306 S Ironton St c, Aurora
(720) 532-0266

Recent Reviews

Brett Pietsch

You must try this place if you like food. Think Indian style, Thai technique and southern (us) ingredients.. it’s to die for

Susan B.

Full disclaimer, I love Ethiopian food. Megenagna did not disappoint. Small restaurant, warm friendly atmosphere. Vegan options.

Dan Kelly

Top notch Ethiopian fare. The vegetable combination is delicious and huge. Easily feeds 2 people. Tebs is a tender meat dish and was also delicious.

shay parker

They provide great portions and everyone is super nice

Kerry Abdow

Fantastic experience! Warm service, delicious food and lovely environment. Five out of five stars. Highly recommend!

Victoria Iamurri

Truly authentic cuisine, excellent atmosphere, pleasant staff. With a store next door...perfect!!

Barbara J. Seukpanya

The food was super yummy. A very beautiful atmosphere. I liked how each of the huts were named after towns. I wish the service would’ve been a little bit better but it wasn’t horrible, just a lot of waiting.

Betsegaw Gebre

Nice view, Good customer service, Wow best view inside Restaurant . I Love it

masresha ayele

Nicest ppl very good food and beautiful house

Adam R.

One of the best restaurants in Denver. From the injera to the kitfo (order raw for the best experience if you are into that sort of thing) every item that have we have tried there in the last few visits has been spectacular. Love the little tiki huts too.

Suz W.

This restaurant is quite a find! Delicious spices, and each order is enough for two or three! They warned us that the special was spicy and offered to make it milder. We did not need that, it was delicious. But it's good to know for others!

Jacob Authement

First time eating Ethiopian food so I didn’t know what to expect. The flavors are incredible. No matter what my expectations could have been, this food would have exceeded them.

Brook Asfaw

Just to say "thank you" that we all enjoyed your delicious food and coffee. The evening was everything we hoped for. Your hard work and consideration were very much appreciated.

Holly H.

This is the best Ethiopian place in Aurora. My husband & I are both vegan and go to this restaurant weekly for the veggie platter for two. It's always delicious and their injera is pretty yummy! Its not 100% gluten free but it is gluten-reduced. It's super convenient with the attached grocery store as we like to experiment with making some dishes at home. The service is always good and we always get a seat right away. We like to take family & friends here even if they aren't vegetarian they always enjoy the veggie platter. Definitely give this place a try if you are in the area!

Rob Dan

We had the direk tibst and kitfo. The food was really good. Even though it was a heavy meat dish after eating it was very lite. Also ask them for fresh mango juice freshly squeezed . Great place for a date or just family and friends. Thanks for the great service.

jason norman

Five of us for lunch on a Friday. Four who'd never eaten Ethiopian before. Bottom line up front: brilliant food, excellent service, and their coffee is very good.

Christy Allen

I have been here a few times. It is very tasty and fresh. You eat a ton, but don't feel weighed down and exhausted afterwards. I prefer the veggie combo dish. The ambiance is fun with some tables in little huts. Always a delicious meal.

Elina K.

Food delivered cold not warm whatsoever, driver took well over an hour and acted rude. Some of the veggies in the veggie platter were good but I couldn't eat a third of it due to the crazy level of spiciness. I don't like super spicy food and have ordered this at other Ethiopian places where it was a lot more mild and tasty. Also prefer other injera bread I've had to theirs.

Dezerae Daniels

Amazing food and fast but friendly service.

Kaleel S.

Wonderful food and service, fun and unique atmosphere. We don't eat meat, so had two fabulous vegetarian dishes with delicious homemade teff bread!

Matthew Harris

Small place, traditional Ethiopian food. It's very tasty. But the surrounding area isn't a first date spot.. once inside you can lose yourself to the culture.

Maryann Boelter

Super amazing food! The owner Ben is such a sweetheart! And the pastries are so crispy amazing! They really do help you and guide you if you have never tried Ethiopian food before!

