jon Kosin

Don’t miss out on some RAD bubbles! It was DELICOUS

Megan R.

Maybe the drunkest bar staff at a bar i've been too. EVER. like the one dude was wasted. could barely even form proper sentences and asked us "why would you come all the way out to a trash place like this?" i don't know but we won't ever come back now lmao. the first sentence when he gave us our drinks were "the other bartender told me you hate me" we hadn't even met him until that moment so...it was so uncomfortable because he kept festering over us trying to chat when we wanted to be left alone. so uncomfortable my friend kept getting up and leaving the room. Seltzer was good and i was excited to come there but the staff was unsettling.

Jacob Macklin

Sooo good. I love the lemon-lime cucumber. Defintely should try this place. Good daily deals and they have a kitchen if you're hungry. Staff is awesome. Sam had good recommendations and knowledge on seltzer.

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