Dream Dinners

7286 S Yosemite St, Centennial
(720) 200-3558

Recent Reviews

Judy B.

Great professional and helpful customer service. Very well thought out system. Once you pack a few meals, it's easy! Good value. Go to this location and you'll be glad you did!

Niki Naulls

Excellent experience & value for money. A life saver when kids are home, for unexpected company and during lockdown! You can cook without the stress of grocery store shopping & ingredient prep. Just enjoy cooking a fresh meal!

Sarah Bury Broaden

Dream dinners is fantastic!!! Been going there for 5 years +

Jaime Babcock

Have been using Dream Dinners Centennial for a few years now and am so glad I found them! I have 6 meals a month that I can pull from the freezer and not have to think about! OST as quick and easy and all are meals my family loves. Great for those nights when we have kids going in all directions and don’t have time for all of us to eat together!

Heather Crow

Amazing food & easy to prepare!

Cristi Hartzler

Fun making meals. Great idea for anyone who doesn't cook.

Michele B.

Dream Dinners in Parker, INCREDIBLE!Great owners and customer service.Highly recommend.

Holly Chapman

This place has the best staff and the dinners have helped me be able to create a great dinner for my family as well as give my husband a break from cooking every night. I love the variety and the value of these simple healthy meals!

Alvin Atkins

I go to this marvelous place often because I enjoy the good mood that is unique to this restaurant. The personel is very welcoming and professional. The service is very rapid. Most important, the food you get is magnificent. I have been there more than once and I was never disappointed. The expense is honest. I recommend this restaurant to all my friends.

Lisa A.

Went for a meal prep session last night and had a great experience They were very pleasant, patient and helpful

Melanie Campbell-Alva

One of our family friends is a single Mother of 5 and has been battling cancer for over 4 years. I contacted Dream Dinners to see if they have a program that supports people in need and they responded immediately eager to help. They pre-made and donated 12 meals for this family and also included a Dream Dinners cooler. When I went to the store to pick up the food, it was all ready to go and they helped me to load it into my car. The store was clean and welcoming with warm colors. The manager Jennifer White was friendly with a positive attitude and good communication skills. This store and manager understand what is important in life (helping others) and I would recommend visiting them!

Edmond Aghakhani

Clean and organized with great customer service. I do highly recommend them.

Gina Fotopoulos Korkolis

We love coming here. Meals are fantastic, Prepping them is fun, staff is awesome. Plus we get to make home cooked meals at home on busy nights in a fraction of the time!! We even did their Kids Kitchen and my girls had a blast making their mini cheesecakes!!

Kaitlyn Rose

This was so much fun to do! They were really accommodating of gluten-free needs. Kathy is the best!

Amber Brady

Great staff! Easy prep dinners that are healthy and yummy!!

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