Aidan Murray

The food was amazing, but the menu was slightly confusing to look at, as some of the indigenous names were explained with other indigenous names. It has a great mood, and good and fast service.

Nikhil Bhagat

I would have given them 0 stars if there was an option for their customer service. Waited for 30 mins got upset and left. Apparently, according to their waitresses they are busy to even guide customers about their food on the menu. However they do have time to giggle around with fellow waitresses.

Adriana Charbonnet

The food was spectacular, and the atmosphere was cozy. The music was a volume where conversation was comfortable, and the incense was pleasant. I didn't see doro wat (spiced chicken) on the menu: something I've come to expect at Ethiopian restaurants. In fact I didn't see anything I recognized. That's not a bad thing, I'm an adventurous eater, and enjoyed everything I had (I had the vegetable sampler and the waitress's recommendation of meat, all excellent) but if you go in expecting something specific you may be disappointed. The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is the initial service. We walked in and for about 5 minutes there was no waitstaff to be seen. Another guest had to tell us we could seat ourselves, and another went and found somebody at the back. Once someone came out and gave us menus everything was fine, and we got satisfactory service. I don't mind seating myself, and I understand that they have a grocery store attached that they also have to run, but there really needs to be a way for the waitstaff to know somebody came in.

Derrick C

This is a small restaurant attached to a small grocery store. It is about as authentic as you can get in the States. The service was just a bit slow but was very friendly and helpful (clearly family run). The food was fantastic. The dining room, grocery, and bathrooms were very clean and neat.

Guba Amba

When l am in Megenaga, reminds me back home. I love it. Good people and great customer service.

Hienok Nayzghi

It's cool and authentic Ethiopian food the stuff was amazing

Dawn Shea

Delicious, affordable, prompt service, lovely and unique interior and friendly, caring staff

Y R.

Love that they have delivery options. Food is great. I always get the veggie combo , which has so much flavor and an awesome assortment. The bread ( can't remember the name) is good but isn't the greatest I've had. Although ,I'd say the food is definitely up there. My husband loves his meat option always and thinks it's one of the best around . I'd probably give this place a tie for first with Mesob. Always on time with delivery and worth it!

Bethlehem Kassahun

The best Ethiopian restaurant in Denver


My first time eating at an Ethiopian restaurant, and it was a good one! I absolutely love Megenagna's decor - Ethiopian feel all the way! The servers and cooks are from Africa. The food was great with nice portion sizes. Order a meal that includes steak - you can't go wrong with that! The mango juice beverage is one of the purest you can consume.\nThe restaurant is attached to an Ethiopian grocery. Take a few moments to browse around the store after you eat.

Chad Dillard

Good Rthiopian food (wished they served beer or wine) BEWARE they will install their own gratuity %, so look at you bill carefully! really good market next door for sweet treats and incense!

Martha Van Den Oever

The food wasn't to my taste (first time eating Ethiopian). The waitress was nice but not at all helpful. Overall would not recommend to people trying the cuisine for the first time.

Design- NakfArt

It is beautiful inside in full of art works! Contemporary art and seats are wooden decorated in related to Ethiopian heroes or legends, but no waiter to assist well. The food also low in quality, I ordered Derek Tibs and comes with no veggies at all.

milki G

I went to get some kitfo meat and tira sega. Kitfo meat was good but the kurte sega was as horrible. I felt like he gave me leftover meat. I don't know if it's because he doesn't know me or what

Matthew D.

With quite a few Ethiopian options around the area, I'm glad we chose this one. Staff was all very friendly, helpful and patient with us as we had some questions about the items on the menu. The food was excellent. Every bite was amazing. Hot sauce was really good too. If I lived in the area I would definitely return here.


Great food and atmosphere. Great place to go when not in a rush and want to spend time with company.

Steven Sampson

So delicious! Very cute spot! Will be back often.

Tilahun Mendedo

One of the best Ethiopian restaurants that I have visited so far in the US. It is small but very creative and beast hospitality. The food is catered fresh, the staff are very professional with lightening smile and welcome.