Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

6645 S Parker Rd, Centennial
(303) 693-1289

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Alex Rangel

This place used to be one of my favorite stops. Anytime I saw one I would stop and get it because they were so tasty. But as of late, even before the economy took the turn that it has, the chicken kept getting smaller and then the toast got smaller. And then the prices went up. It is definitely still a tasty meal, but the value as much less than in not so far back years in the past

Cemini B.

Usually pretty good but every time I ask for extra fries, they're so skimpy! It's like the use the regular amount and spread it out like nah EXTRA fries means EXTRA, so annoying when you get home and don't get your full order

Roxanna Barela

Waited a little long, but chicken fingers are really good. Don't care for their coleslaw, they should hand another side item to choose from other then fries. Love the honey mustard, but this time the honey was very over powering.Parking: Parking is limited

James Ioffe

This rasing canes chicken fingers is a solid 4 star! I have been here a few times and the store is always clean, the food is hot, and the staff are friendly. Nothing special, just overall a great place to spend an afternoon.Food: 4/5

Julia Bilderback

10/15/22-good food for a good price even with inflation hitting restaurants. The customer service was really good and the lady at the register was friendly and helpful. Like had known before that you could sub out your coleslaw for extra Cane's sauce. The food was also ready super fast. Also when they were wiping down the tables they were also cleaning off the seats and even the back of the seats which most places miss. An all around good experience.

Mononoke T.

Easily missed entrance to the parking lot, but it was one of the best locations we have gone to for Canes. The fries were amazing and crispy and the chicken was hot and flavorful. My new go to!!Food: 5/5

Jacob Howard

Sometimes when I order the 6 piece batter sticks, they leave a little bit of chicken inside as a treat.Seriously, raise your prices if you're going to skimp this hard. Its been tough since 2020 but even chicfila gives >80% the chicken they did since pre-covid.

Trey Bell

They have perfected chicken tenders, fries, Texas toast, Cole slaw.No cookies, or any kind of sweets.The whole menu is what I put above, my now dead friend took me here, in the drive thru for the first time in 2020. She bought all three of her kids one combo, and asked me if I wanted one, It was the bomb.I go at least once a month now.

Oksana Velychko

I usually don't ever write reviews, but this place was amazing!! It's expected for a lot of fast food places to be mean, but this place has the best environment! Everyone is so friendly and sweet!!!

Lee L.

The best part was the Texas Toast. The really tasteless chicken was served. Since I'm not big fan of ketchup, I assume most people rely on the sauce, but for me, it was a great miss. My boyfriend claims that the sauce tastes like brothers' 'special sauce". He deemed the homemade honey mustard to be significantly superior.

Hayley Warner

I have never eaten at a Raising Canes restaurant and was very excited to try it for the first time. Not knowing there was a drive thru, I attempted to place a mobile order on August 8, 2022, yet when I put in all my card details and clicked submit, I was prompted with a "card declined" message and minutes later I get a notification from my bank that I was charged $10.77 from Raising Cane's...I have waited for the charge to be posted on my account and have reported to their treasury department and my refund request has been rejected...like isn't that theft?? I had no confirmation, no email or text saying my order was placed and was charged even though the website claimed my card was declined. This is dishonest and not right. I would like my money back please. I don't care if I was charged $1. The fact is, I was charged and received no food and I do not like dishonest people, especially if you are a business.

Raeanna Clarke

Don't waste your money. There are better chicken places. They must have fried that chicken in the oldest peanut oil ever. My chicken tasted like peanut butter.

Joseph M.

Tired of Chik-Fil-A? Of course you're not you hypocrite! But canes is also incredible (I'd say better). Always crispy and delicious with amazing sides... except the coleslaw but you don't have to eat it. Good staff and efficient fast food service. I do the caniac combo cuz I'm a fat POS but you can't go wrong with the sandwich either! Denouttadeeeeen

Chris G.

Cane's OG here, going back to the original State Street location off the LSU campus. Many a night I stumbled over from The Varsity after closing time. I used to get excited for Cane's and ate it every time I went back to Baton Rouge. I've been happy to see Cane's expand like it has over the past 25 years. HOWEVER, I've watched the toast get smaller and smaller over the years and now, even the chicken tenders have also gotten really small. Even when I order my lemonade with "easy ice", two-thirds of the cup is ice. I strained it off tonight and in my large lemonade, there was eleven ounces of lemonade - the rest was the "easy ice." To top it off, prices have gone up (like they have everywhere) and this sparse "Caniac" was almost $17. So, my time for supporting Cane's is drawing to an end, unless and until Cane's decides to stop with its shrink-flation (less food for more money). At this point, I might as well save a bunch of money by microwaving Dino nuggets at home. Do better, Graves. Some of us remember what Cane's used to be.

Sovrim Terraquian

The food is decent, but the portions are smaller than they used to be and the prices have gone up massively. Service is inconsistent; some days the line moves quickly even during dinner rush, while other days they're glacially slow in the middle of the afternoon.

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