Smokin Fins Arvada

7600 Grandview Ave #100, Arvada
(303) 228-5848

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Sean Fao

Friendly wait staff, great food. It's a bit pricey, but worth it if you're craving good seafood in the area.Food: 5/5


Food was wonderful! Fried Avocado stuffed with spicy seafood, yummy sushi rolls, kicking shrimp. All was great. We came on a Saturday evening so was pretty crowded. Would like to try a weekday or Sunday happy hour. Drinks were amazing also. Jalapeno cilantro margarita was delicious and very different. Martini was the Best! Came in a frozen ice cup, can't get better than that! Great place, great food and drinks, great service. Will be back soon!

Eric Weatherman

Jake our server was awesome cocktails were delicious service was prompt food was delicious and hot and dessert was delightful definitely eat here again

Aaron Savage

A favorite of mine! I first went here on my birthday last year and loved it!!!! At that time it was the day I started a relationship with a very special girl, and was the perfect place to celebrate two special occasions!Fast forward to this Saturday just over a year later and I am engaged to this woman who changed my life for the better! This Saturday both of our parents flew into Denver to meet each other for the first time, and we chose to have dinner here once again, was amazing and everyone loved it! Hats off to the entire Smokin Fins team for being a part of our lives!First photo is July 2021, second is this Saturday.On a side note, I live about 5 mins away here in Olde Town and if you all ever need any help I would love to come on either part or full time! :-)

laree wait

Very clean, nice environment. Friendly staff. Excellent sushi, drinks and fish tacos.

Ramona Jeffery

Our server John was fabulous. Guided us with the menu because we were first timers there. The food was excellent.

OpenTable Diner

Sushi rolls were very good. Lobster Mac and cheese was bland.


Our server was super attentive, even though it seemed she had a large number of table to serve. The food was excellent. Our first time here and we enjoyed it very much.


Happy Father’s Day


5 star service, food & cocktails. Everyone professional, courteous, responsive. Felt wonderful to be there!

Marissa P.

If I could give this place negative stars, I would. We walked in with the intentions of doing two shots each. There were two of us. We asked for 4 shots right off the bat. The bartender rudely looked us up and down and proceeded to limit our order of shots, and claimed to have a city limit; I've never heard of that before, so unless it's a region specific law, I've never encountered a limit on shots in my life, and I've worked club service. Not only were we rudely ignored for an absurd amount of time after we asked the price of shots, but the staff AND manager were overheard exchanging racist comments about us. Not only is this place overpriced, their staff is highly unprofessional and rudely judge-mental and RACIST. I do not appreciate this service. We were only passing through town wearing sweats and comfy clothes, we did not expect to be the subject of racist comments, especially when we're trying to enjoy a nice relaxed Saturday evening. This is the worst place I've been to in this area. Do better.


Went for a relaxing dinner with friends and mentioned this to our server. She was very accommodating and did not try to rush us. Food was excellent too.


Wow. We absolutely loved this place. Amazing service, great recommendations on food and alcohol options and an overall perfect experience. The oysters were beyond fresh, and I had the cod fish and chips and my wife had tacos. Both dishes were fresh and tasty. A lazy Saturday of shopping was capped off by a nice surprise-we cannot recommend this place highly enough. Go and eat some of the freshest fish in the Denver area!


Every time I go, the food is exceptional. Our waiter was a gem. Highly recommend.


There was a lot of salt seasoned with our food. Very unlike Smokin' Fins Grill. Oh, and please bring back the pistachio encrusted halibut. It was so amazing!

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